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  1. You mean Tilted Lens, which indeed drives someone crazy.
  2. My predictions: Everyone seems to get this wrong. 1- nahwel (No need to explain) 2-8 : Everything else is equally bad compared to 1st place. (Cuz no @Nawe there) Simple, fast, unbiased. More details later.
  3. Manager: badchima Players: - @SweeTforU - @Laz - @DoubleJ - @urquidi - @Linken - @killuminati - @NikhilR - @Tawla - @Oltan - @cjmystogan - @Lunarck Team Banner: Soontm Cheerleader: @Munya
  4. Back in my day, people would settle themselves with a duel. Nowadays its all talk, meh.
  5. Id prefer if people showed what they could do whilst in the real thing instead of trying to shittalk with 0 evidence whatsoever.
  6. But If I reveal 2/3 moves in a match, I could easily change the 4th to a more suitable one in the next match.
  7. can u change moveset bewtween matches in VGC?
  8. This alone is the problem. The way the system currently is promotes this way of thinking when it shouldn´t. Its not counterteaming itself, its how you know that counterteaming is possible. Btw zymo, I agree with you, quoted just because this line pretty much sums it up nicely.
  9. This is the real problem that creates an unhealthy mentality upon teambuilding, not really the counterteaming itself.
  10. It may be just me but I thought this was psl 11 general thread.
  11. dear Butler, you need some @Kamimiii lessons at trashtalking.
  12. Since people became havshas I will sum up everything pretty simply: Past: Some great players. Some good players. Some trash (Small pool) Present: Almost extinct number of great players. A lot of good players. Massive amount of trash in the form of players (Much bigger pool) For those that cant think: Great>Good>>trash. Thats it, easy.
  13. There is only one thing you need to know: SRIF -Shiny Rate Is Fair.
  14. Team: SRIBS- ShinyRateIsBullshit -pachima -Aerun -Rynners -Razimove
  15. That was exactly why you almost were chosen. Now you have no chance.
  16. By the way, lets all get along now. Let me start with the song I made for MadaraSixSix. Its called: Sixth Symphony. I wanna be the very best Like Madara ever was To defeat them is my real test To stall them is my cause! (I will win across the tours Haxing left and right Teach pokemon to understand The rng thats inside!) Pokémon Gotta stall them all! ...
  17. Petition to make chat not automatically turn specific words into "uguu"
  18. I thought this would be a poem, or a song. Now im disappointed.
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