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  1. When people arent good enough in actual battles so they try to put others down by other ways hehe I embarris.
  2. Good week, Dracos. Hoping to face you again in playoffs.
  3. People dont realize UU is stally af cuz full stall is the only way currently to have an answer for every highly offensive pressure in the tier. (Hera, typhlo, galv, medicham, weavile, absol, magneton, machamp, azumarill ...) Tier is not stally cuz there arent offensive options, its stally cuz there are way too many offensive options and 3 or 4 walls arent enough to deal with them all. Letting stallbreakers roam free in UU wont change a damn thing. It will only lead to 5 wall teams + dugtrio made specifically to trap and kill said wallbreaking mon.
  4. My opinions: Honchrow: @Zymogen has summed up pretty nicely, we kinda have nothing for this beast in NU, and it can even get a really strong priority Haxorus: No as well. UU lacks stuff to stop it. Dragon stab is way too strong out of OU, even more when bronzong dies with eq. Porygon-z: A good porygon-z can destroy UU as well, and it would be way too centralizing. Mamoswine: Probably the only one of the three that could get a test.
  5. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. Lunarck vs Titoo in somewhere around 10 min. Titooo won
  7. Guys, whoever uses volcarona its because they scouted teams. Nice logic. But again, with that type of comment, I doubt you have any left. Have fun :)
  8. when u realize he hasnt liked your post already. Damn traitor.
  9. Some suggestions: -There are some unnecessary stuff that are only there to make this seems more complicated than already is (And bear in mind mmo community is 40 IQ at max), just remove them. - 6 months is way too long. Even psl kinda dies a bit and its faster. A really quick draft of how this could become: - People sign up -They get badges - All 16 best players get to play each other in some tournament format (Maybe with 2 brackets) edit: Make it 24 players and the 8 best gym leaders, and 4 brackets. - Winners of the brackets plays against each other. -Winners of previous section are then crowned. If you make it hard, people wont join for the sake of it. Lastly, and sadly, no matter how good this could be, this community is all about complaining everytime cuz there is nothing to do, but when someone creates something for them to do, they also complain with excuse of effort, cuz they simply dont want to do a thing in this game.
  10. day 369: No shiny on sight. Edit: I wished I was exaggerating in the day.
  11. Tawla wins #ez dodge #gifsarebad #hastahgsarebetter
  12. GG wp I would have posted a gif, but > those.
  13. Me vs enchanteur in 10 mins.
  14. Problem isn tbeing confident on future decisions. Problem is that now he HAS to make the same decision everytime something like this happens, and that is clearly abusable.
  15. watchout coolio saying: All its confirmed is that you agreed on 4, but didnt specifiy whether it was pm or am, therefore, my decision stands
  16. Me vs enchanteur in around 4 hours
  17. 1) I stopped readin after: Week outcome doesnt change decisions. 2) Back in my day, people used to have Earthquakes and eat the L 3) Also back in my day, people used to play to win for honor instead of whatever ppl play for nowadays 4) After this decision, 100% ppl wont abuse this once again. 5) PSL XII when?
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