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  1. Ocean man

    1. kloneman


      Boo it's a spooky ghost

    2. Shiny


      I love you buddy.

  2. yesterday i saw you online and thought "that name sounds familiar" so today i was on a alt and saw the first comp i ever had. it was your ot. you gave me my first comp and taught me about iv's. it's cause of you that i learned to comp and play pokemmo and 3 years later im still playing. thankyou.

    1. Shiny


      I don't remember this at all but godspeed brave warrior. My shiny pokemon with my OT are out there some where. I'd love to see who has them now \o/

  3. :happycrank:

  4. give snapchat names, including strangers

    1. Plague


      playguu, not sure if the number matters but it's 124.

    2. Shiny


      I snapped you! more people pls \o/

    3. Skeletor



  5. I thought that we could be FAMOUS ;~;

  6. but u r ded

    1. Shiny


      I miss you too ;_; My favorite Aussie

  7. I miss you ;_;

  8. so you leave for months and expect me to be okay

    1. Shiny


      I am the king of uguu teasing Orangeslash. It was all a test.

  9. RIP Shiny ;_;

  10. Come back to me ;_;

  11. [quote name='Desu' timestamp='1358283369' post='163936'] Yes. [/quote]I love you more than Squirtle now. He won't accept my love for him. [spoiler]<13:38:44> "Shiny": Hello fine sir. <13:43:52> "Shiny": I wanted to ask you something, my lord. <13:50:28> "Squirtle": yes? <13:51:19> "Shiny": I was wondering when I can become the Community Manager of Introduction. <13:51:47> "Squirtle": I am not really looking for someone to moderate the introduction sub forum <13:54:17> "Shiny": But I'm asking you baby. <13:54:44> "Squirtle": k well that comment just ruined your chances have a nice day <13:54:46> "Shiny": I follow you when you go on bicycle rides. I miss you Squirtle. <13:55:36> "Shiny": ;_; <13:55:58> "Shiny": Why can't you accept my love for you? <13:56:10> "Shiny": I still rememeber the day we first met. <13:56:25> "Shiny": You may not, but I do. <13:56:28> "Shiny": I cherish that day my love. <13:57:44> "Shiny": You were in Pallet Town back in August, standing there beautiful as usual. <13:58:10> "Shiny": I came up to you, and said "hi" and you said "Oh God, it's Shiny. -.-" <13:58:19> "Shiny": My heart still aches for you.[/spoiler]
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