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  1. I would like to start a discussion for volcarona, at least while we are at non fully implemented OU. Smogon´s top checks for volcarona are: terrakion (Not implemented) Heatran (Also not implemented) Eviolite Chansey (Guess what, also not implemented) Blissey is the close we can have as a check but still I have seen volcas dispatching it with some care. Also, stealth rock (Oh right, how could I forget, tutor for it still not implemented, meaning its use is much more limited than supposed) Haxorus also seem somewhat stupid, almost forcing ppl to run ice shard mamo,
  2. Lastly, any of you reads the manga? Stuff there seems much better than anime.
  3. Good News: After today´s ambush on Bianca near her house, we finally got her to shut up after completing storyline.
  4. Finally a good hp spot. Thx for this.
  5. I guess it´s confirmed my shiny chance has been transferred to breed lucky nature chance. 200k encounters, no shiny. 2 breeds, 2 random natures (On last breed) I´m finally witnessing the ultimate truth.
  6. But people still prefer hunting rats instead.
  7. I won´t probably post anymore cause I don´t want to repeat all over again, but I can tell you this. 1- E4 is much harder than the rest of the story. 2- If you don´t like turning your brain off, you shouldn´t aim at E4 at first place. If you have a great pokemon knowledge, you easily get through this story either way mindlessly. The way AI is coded makes it too damn easy to abuse pokemon that Sets up and proceed to sweep the universe mindlessly, as you said, so your argument falls right there. More, hardening e4 in such a way just makes it even more annoying for people that play
  8. Viable pokemon shouldn´t even be a thing to deal with storyline to start with. Kids are actually taught that they can overcome the challenges in a pokemon game with the pokemon they like, with the friendship they share with them (See Ash + Pikachu). If you still don´t understand, imagine you are a kid that loves pachirisu(who doesn´t) and loves them, then try to beat unova with 6 of them in the current state (Good luck with that). If people want some harder aspect whilst still not going for pure pvp, Battle frontier is there for a reason. Also, here is another question for yo
  9. I dont think a single man can endure 30 Biancas in one life.
  10. gl beating e4 with spindas lmao. edit: lets be honest, first 4 gyms are easy as damn. You will notice a damn skyrocket increase in difficult since the 6th gym with a 6 spinda team, and I doubt you can beat e4 without massive healing items, unless AI plays dumb.
  11. I´m yet to understand why people are happy to find a shiny. Earlier ago, I found two blue gyarados in a row, which is safely assumed to be much more rare than any possible shiny, and you didn´t see me boast myself.
  12. I mean, thats why technician is working lol.
  13. Pretty sure technician is working. A scizor yesterday ohkoed my venusaur with +4 bullet punch (lefty scizor) +4 252+ Atk Scizor Bullet Punch vs. 44 HP / 0 Def Venusaur: 132-156 (81.9 - 96.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO I was full hp btw.
  14. I understand that , but come on. A lot of people play with the pokemon they actually like. I dare you to beat unova e4 with serperior, simisage, emolga, heatmor, bouffalant, and Stunfisk. You can´t, unless you supply yourself with a big truck of healing items. That´s not how pokemon should be. The problem here is that you are trying to make things better for everyone, well YOU CAN´T!! It would make much more sense to actually make the e4 competitively wise on the second try, for every reason you said earlier, but on the first one kek. I feel some players are being tossed aside,
  15. I have no idea why people think making e4 harder is a preparation for pvp. It´s like claiming making an harder mechanic test prepares you for Biology. Mindset while PvEing and PvPing is entirely different. A lot of people like to challenge e4 for fun and not for some kind of preparation for PvP that actually doesn´t prepare you at all. I feel those people are gettng too much of an hard time. Also, you guys make e4 sound too easy when in fact, you all confirm the same thing: You need to prepare for it. Someone that enjoys play pokemon for fun and doesnt care about competitive play will use
  16. Nah man, apparently, he bred comps perfectly the moment he started this game. He also started with a small loan of 1 million dollars, and had every item at its disposal.
  17. Dont expect ppl that started this game now to breed a comp salamence just to beat e4 lmao. I for myself didnt find e4 that hard, but it pretty much forced me to use comps that said people can´t hope to possess yet. Also, since most items you get are untradable, you dont get that many yen to go breed comps like that. I would make first e4 non evd, that would make things much easier, while not too easy cause level cap.
  18. except you didnt soloed e4 with a lvl 50 non comp salamence.
  19. Gogeta mastering UI would insta ring out everyone left in that arena, including Jiren lol. People have no idea how of a boost fusion gives. Also, called it
  20. Well, yeah either one or another. I really wouldn´t care which one was to be changed
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