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  1. I see you started to see the truth by now and realized the power of exspeed Kiss.
  2. This is just wrong at so many levels. Even if there is no scouting involved, the sole fact scouting in this game is the easiest thing ever creates an unhealthy cteaming mentality restriction upon players upon their teambuilding. On another note, please implement some sort of blind/shuffle bracket.
  3. mfw someone claims charizard is broken and then says rocks are everywhere.
  4. Hell no. NO NO NO and NO. I´d rather see mamoswine than metagross any single day. Also, no. And SRIF ofc!
  5. Not having 3 extra seconds of OU is a bless tho
  6. Needs more mach punch hitmontop/hitmonchan
  7. wdym more? It was fair, it has been fair and they are making it fair, that´s all.
  8. mfw you can watch the ivs without clicking on the Pokemon. My whole life has been a lie.
  9. xmas 2018 with xmas presents 2017 rewards hype.
  10. Been wanting to update OP for a while but damn forums dont let me smh. Thanks everyone for achieving what you did today. Champions + undefeated!!!!! TRANSFORMERS#1
  11. Ok, let me tackle this without aggression. Please keep up with my explanation: Opponent sends torkoal. Sun shines brightly. Now you send gigalith, unleashing a sandstorm which disrupts sun. Opponent then sends exeggutor. However, the weather is sand and therefore exeggutor lost his ability and therefore the chances of it sweeping are slim. Also, the main problem here is not having giga drain on exeggutor. Is the fact you assume gigalith stays on exeggutor, which it doesn´t. Gigalith did its job to counter sun already, so all it has to do is to switch safely to something that can now counter an exeggutor outside sun, which isn´t that hard. tl;dr: After gigalith disrupts sun, no one stays with it against an exeggutor.
  12. I can confirm it does work because I have tried with a group of people and sometimes, if enough people sign up, matches are found. However, we need some kind of motivation to make more ppl sign up for these tho.
  13. xd. In that same tier you fail to win against me every time we fight? XDDDDDDDD Now you made my day. Thanks truly.
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