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  1. it always will enable a busted core and it always will be the problem.
  2. Congratulations for all those who got picked and I hope you all have fun this time around. On a more selfish note, if anyone wants any help with whatever feel free to let me know. (I still think this event is the best event in game and would very much be somewhat part of it). Good PSL 14 for everyone!
  3. ign: pachima Timezone: GMT Tiers: All, although I prefer OU,UU AND NU Fluff: Probably one of the worst players this game as ever faced. If you draft me make sure to teach me how to properly play this otherwise you'll see me playing Specs Scizor and other amazing stuff people keep telling me are bad. Other fluffs: #1 in Gen4 Hackmons. Obligatory comment: I won't link anything to the host. Reasons to draft me: Reasons not to draft me: Being a manager; Wasting credits; Being unfun.
  4. Just for fun allow me to create an hypothetical player who has played in every single PSL, let's say, from 8 onwards and managed PSL 13. Their score is exactly 3-4, 3-4, 3-4, 4-3 and 3-4. Their score would be -0,288 But since, as a manager, they won PSL 13 they now have the chance to increase their tier. Updated score: -0,576 (Nope). Let's also just say they finished 1st in regular season. Updated score: -0,720 (kek). Thank you all for joining me in my pep talk. Also since everyone is probably reading this let me say that Shiny Rate Is Fair.
  5. I believe this is what happens when you turn off your premade fixed sentences. @DarylDixon I need your help.
  6. Or you could stop talking about stuff you are ignorant about. You are free to judge me as a manager/player in whatever way it helps you sleep at night because I don't care. But the moment you choose to do so, at least make sure you know the whole story behind every event. I won't dwell much into Cali's PSL because I'd have to involve people other than me and I am not interested in dragging any more names into that mess. Claiming being a good manager is easy when all is going well literally proves how little research you did, how much you don't know or how much you choose not to know because my PSL 11 was everything but "well" and 10 seconds into forum's search would explain you why. Regarding my application: I don't want any special treatment neither do I want others to "sacrifice" for myself. It is your system and, as much as I dislike it and as much as other seasons have shown it to be flawed, I have to minimally respect it as long as it doesn't go too far. On that same note I will be withdrawing from this PSL as a manager to avoid any funny business you may want to attempt against me in the future.
  7. LMFAO. If we are all banned then no one is. Let's go boys!!!
  8. Too much ad hominem here. I am pretty sure some of these guys are actually unable to build entire sentences alone and instead have a fixed array of premade insulting phrases they just randomly pick at will.
  9. Its a shame hosts cannot manage. Otherwise I'd donate to get gbwead managing JJ.
  10. As much as I hated the process this doesn't make much sense. The moment you change any set of rules people should have the right to change what they have done so far, cause they are no longer paying for the service you told them you would provide. Also you cannot really blame other people abusing YOUR system cause you were the one coming up with it in the first place. Can we stop making PSL an egofest and actually treat things like they should be handled? This sets a terrible awful precedent for rules you apparently now can tweak to fit you better. There is nothing wrong in having flawed systems, but at least take it like a man and admit your own mistakes for god sake.
  11. Considering the only time you won PSL was with an underdog manager at that time you should humble down a little bit.
  12. ok now for real. Can we make it so only a fixed amount of spots follow the whatever system gb came up with and let the remaining few spots go for less known names? One of the most interesting things about PSL is that it allows us to compare known and less known players as manager and this kinda removes that. Imo every PSL season needs at least a couple of "underdogs".
  13. This is reaching 50 different levels of stupidity I didn't know existed.
  14. This is actually beautiful and I can't agree more.
  15. Pfft. Didnt even go through the effort of actually doing a proper calculation. #shame
  16. Did we just kill part of this season hype by outright knowing who the managers will be? also
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