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  1. This needs to be updated cause.... Aizen is back
  2. Hai guys. As you are well aware, UU and NU unranked is pretty much dead. The updated E4 also prooved npcs can have specific ev trained teams and the AI is not too bad either. My idea is: Create a facility where we can test our new NU/UU comps. The players would be able to choose NU/UU and from there, they would only battle against pokemons of that tier. Also dont know if possible, but if compbase could suggest fixed teamsets for those facilities would be good. Comment.
  3. Too many golden doges lately yet you cant understand the pure shiny is the red one.
  4. Except when they didn´t. Seems legit,
  5. Come on, the guy has bicolored arms, the referee is not blind you know? Anyway, besides that mistake(big one I must say) I think France was clearly favored .
  6. But no one can´t even beat us. 0 Losses the whole euro so, bye.
  7. pachima

    Ghost data

    Thats why you are paying to get the replica of your pokemon. It is basically a faster method to get a pokemon you wished to get with a different set than one you already own. The pricing should be around its breeding price (maybe a bit less cause you cant sell it afterwards).
  8. pachima

    Ghost data

    Hello, I was building a comp, when I got this idea. Create an npc who can create a ghost data of one of your pokemon. How it works: Imagine you have just finished that beauty 5x31 natured heracross, which you created for a sub reversal set. But now you realize you also wanted a choice banded one. My idea is: Go to the npc, pay the necessary money (the better the pokemon is, more expensive) and create a replica of your pokemon (same level, ivs, nature, etc.). This replica can only switch between your party and a special pc slot, and can´t be sold/traded/bred. So, in this case, you just jave to switch the moves the heracross has and replace them to a choice band one. I´m not sure if I made myself clear, but tell me what you think. PROS: You don´t have to breed twice the same mon for different sets Since you can´t literally do nothing with it except for battling, you can´t abuse this (at least of what I can think of) It´s also a decent money sink. CONS: Coding, I guess. May or not (not sure) have impact on the price of some comps, but this is mere speculation.
  9. Taking the thunderbolt gyarados as an example. With an hyper offensive team, which I do all the time, having some unusual moves can turn the tides of a game. Giving up some coverage on a specific pokemon in order to take out specific targets which could otherwise wall you can be proven useful. Imagine this situation. You are in NU, you have a lot of physical mons, and you know tangela walls you hard. You can either counter tangela or lure it. How? One of the best examples is primeape. If you dont spoil it too soon, prime can decimate tangela with overheat, probably detroying the physical wall of their team. Gyarados is the same thing. Thunderbolt can 2hko other gyarados and cloysters. With an offensive team, getting rid of a wall like that so easily is a big advantage. Of course this is not as easy as it looks, but offensive teams surely love some surprise sets (If you know how to use them)
  10. Thunderbolt gyarados says hi and bye to cloyster
  11. pachima

    New itens

    We have life orb and the new choices, awesome. Would it be possible to add expert belt in here as well? With the addition of life ball, we could bluff a choice item in some pokemons using expert belt.
  12. Natural gift man, I just want natural gift.
  13. Heracross is also there. Cant say the rate, but around 3/4 in 10
  14. If you think about it, those rocks are about half the size of a normal person, so 5 geodudes can indeed hide there.
  15. Pattern bush also gives 3 spinaraks now (At least, they also give atk evs)
  16. defensive arca recovers the damage with morning sun. And blaziken rly needs more speed.  Edit: -1 252 Atk Choice Band Blaziken Superpower vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Arcanine: 154-183 (40.2 - 47.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery   It actually does slightly less than what I was expecting.
  17. Breeding an almost perfect starmie. Ditto had 24sp def, starmie had 31 (rest 27+ 31 speed) and the breed got 24 sp def, I cried (27 sp def was cool for me....)
  18. PP max is great, but none so far. Adding
  19. No, please NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I stopped buying mystery boxes for a while after receiving 10 lava cookies three times in a row. Feeling unmotivated to keep buying them now.
  20. pachima

    EV Training.

    Small chance of hordes would fix the problem. They already made it in North Pole, so I think they can do it again.
  21. As stated earlier in the suggestion part of the forum, the open level of Battle frontier isn´t rescaling the level of your pokemon to 50 because that would mean less usage/ uselessness in leveling up your pokemon to 100. Then, I had an idea. Why don´t you add an extra option besides level 50 and open level where you can only use level 100 pokes. Now, the problem is: Why would I level up my mon to 100, where I can do the same stuff with level 50 mons? My idea to prevent this is giving a slightly better rewards in level 100 battles.   Pros: Raise of the usage of level 100 mons            It is an extra option, so you can use the level 50 ones like you always did            The open level would now be scaled depending on your team´s highest level (If your pokemon is level 65, then your                     opponent´s is too) - This makes pokemon leveled up by accident beyond 50 not useless.   Cons: Maybe some decrease of level 50 mons, depending on how the rewards are better and the will of the trainer to level                         up the desired pokemon up to the max.   What do you think?    
  22. Got 3 of them a few days ago, but I think the rare candies are everywhere there.
  23. I´m also eager forward this. I don´t know how can they implement this, but if they can, it would be an awesome feature to have.
  24. I also found: 10x max elixirs 10x max ether 10x pp ups. Indeed a gamble, but I´m still buying them. the 10x pp up certainly was a cool reward.
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