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  1. Octillery for Heart Scales (around lv. 38) - preferably 0 atk IV nature: Timid (+speed for better chance of running away, -attack so thief wont faint) EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spe Ability: Suction Cups (fishing) - Thief - etc... Also, I'm sure everyone knows Meowth and Persian, so I'm just mentioning them for pick up and rebattling NPCs
  2. I was fishing beside a random sometime ago at the luvdisc/wailmer spot, and as soon as I stopped and left they got a shiny wailmer lol. Just coincidence though.
  3. Yea, I really like the PC advance search, along with many other things added.
  4. hmm... just guessing too - maybe sweet scent used more pp on certain Unova maps? - maybe there are new Unova hordes available now? - maybe just fixed that you can sweet scent in some Unova cave "entrance tiles"?
  5. GergFalerg


    If it's counted by experience from fighting and catching then it's more like a "character level" which I like the idea of.
  6. The part about if the IV is 30, you need to add +4 EVs. Does that continue down? Like 29 IV > +8 EVs then 28 IV > +12 EVs or is that not how it works? Also, I looked at the oran berry description in game and it's the same as sitrus berry now. Thanks nvm, found the answer to my question x)
  7. A "Baby Set" -Baby Bonnet (hat) -Pacifier (face?) -Diaper (legs) -Baby Rattle (back)
  8. My laptop is not functional atm... Might be unable to play for a while. rip

  9. What if they continue making automated tournies like they are now, with a clear bracket and replay possibility... but also make other automated tournies specifically for no scouting, with the bracket shuffled every round and no replay until the tourny ends.
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