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  1. I dont know who you are but thank you for what you are doing.
  2. I remember someone got some minor rewards upon completing dex, after a bug. So it might rly be coded.
  3. In sum: - Mienfoo being the most used mon spamming u-turn makes diglett able to trap and effectively kill most of the stuff that can switch on mienfoo. This only makes mienfoo even more threatening than already is, and also helps its usage being too high, which is something we don´t want. (Or we shouldn´t want) - Diglett is legit the faster nonscarf pokemon to roam in LC, apart from elekid, which has to contantly 50/50 gamble against diglett. This speed allows it to outspeed and delete a lot of stuff that are slower than it (Which, as I said before, consists in pretty much everything). - Diglett´s trapping potential removes any sort of freedom the opponent would otherwise possess once diglett is on the field. - To top it off, diglett not only traps, not only outspeeds the vast majority of the tier, but also offers memento as a wincon. This, coupled with the fact clamperl ohkoes the whole tier after set up, and the fact diglett also gets rid of clamperl´s best counter in the form of tentacool makes most LC games a marathon towards: Who can memento, and set up clamperl first" TLDR; ban it. Thanks for reading it all, and thanks for those who will ignore this.
  4. Ignore my posts until we face each other :) Sorry for everything, gallade is op, and leafeon isnt a counter.
  5. 1- Sableye 2- Charizard 3- Slowking Just for the sake of it, I can also name 3 untiered mons that counter non negative used gallade sets. 4- Leafeon 5-Musharna 6- Exeggutor
  6. Ok, allow me to type something that I am pretty sure half the TC is going to joke about: 1- The comment above me is irrelevant because druddigon is not even a good gallade counter. There are others that do that job much better. 2- Laz´s comment about ohkoing druddigon is irrelevant too because the only ice mon that is used and ohkos druddigon is vanilluxe. Also, all taunt does is delaying the match for a few more turns, since dragon tail simply phases the taunter away, damaging in the process, and introducing a rng factor on the switch afterwards. 2- Coupled with dragon tail, druddigon has access to glare, which pretty much paralyzes every single pokémon that can threaten druddigon. There are no good electric type mons in the tier, and the few that there are have no business battling with a druddigon either (which is the main advantage druddigon has over all other glare users). 3- These 2 moves combined turn matches into a rng fest, and unlike snorlax, that was banned in gen3 due to body slam´s uncompetitive paralyzis, Glare + dragon tail has 0 counterplay (Snorlax had ghost types) besides praying you are not fully paralyzed OR you are phased into an advantageous position. In sum, Druddigon isn´t exactly broken as in OP, or whatever of the sort, but possesses a rather uncompetitive set that removes every kind of skill involved when playing with/against one. I vote to at least testban it.
  7. I just came across this lmfao. This is golden.
  8. I believe druddigon is the real issue here. Glare + dtail put the whole game into rng factor, and as you said, there is not really a sure counterplay besides praying to Arceus. Also, you cant literally go wrong in using druddigon in such a tier. Durant Ive got mixed feelings. I too feel it is too fast and powerful, however, hustle makes it a double edged sword if you cant set up hone claws. Imo, the issue about durant is the 20% flinch iron head provides, but that is way too situational to warrant a ban. I am in for a ban on druddigon tho.
  9. Dear devs: There is a facility of yours that you have made way too easy. Its name is Battle factory, and is another prime example of why SRIF is the real truth (Shitty Rng In Factory). However, as a caring player, I think there is a way to make this actually challenging. This is why I am here to ask you to remove the healing between rounds, so this can finally prove us a challenge. From your caring player: pachima.
  10. Next time, ask us to find a shiny battle frontier sudowoodo. It is healthier than this. xd
  11. @gbwead I want explanations. You promised us the best of the best. Now the most unknown of the unknown. For this reason, I will fake my death. Enjoy. Psl 13 when?
  12. still funny tho. edit: and somehow I only noticed that now
  13. @MaatthewMLG Finally I could get my alomomola and finish dex.
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