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  1. See my previous post, my hashes are a perfect match to the ones in the file and I have the same issue
  2. I haven't been here in ages, so I probably missed a lot. A quick scan of this thread reveals a few people with graphical glitches, but nothing major. However, after applying this patch to the same clean ROM I patched in Jan 2016, it broke quite a few pokedex entries and caused some visual bag glitches. See attached Imgur album for screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/DBWiH30 Edit: using Hash Calc (an android checksum utility) I confirmed my Emerald version has the correct SHA-256 and SHA-1 hashes
  3. I would love for someone to do it, because I have very little free time myself. If you could, I would be very grateful to you. I already have the V1.0 LG ROM in my possession!
  4. Hi, I'm Riven, fanatic and short-time Moemon FireRed player. First of all: I love the patch, it makes me actually trying hard to complete the MoeDex. I discovered a slight bug in the patch. The in-game trading (Abra for Mr. Mime, Poliwhirl for Jynx) is visually glitched (Pok├ęball goes up into and drops down from glitching color blocks, the blue beam turns into old TV-static), while trading with another actual game works just fine (traded all starters from an unpatched LeafGreen, no bugs at all). I was wondering if Moemon does that, or maybe the emulator can't handle in-game Wireless Connector emulation. And I've seen some Moemon mods for LeafGreen popping up, but they didn't work... Are there any plans from you guys whatsoever to make that mod? PS: I have yet to start PokeMMO, sorry for that...

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