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  1. Shiny Rate Is Fair. I am without shiny for 10 months straight, so I wish you luck
  2. He meant fair instead of fun.
  3. pachima

    Heart Gold

    To be honest, we should add Almia region first.
  4. Since platinum in real life is pretty much a better version of Silver and Gold, are we to expect Johto soon?
  5. Neither it does in the original games.
  6. Increases dmg if enemy is of same gender AND decreases dmg if enemy is of opposite gender.
  7. It seems I was summoned, so I will answer the universal truth. Shiry Rate Is Fair!!!!
  8. pachima

    Player Titles

    Idk, I feel you are forgetting something fundamental.
  9. pachima

    Player Titles

    Unfortunately, human language is not able to create enough titles that Daryl deserves, and therefore it would eventually lead to unfair results, which we certainly do not want.
  10. Now it feels clear to me why Neanderthals had a bigger cranial capacity than we do.
  11. Just want to add that if donator status become untradable, tours(aka rp rewards) will therefore have some worth rewards for those that actually win in, which is not the case rn.
  12. Believe me, if you had 270k encounters without a shiny, you would love one.
  13. Gets shiny. Curses his life with "Fuck this Shit" SRIF
  14. Smh @Zymogen See? If you add 50-100 encounters, it makes it even fairer. Also, SRIF.
  15. Since when have you evolved that much?
  16. For all the poor souls that, even in 2019, still believe that TEAM ORPE>>>>>>>>, I am afraid to tell you that, and this has been confirmed several times by several different people, SRIF>>>>>> instead.
  17. Is it this gen that pokemons will be able to fuse themselves for the megazord?
  18. LIAR. I saw you using that fictional stuff in a tour.
  19. Once upon a time, there was this rate in this little pokemmmo game that by itself, it was able to turn mad all the ones around it. Rumors were it sat on a mild 1/30k, and for years the conspiracy grew up to the point where most of the population actually believed in the fairy tale. Only much later, when irregularities seemed to appear everywhere, such claim was disproved by new scientific instruments and some common sense. They tried to publish the study, but a lot of people didn´t believe in it or at least didn´t want to believe, such was the dimension of this discovery. Yet they tried and tried to promote the new rate, which was apparently more accurate, and gradually, this new theory gained more and more followers. Nowadays, everyone knows what the rate truly is, and the ones who still don't, are just the ones who don´t want to. Yet, it is not rare to witness, pitifully, all those that try to spread the old rumor that was long ago proved to be false, by filling the chat with non-OT shinies and rotten lies about those. Fortunately, the community has now grown, up to a certain point at least, to understand the truth how it really is, and not how Devs said it was. And for the ones who haven´t yet stepped into the realm of reality, let me claim it once again:
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