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  1. zoom lens icicle spear mamoswine bruh
  2. If you can abuse elite 4 with sand veil, I am sure they will balance it.
  3. There are Maths, Bad Maths, Good Maths, useless Maths, and easy Maths. The easy Math is to get a calculator, insert 1-[(29999/30000)]^n, where n is the number of encounters and voilá. No need for further Bad and useless maths. Enjoy.
  4. Imagine gym leader Brock having anything to do with technician Breloom in 2097 not using rock tomb in PvP. LMFAO
  5. I dont get it. If, as you say, there is nothing worth there, why do you want so desperately to get there? And btw, they dont even ask to get OT, so its fairly easy to get the quest done.
  6. I am hereby decreting my apologies to my completely unnecessary "huge fuck you post" to @calidubstep I also apologize every other member of Pachirisus for seeing themselves involved, albeit indirectly, in this mess because of me. I stand, however, by my side, about zekken´s "overwhelming stupidity" accusations on me, and all those who followed with it. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.
  7. Either way, I dont want gbwead to have more troubles than the ones he might already been into. Therefore, you all prefer, put the blames 100% on me and I dont care. But please just keep your good work gbwead.
  8. I wonder what you would call at what zekken did lmfao.
  9. Because you like lying and Im starting for real to give no shits about who gets involved: 1- I had you blocked at the heat of the moment in discord only (But we´ll reach that in 3) 2- I didnt left on my own accord. I only left discord, and if you wonder why, open your eyes and watch zekken´s convo. And if you think just because I can´t care about zekken or you, its a reason to not care for the team, I guess I should start make raining screens. 3- You obviously didn´t even communicate with me at all, otherwise you would notice that. A) You were unblocked shortly after in discord. And B) I dont have you blocked in game, so basically you asked gb to do something this radical without even talking to me when you could easily reach me. As a bonus, although I hold no grudge to gb. When he talked to me, he never mentioned any sort of me being kicked out of the team.
  10. No. I admit I should take part of the blame too, but if I were them, I would cease this all before I start deeming someone else should get hurt too.
  11. if I start screening zekken and cali, I am 100% sure you all would change your opinions, but since I dont want to involve other players I care about, I will just the punishment fall upon myself only. PS: Fun fact: Cali is not blocked in any of the platforms, for at least 2 days before this comment, and therefore before cali´s post, which means she tried to do zero effort upon reaching me in any way, even upon her decision. PS2: How the hell this says I dont care for the team? Before you NORE guys start defending such a jerkass Zekken was, plz gather evidence before. TLDR; dont make me start screening, or zekken will have a bad time, and gb can confirm it. Enjoy!
  12. Useful tip: If you check pokedex, it tells you which kind of encounter each mon possess.
  13. are you saying that if you play PSL and your manager puts you doubles for 8 weeks, you would be glad to be called bad if your score sucks? Interesting.
  14. No, he wouldnt need rng cuz I trolled. Zekken can confirm. Either way, next time someone tells you not to play, dont make them play please.
  15. rng 2 -0 pachi gg Also a huge fuck you to cali to put me again when I didnt want to play.
  16. But Zorua has to disguise itself as an existing mon. So if zorua disguises as a fakemon, the fakemon has to be real.
  17. it rly isnt that hard since u dont even need to get OT on those.
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