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  1. But he said distant future, not soon tm
  2. Agreed on typing, but not agreed on defenses. 65/115/95 are far far from not amazing defenses (On a offensive Pokemon) For the offensive movepool, its not wide, but is enough imo. Ice beam-Frost breath - Hyper voice - Hp fire - hits everything it needs to hit. You can even switch one of the iced moves for water pulse/substitute. What in my opinion lays it down is the base speed.
  3. Defensive Rapidash can switch into and beat p2 with toxic. @gbwead
  4. Tbh, I believe some selling guys should be put in Drake´s room of Kanto E4. Now yes, that is an adventure.
  5. And the bs award goes to. I said bold metagross was a counter. Metagross as a whole is a check. Please think before posting.
  6. Just you wait until they confiscate your moneys you got after selling big nuggets to the mart.
  7. Conkeldurr has 13 effective checks and some other more shaky ones. If the other 5 members of your team allow you to counter every single one of those 13 checks all the time, either you are a genius or your opponent is an idiot. First, I realize people are just assuming 100% they can counter whatever pokemon comes in front of conkeldurr all the time, so conkeldurr can come in over and over again. This is far from the truth, there are at least 13 great checks (IN OU), some other shaky checks, and even other checks under lower tiers. You can´t just assume you can counter every single one of those Pokemons every time because that won´t happen too often. Most likely, one of them (or several even) may find his way through the opponent team and make it unable to switch in anymore, and therefore making Conk lose its ability to come in over and over again. Second, the sole assumption people make of countering everything everywhere proves how stale this game has become. People don´t think anymore, they only care about countering countering countering. For god sake, this is a discussion about Conkeldurr, not a discussion about who helps conkeldurr countering all mons conk can´t beat, which are many as I said. If everything could be countered 100%, where would be the fun on that?
  8. Fair enough, and I admit you are right there, but I legit made a post with 13 viable checks for conkeldurr. (Out of OU only) Some of those can counter with some scouting beforehand (As in switches or whatever) Lastly, if you watch the first 7 or 8 top used mons in OU, you realize none of them beat conkeldurr. This, in my opinion shows two things: Either conk is not troublesome enough for people to halt the usage of these mons, because if it really was, people would decrease their usage (Unless they like to lose) and 2: Shows that conk beats stall (Some type of stall actually). As an offensive player, I never had trouble with conkeldurr, and I use gigalith/ferrothorn often. OU is consisted in 39 Pokemons. The problem I see with conkeldurr is not that it beats the majority of them, but that it beats what people like to use more often. 1/3rd of the tier can potentially check it without trouble. If people stick to those 2/3rds that can´t all that time, and don´t even get a counter for it, then I assume they are literally asking Conk to rofltstomp them.
  9. 1- Cofa deals slightly better with pursuit trapping and the likes of scizor cuz wow and higher defense I think (Not sure) 2- Sadly Cofagrigus doesn´t possess in this game its HA, making it infintely weaker in this tier.
  10. Fun fact. I only used conkeldurr in 3 matches. It is now sitting on the pc to rot, cuz it is not my style. Stopped reading there cause when a sentence starts with a big bloody lie, everything else crumbles apart. Last thing: "Chansey walling pretty much half" - Hey guys, chansey is that mon that can be used in any team and can wall everything so stall is great once again. Let´s ban conkeldurr too so chansey gets even better. Like fuck off. You weren´t here were stall was predominant and 500 turns matches were a thing. Dont try to optimize stall once again because offense also needs a way to stand up. Now, for @Aard First of all, thank you. I believe people aren´t thinking thoroughly and most are simply ignoring what would happen AFTER conk gets banned. Just a little thing: I prefer sheer force conkeldurr too, but sheer force doesn´t boost drain punch and mach punch, so I believe overall guts is the best set for it rn. Also, for those top tier global awarded players that doesnt miss a predict, Having latias, latios, mew and celebi in game changes nothing, cause these people will just ohko and 2hko all those with they predicted moves all the time. Therefore neither of those are a counter for the mighty skill of the pokemmo playerbase. Also forgot to say that apparently its really easy to forget conkeldurr had a boosted knock off spamming against every psychic mon in gen5 Smogon, which oh yeah doesnt have in here. But well, I dare you to ban it. Then I dare you to look at how popular chansey and Blissey will be, and then I dare you to make all the playerbase wait another 6 months for you to fix the tier once again to a somewhat steady state. At this point I hardly care. I don´t use conkeldurr anyway, just as I stated above so this won´t affect me that bad.
  11. but eviolite houndour ofc. Edit: Bulky houndour with 1 turn rests seem fine actually.
  12. its time for the houndour shenanigans. Now for real I dont play LC so I cant argue. But after eviolite, it seems a nice tier.
