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  1. This was the exact problem. Past system made people rely way too much on matchup advantages than actually putting effort on skill into playing their game. Adapting to a specific person makes 0 sense whatsoever unless you are dealing against a bot. Any smart player would change their playstyle slightly so to mess up with whoever "adapted" to them. It may be just me but I like outplaying my opponents to earn my victory and not: "Oh I get a good matchup I win" or "Meh, bad matchup team cuz I can't build effectively. Forfeit"
  2. Pikacy is an alt of mine btw. Better to send donations there cuz clean mail means much easier to track down values. Also cuz pachi's mail is full.
  3. I see no issue really. And if they can, they could make so the 2 systems could happen at each time. A lot of people are disgusted by the unhealthy mentality exerted from the way these tours are. Time to change #NewTourSystem2020
  4. We thought about it, but No showdown won the first poll AND the layout. At that point we could simply enforce no Showdown, but decided to offer the showdown players the chance to shift their choice for the most picked showdown at the time. On last season, I don't think there was meaningful difference by not having showdown, except in the beginning ofc, with people arguing about not being able to play it. Also, some people have asked for an ETA. There is no specific schedule as of now. Anyway, assuming next update is fully working (no bugs, etc) (Also new vanities), I would prefer to not push sign ups later than September. This can both give us time to prepare everything, and time for you to fully understand the mechanics of the system. Speaking of which, I haven't yet heard of any doubt about it, and I'm pretty sure there might be some. Feel free to ask them away in here, or get a private message in discord.
  5. Ah, its explained the chinese support for this game.
  6. Late reply, but: - No showdown has won with 62,666% of the votes. Therefore No showdown will be played in this season (There could be some special matches at midseason...) - This also means the tiers layout for this season, as voted in the first pole will be: 2xOU - 1xUU - 1xNU - 1xLC - 1xDubs - 2x Manager's choice. - General thread soon. - If someone has any issues/doubts about the new system (whatever they may be), feel free to voice them before general thread is opened. We will not change any ruleset after general thread is opened, unless under few eventual specific scenarios.
  7. Tbh I'd like it the way it is. MMO meta is unique cause it has those specific mixtures of different gens. Ofc I wouldn't say no to some of these changes, but please keep MMO meta special.
  8. First let's wait for this poll to finish. Then We'd want to hear if there is anything we could change/improve regarding the system. And finally, general thread after that, and before manager thing.
  9. @gbwead @iJulian How come you didn't see charmander was holding leftovers. It says so in the print lol
  10. Because the whole thing is too big to be formatted in our forums. We offer to you the whole ruleset of the entire PSL XIII. apart of the most obvious ones that no1 knows about. We don't expect for you to read this thing at once, but docs are super easily navigated using the outlines, so you can skip to the parts that you want most to understand. Please discuss, and let us know what you think/suggest. This is a new system and all input helps us build a better one. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jrFThqqVDoe_QRs3vzPJxfFzNg4n7EwlV1fVEk0Kkis/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Let this last vote finish and we'll share a more in-depth explanation of the whole thing.
  12. Results of first Poll: - Slow Auction Style wins with 45.3% votes (Standard in second with 44%) - Salary system wins with 61,3% votes - No showdown wins with 33,3% votes, and with 26,7% votes VGC 2020 is second. Regarding this last point, while some can argue No showdown had most votes, others can also argue that more votes went to showdown tiers. Therefore we are allowing one last Poll to choose between these 2 options: No showdown or VGC2020. edit: Added forums poll.
  13. For real, try Swalot pain split + encore. You will only have issues with speedy conks (which are rare) that use facade on the switch.
  14. Reminder that the poll ends at the end of Saturday. Vote if you haven't already. And if you want to change any of your choices, speak to ThinkNice. Regarding community input, right now Layout A is winning with 47,1% (This means no Showdown, remember doubles are now allowed in the manager's choices). Salary System with 62%, and a tie between the standard quick auction and the new slow auction. (Which I'd rather tiebreak in the first poll) Make sure to understand all new designs, and ask us if any question arises. We would be glad to see you discuss and share your opinions, in order to "convert" other players. Get hype!
  15. Don't worry. @ThinkNicer gladly changes your vote for you (for as long as the new one has slow auction in it)
  16. - Based on the input gathered from this thread as well from in-game, it seems that restricting doubles in the manager's choice is no longer ideal. As such, we'll be allowing Doubles in manager's choice. - The poll is available until the end of this week. Depending on the final results, a second poll may or not be created. Remember to vote if you haven't already. - In-depth rules will be given in the general thread, as well as playoff formats as well as other things regarding the new systems, if chosen. Now, facts aside, regarding Showdown, I believe that: - There is a large skill gap in SD tiers, probably bigger than any MMO tier/format (Community is far more competent in judging this fact than I am, so we are offering you the chance to get your input in this thing) - This is PSL, not SPL, and we do not have to homage anything regarding showdown. - PSL is THE competitive community event, and as such we should aim for the most competitive format. On the other hand: - PS is more user-friendly - No grind involved. - Attracts more players? That is just my opinion btw. Please refrain from attacking each other. If you want to express your opinion, do so in the poll and explain why you chose so objectively. Thank you everyone. Also, get hype.
  17. I might be wrong and we are willing to change the decision if enough proof is given to us. However, please don't forget that in PSL X (I think), we had doubles as manager choice, which led to every single one picking doubles not because they were good with it, but because the opposing side was awful in it. As a result, in that season we had a lot of awful double matches that I would not want to witness again(I experienced this first handed cause I was a manager then), not because I do not like doubles, but because PSL is supposed to be a competitive event. Same logic, of course, applies to showdown tiers. That was the reasoning behind the decision. Feel free to prove us otherwise, that's what this thread is for. PS: I might try to dig older comments of that PSL about the issue in case. Edit: To make it more clear, the issue is the amount of good players that play the format, not how many do. It is not straightly linear and other reasons may be behind more people playing doubles such as you not needing specific unevolved forms to actually enter tours, etc. Give us at least 16 consistent double players and we'll check if that is verified. If we indeed have a large enough playerpool to play this format, then I don't see the issue of giving doubles to a manager choice, otherwise it stays as it is.
  18. Yes, it will take a minimum of 2-3 months before we even start this. As ThinkNice(r) said, we can only start preparing rules and general thread only after we get a final decision of what structures we will follow. But since the salary system is a completely new idea, we believe it's better to give players time to understand it, and to ask questions, if needed.
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