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  1. @Linfanz Any chance this is 1 hour earlier?
  2. I was thinking you were not trolling :(
  3. ikr. Old gen when a few players were so much better than everyone else cuz everyone else was terribad was so much more entertaining to watch.
  4. I believe you are missing so many NG players who are so better than some of these hehe.
  5. Wait, where is the fun in having a tournament where everyone knows the winner beforehand?
  6. And you are the best Pokemmo liar. With love.
  7. Teddiursa in picture isnt shiny nor fair, is this a scam?
  8. Hydreigon not S, hehe ever how is lo.
  9. I am just waiting until he reveals she was cremated instead. @DrButler
  10. Shiny Rate Is Fair. I am without shiny for 10 months straight, so I wish you luck
  11. If only all this was said instead of the hard shittalk everyone directed at her back in the day, world would be a slightly better place to live in. For my side, I fail to see the point in expressing myself because words are not enough to do it but my condolences to her family.
  12. This is why BSL: Benching Super League is far more competitive than what we have. Problem is that we would have to ban @Nawe and @MaatthewMLG
  13. He meant fair instead of fun.
  14. what if what they said is their battle cry?
  15. Day 1 Hunting for Shiny logic. (Cuz regular one is long gone from what I see) wish me luck.
  16. pachima

    Heart Gold

    To be honest, we should add Almia region first.
  17. Since platinum in real life is pretty much a better version of Silver and Gold, are we to expect Johto soon?
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