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  1. Dog trio would most likely be ubers. Birs trio would be fun to see actually.
  2. Well, honestly, the ending couldn´t be good nevertheless. Unfortunately Shonen Jump forced Kubo to finish his series. He said in an interview this last arc would take more 10 years while it only lasted kinda half of it. A lot left unanswered and a lot shows how Kubo was forced to finish (Remember that little cake one of the elited gave to Ichigo? Well, he never got to used it... Kira appeared to... do nothing, same with Grimmjow) It´s true, I loved this anime. Im even writing a fanfic with an alternative future. Answering ur question. A non-standard anime I liked was Mahouka Kouka no rettousei. Its small but u should give it a try.
  3. Amumu´s E on second 1 did the difference.
  4. first, I wasnt telling specifically for kata. I was just saying amumu ggs at aram. Second, if u want to stop kata, there is q.
  5. amumu on the other team is pretty much gg.
  6. Name: pachimat server: EUW Main lane: support/jungle (can do anything rly) Main champs: Any non-standard shit. Elo: Silver 5 (I rarely go ranked anyway)
  7. this sounds faker than a cabriole submarine. In 8 hordes there, 8 beautifly hordes, not even an horn seen. Great for special attack ev train but rip attack without leppas.
  8. anyway back tot opic, for a good special wall, if u dont like chansey (Making me love you already) porygon2 should fit well in that team.
  9. true, but in keep in mind that works if the opponent knows u are specially defensive, I would not risk my jolteon for a specs or life ball milotic.
  10. no, my starting point is that jolteon doesnt necessarily fuck it, not that it isnt a good wall against it, cause it isnt.
  11. well, thats subjective, milotic can also predict growth and use haze Edit: Also if u put hydro pump u can 2hko jolteon while he has small chance to ohko with +1 tbolt + life orb.
  12. after reading last chapter, rip everything.
  13. Well, in later handheld gens, its possible, and honestly, it is a great addition. Just set a fixed point each route, shouldn´t be hard. I´m on this.
  14. Did anyone read the latest one yet? Kubo being forced to finish the manga against his own will. Coincidence enough what he said in the Kyoraku part (ppl dont like the pace of him). Also the Shuuhei scene, where no one knew his bankai, seems like a metaphor for the deadlines they gave to him.
  15. ppl would create alts to battle noobs and earn free bp.
  16. Fillers are usually non-cannon and most of the times nothing to do with the writer, Tite Kubo. And I wished there was an anime for this arc
  17. I still can´t believe it, unless the final chapter has like 400 pages, I can´t think how he will explain everything so far.
  18. No, its blitz jungle with support item.
  19. It was just a matter of time until he would do something, and that something yes, its spoilers.
  20. This needs to be updated cause.... Aizen is back
  21. Hai guys. As you are well aware, UU and NU unranked is pretty much dead. The updated E4 also prooved npcs can have specific ev trained teams and the AI is not too bad either. My idea is: Create a facility where we can test our new NU/UU comps. The players would be able to choose NU/UU and from there, they would only battle against pokemons of that tier. Also dont know if possible, but if compbase could suggest fixed teamsets for those facilities would be good. Comment.
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