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  1. wrong Fair is getting 150k encounters for first shiny, 270k for second, and 100k+ for the third that has not yet been seen.
  2. You realize that in storyline, +25% of almost nothing is still nothing right? RIGHT? On the other hand, you just need to rematch and beat 8 gyms in a 1 hour window to get same profit that you had before with older amulets, giving you still plenty of time to do other stuff. Also, gym runs should be easier now cuz u dont have to carry an amulet all the time.
  3. how would they translate daryl tho?
  4. Some suggestions: -There are some unnecessary stuff that are only there to make this seems more complicated than already is (And bear in mind mmo community is 40 IQ at max), just remove them. - 6 months is way too long. Even psl kinda dies a bit and its faster. A really quick draft of how this could become: - People sign up -They get badges - All 16 best players get to play each other in some tournament format (Maybe with 2 brackets) edit: Make it 24 players and the 8 best gym leaders, and 4 brackets. - Winners of the brackets plays against each other. -Winners of previous section are then crowned. If you make it hard, people wont join for the sake of it. Lastly, and sadly, no matter how good this could be, this community is all about complaining everytime cuz there is nothing to do, but when someone creates something for them to do, they also complain with excuse of effort, cuz they simply dont want to do a thing in this game.
  5. day 369: No shiny on sight. Edit: I wished I was exaggerating in the day.
  6. 1) I stopped readin after: Week outcome doesnt change decisions. 2) Back in my day, people used to have Earthquakes and eat the L 3) Also back in my day, people used to play to win for honor instead of whatever ppl play for nowadays 4) After this decision, 100% ppl wont abuse this once again. 5) PSL XII when?
  7. Why isnt Hydreigon S? Cofagrigus is B+ tops Conkeldurr is A, maybe remotely A+
  8. thx for this. Seems an interesting thing.
  9. dw, they let you increase the bet.
  10. Manager: badchima Players: - @SweeTforU - @Laz - @DoubleJ - @urquidi - @Linken - @killuminati - @NikhilR - @Tawla - @Oltan - @cjmystogan - @Lunarck Team Banner: Soontm Cheerleader: @Munya
  11. This alone is the problem. The way the system currently is promotes this way of thinking when it shouldn´t. Its not counterteaming itself, its how you know that counterteaming is possible. Btw zymo, I agree with you, quoted just because this line pretty much sums it up nicely.
  12. This is the real problem that creates an unhealthy mentality upon teambuilding, not really the counterteaming itself.
  13. It may be just me but I thought this was psl 11 general thread.
  14. dear Butler, you need some @Kamimiii lessons at trashtalking.
  15. Since people became havshas I will sum up everything pretty simply: Past: Some great players. Some good players. Some trash (Small pool) Present: Almost extinct number of great players. A lot of good players. Massive amount of trash in the form of players (Much bigger pool) For those that cant think: Great>Good>>trash. Thats it, easy.
  16. There is only one thing you need to know: SRIF -Shiny Rate Is Fair.
  17. By the way, lets all get along now. Let me start with the song I made for MadaraSixSix. Its called: Sixth Symphony. I wanna be the very best Like Madara ever was To defeat them is my real test To stall them is my cause! (I will win across the tours Haxing left and right Teach pokemon to understand The rng thats inside!) Pokémon Gotta stall them all! ...
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