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  1. thx for this. Seems an interesting thing.
  2. Urquidi and Killuminatis won
  3. word, u pretty much told archon what to do and when to do it, and he ignored, thats why he deserved to lose.
  4. dw, they let you increase the bet.
  5. selfmode is enough for you to do that anyway.
  6. I lost, gg Redav Offtopic: Someone please add weather counter in matches so bad people like me can keep track of those.
  7. Lunarck won btw. Also, sigs are overrated
  8. zen headbutt flinch: Argument worthy Togekiss useless flinch: Not argument worthy Also, just to spice things up . @Takens
  9. I dont want to mean to say scraggy isnt banworthy just now but mienfoo doesnt need impish to survive +1 hjk ( Also just needs 36 def to survive +1 zen)
  10. Let me list more counters for it (And I dont care if you find them unviable cuz you just mentioned sableye) -Bulky Leafeon (best bibarel counter also) -Musharna -Durant (Needs bulky but its useful for other stuff aka ambipoms) -scyther -Pinsir While some are shaky at best, all these can counter all gallade viable sets at full health. For specific sets, there are even more smh. Checks: A lot of stuff over 80 speed.
  11. Anyway, could we test scraggy in LC? While people claimed it swept the whole meta after a dd before, that is quite not true. For starters, its forced to flinch those fighting mons (And mienfoo + timburr are used everywhere). Secondly it either loses moxie, or needs rng to get rid of those burns and paralyzes that it sure doesnt enjoy. Now, since counter is rng based (Not in the favor of scraggy), lets mention checks: -Scarf brave birders - Good in general in a fighting meta + hit misdreavus - Timburr: Cant exactly safely counter but is a nice check to it (Assuming +1 atk +1 speed scraggy already) - Scarf mienfoo. Acrobactics larvesta- this can actually counter unless scraggy has a rock move. etc etc. You might say: Oh but scraggy can use bulk up too. Yes, it can. But dd is by far the most destructive set and in a tier where mienfoo is used above 50%, you wont get away with bulk up that easily. As a bonus, it would reduce that unhealthy misdreavus spam.
  12. Sweeper: Hydreigon Physical wall: Hydreigon Special wall: Hydreigon Stallbreak: Hydreigon Utility: Probs not hydreigon Filler: Hydreigon
  13. You mean Tilted Lens, which indeed drives someone crazy.
  14. My predictions: Everyone seems to get this wrong. 1- nahwel (No need to explain) 2-8 : Everything else is equally bad compared to 1st place. (Cuz no @Nawe there) Simple, fast, unbiased. More details later.
  15. Manager: badchima Players: - @SweeTforU - @Laz - @DoubleJ - @urquidi - @Linken - @killuminati - @NikhilR - @Tawla - @Oltan - @cjmystogan - @Lunarck Team Banner: Soontm Cheerleader: @Munya
  16. Back in my day, people would settle themselves with a duel. Nowadays its all talk, meh.
  17. Id prefer if people showed what they could do whilst in the real thing instead of trying to shittalk with 0 evidence whatsoever.
  18. But If I reveal 2/3 moves in a match, I could easily change the 4th to a more suitable one in the next match.
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