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  1. sacred fire burning + calm mind + rest new strat.
  2. Go play Pokemon mystery dungeon 2 and tell me how many times you got rekted.
  3. change to matchmaking pvp then
  4. "Make sure you're not breaking any of the basic PokeMMO rules" Therefore you can post in any language, but you must provide an english translation of it.
  5. Even though MMO isnt smogon, same reason stands for why wobbuffet should still be banned from NU, and possibly from UU (Its quite handable in OU tho) Also, for those saying smogon =/= MMO, bear in mind smogon has an upgraded knock off, which heavily nerfs wobbuffet. tldr; MMO wobby> smogon wobby- Ban it plz
  6. Apparently it is not using Wobbuffet in higher tiers.
  7. ign: pachima Title: Grieving Doll Number of words: 1498
  8. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. Devs(or whoever in charge) also ignore you which shouldnt work like that and they are not complaining.
  10. I know there are 560 possible to be caught pokemon (Including Mewtwo and Rayquaza). I am missing only alomomola, so i can help you with that if you want . @MaatthewMLG
  11. Some LC mons can be used in NU, so the fix for this shouldnt be that linear.
  12. You from all the people would know lanturn > Rotom-W cuz scald.
  13. Id be really lucky to have a skill which allowed me to ignore these posts.
  14. Very well now that PSL is officially over, I would like to: 1) Congratulate every other team for making this event a really hyped one till the end (especially the end) 2) Thank every kecleon for all their effort 3) Thank everyone outside kecleons who helped and supported us. 4) Thank coolio (althought by not so much cause bad host (Who was a good host tbh?)), but who despite everything, sacced himself as an host. 5) Thank LYLE for obvious reasons 6) Blame myself for being bad 7) Thank bilburt for his moneys I think that´s it. NVM edit: 8) Thank Munya for being an amazing cheerleader 9) Brag about my amazing PSL names
  16. between my : "recycle pp stall" and "smh" rendi said something along the lines of: only recycler is lax
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