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  1. There is a simpler solution. Create a poll and let players decide.
  2. Scraggy is the only fighting mon that has access to dragon dance, so we could complex ban it, right? right? right?
  3. Legit question: Where the rest of TC members? Anyway, complex banning sets a really bad precedent in this case. Either ban mienfoo or dont at all. There are plenty of other fighting mons that are overshadowed by regenerator and may see light once mienfoo is gone, so the chainbanning thing might not be an issue in this case.
  4. LOL. He logged yday and today, and is currently online.
  5. Everything is beatable lol. And chomp has no drawbacks while it kills something for sure unless you using tackle chomp or yu are a penguim
  6. Both POWC and mmo are bad. Move on.
  7. 1- Coba berry scrafty can't set up on crobat, and for some reason I didn't mention crobat as a mon that comes in on an already +1 scrafty. Moxie needs scrafty to have a kill beforehand, which most often than not won't have for free. 2- I'm not saying metagross is bad. I agree with what you say, but it's not S. Even in Umbra's last post, he brought a banded mon that has severe prediction issues and that barely beats one of the "Offensive" stuff I mentioned. Yes, it can run plenty of sets, yes it can tank a lot of stuff. Then what? If it doesn't beat the most common mons with ease and without relying on massively outplaying the opponent, how is this S? If you try to compare Metagross's utility in UU with Garchomp's in OU or Mienfoo in LC you will realize Metagross falls way behind those two.
  8. LUL Edit: Let me elaborate. DD scrafty can only set up for almost free against 3 out of the 15 top used mons in UU. Both mandi forretress and bronzong are able to stop an already +1 dragon dance Scrafty. Bulk up Scrafty is trickier but as you said, the tier shifted to more offensive and therefore that set has become less effective. Anyway. Speaking of Metagross. An S mon simply isnt stopped coldly by the 2 most used pokes in the tier (rotom-h and mandi). An S mon doesn't possess a 4mss metagross possess, and a S mon shouldn't lose against all offensive pokemon that feature in top 15 besides Crobat.
  9. you mean in this NU meta with 456224 dark types, escavalier, spdef steelix, and etc etc? tldr; no
  10. genuine question: What are for you the competitive achievements needed to speak about competitive issues.
  11. mandibuzz A+ minimum Venomoth A Sigiliyph A
  12. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bad drama, next.
  13. I mean,its a win/win situation so...
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