  13. Could easily create a system where a cooldown starts and the loser can´t challenge anymore within that cooldown. If the cooldown is large enough and the reward not that large, exchanging wins would not be worth the time.
  14. Very well, time for a little slight more serious input into conkeldurr Why? Because 1- I believe banning it is not necessary, and 2- Because if you ban it, I am not in the mood to go back in time to gen3 and watch 300+ turns with chansey/blissey dominating the tier with 120 and 140% usage respectively. Counters: As someone claimed in the past, We are in a tier that we can´t bring ourselves to think instinctively for counters because there might be none. (It seems this argument here is used randomly for some reason but whatever). Either way, there are still some counters for conkeldurr. Cofagrigus is probably the best one unless your conkeldurr has 12 moves, 3 natures, and 2 items, one of which is iron ball for fling. The set that seems most threatening so far seems guts flame orb for obvious reasons. Life orb sheer force is great too but fails on that drain punch damage. Either way, conk needs a switch in in order to get the burn boost immediately for the next round. On that switch in, there will be damage involved (Yes, yes I know there might not be, you are the prediction master bla bla bla bla) But realistically, you should assume that. Then there is some risk indeed, but depending what is conkeldurr coming on, you can scout some of its moves (There is also protect that chansey/blissey can use to stack a little more that flame orb damage). Eventually, a conk that gets hazards, slight switch-in damage and flame orb damage is almost forced to predict well its next move, otherwise conkeldurr takes the risk of regaining no life and barely hurting the enemy. (Conk can´t regain health without drain punch anyway, so a good player (Yes, we are assuming both players are equal-skilled, which apprently is not true cuz conk predicts well every single turn) can force conk to drain punch eventually. But well, I admit, counters are little before you know the set, and few after you know. Checks: Shut up Pachima (This will be quoted, or not because I now typed this). Conk has no counters, its busted, period. Very well, I assume there are few checks to conkeldurr right? Let´s see: Gengar (Substitute + psychic, or to a lower extent, sludge bomb can check and rack flame orb damage before it kills it - Gengar isnt likely to come in a 100% health conk anyway. Starmie - Offensive starmie checks conk easily, and can even switch in on some predicted moves. Dragonite - the rain abuser dragonite can check Conk as well, and since rain is so prominent nowadays, rain abuser dragonite is a force to be reckoned with. Skarmory - Skarmory is half a counter actually that can force conk out even after switching in, but I will consider it just a check nevertheless. (Brave-bird variants ofc) Kingdra - Actually, I have used bold kingdra, and that thing can counter conkeldurr. A Bulky modest kingdra can´t counter, but can check it pretty easily (Yes, it suffers high damage, but then you get to spam crits all day that are not easily stopped except by twin-cancer sisters) Peliper - Offensive hurricane just shreds Conk. A more defensive one can also counterish non-tpunch sets, but a check nevertheless. Salamence - Just needs some slight prior damage and it then can check with draco meteor. (Also has intimidate) Metagross- Bold metagross counters Conk. I have used it countless times and it works. It gets wore down after a while, but whatever. Also stops scizors and whatever so its not specific to conk. Most metas still are able to check conk with either psychic or zen headbutt. (B-but my conkeldurr has 252 hp-atk-def and has bulk up all the time without losing coverage, so meta can´t check- Good for you) Togekiss - Air slash, period. Gliscor - Offensive Gliscor can acrobactics, period too. Darmanitan - Unless conk is bulked up (Which doesnt seem to be the problem here) - Darmanitan can ohko with life orb/banded flare blitz. Reuniclus - Also half a counter to all non-facade sets. Checks easily though (Even though psychic spam is not a good thing in this OU) Chandelure - Overheat can ohko conk. Can also counter most versions, and can also scout some moves. You need more: Slowbro, jellicent, cofagrigus, all can counter Conk - Jelli is the shakiest of them all, but whatever. Also they are all UU. There are more in NU, but those are irrelevant to discuss. Also, just for fun. People claim conk is busted, broken, broken, op, and also even busted. Then I go see usage stats and find out Blissey is 2nd most used and ferro is 4th most used in this OU tier. Have fun!
  15. Just since the last time with venomoth that I claimed to be broken months before you actually discussed it. Hype!!!
  16. What I can see is that people here have 6 moveslots conkeldurr, are so pro that they predict well everysingle turn. Conkeldurr also comes safely against everything and switchs in without taking damage. There are no ghosts to stop drain punch heal and therefore to make conk able to return safely in the future. Sorry guys, if I am not that pro.
  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. hydreigon can´t beat chansey. Oh my god. Fucking lmao. Im dying. Ok, if you all think hydreigon cant beat chansey, then Im afraid you are right, hydra is bad. EDIT: Sry but this was about the most funny thing I have read in here after murcielago.
  18. If conk is busted, I have no damn idea what the fuck Hydreigon is.
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