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  1. Character Name: GergFalerg Pokemon your evolved form is based upon: Lapras Name of evolved form: Lapcier Typing of evolved form: Water / Ice Additional info: Its big and powerful flippers and tail, along with its mostly hydrodynamic body, allow it to cut through the water with ease and at higher speeds. Its shell is now made of highly compressed ice and ice crystals that are harder than diamonds. Trainers who travel on Lapcier sit on top of its head since the freezing temperature of its shell is dangerous. Hope you all like it! (Stickman/me for scale)
  2. haha... hard to think of a Dunsparce evo lol edit: nvm, found some cool looking ones with google image xD
  3. Narrowed it down to Lapras, Shuckle, Skarmory, Torkoal, Spinda, Zangoose and Kecleon. Still undecided. xD
  4. Ranks

    If it's counted by experience from fighting and catching then it's more like a "character level" which I like the idea of.
  5. I just bred a 6x0 Staryu. I feel relieved.

    Well Done! Congrats! :D
  6. [Comp Guide] Little Cup Guide & Builds

    rip wailmer scarf water spout x)
  7. [LC] Little Cup general guide.

    The part about if the IV is 30, you need to add +4 EVs. Does that continue down? Like 29 IV > +8 EVs then 28 IV > +12 EVs or is that not how it works? Also, I looked at the oran berry description in game and it's the same as sitrus berry now. Thanks nvm, found the answer to my question x)
  8. Vanity Item Suggestions

    A "Baby Set" -Baby Bonnet (hat) -Pacifier (face?) -Diaper (legs) -Baby Rattle (back)
  9. The next generation is ...

    Gen 7 confirmed?
  10. My laptop is not functional atm... Might be unable to play for a while. rip

  11. What if they continue making automated tournies like they are now, with a clear bracket and replay possibility... but also make other automated tournies specifically for no scouting, with the bracket shuffled every round and no replay until the tourny ends.
  12. Incentive for more usage of UU/NU

    great idea!
  13. PVP Mystery Box and what it contains

    I've gotten x3 Flamethrower and Blizzard too

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