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  1. So, this was an issue that a lot of people have brought in the past. Why not increase the ivs of pvp reward comps?

    Now I won't ask for anything unreal like 6x31 or something like that. However, I realized that having 25 is actually the same as having 24 in most comps except on the one stat people get their last 4 evs. What I'm asking is to replace these 25s to 26s. It is a very slight change that should be ez to implement and doesn't really affects market in any way. And hey, +3 stat points is better than nothing, and probably would make these comps way more usable than they are right now.

    Thank you.

  2. 37 minutes ago, redbluegreen said:

    Since most of the tournaments have been cancelled and so I haven't been able to test it (also I don't really want to test ways to exploit the game). Can you explain how this isn't exploitable?


    For most of us the only information we have to go off is:

    Standard Tournament brackets will now be randomized between each round.

    • (Players who are waiting for the next round are now paired together randomly.)

    If we are to take these words literally it sounds as though if you win your battle early you will likely be facing off against other players who have also finished their battle early. So for example if I wanted to avoid playing against you, I could ask a friend to spectate your battle and tell me how close the game looks to being over. If my friend was to reply "it's still 6v6" I could then try and close out my battle faster to try and avoid the possible window where I could be matched against you. Conversely if you are about to win I could deliberately extend my battle and run down the timer. This would then become even easier to abuse the later it gets in a tournament where there should be a larger discrepancy in which round everyone is still playing in since there may be a round 1 battle at the same time as a round 3-4.


    I really hope that I am wrong on this subject and that it is not as exploitable as it sounds, where you can almost chose your matches and can lead to match fixing, but as of right now most of us can only go off the words of the devs.



    Tours have been cancelled because sign ups are bugged. I have entered in one and couldnt find the partner, who was also signed.

    Seats are shuffled, not players, so how do you exploit ?

    From the tour i played, there is a minimum limit of ppl that need to win their round before system shuffle them, so you cannot ask your friends to effectively do what you saying.

  3. 43 minutes ago, Lvkee said:

    People seem to have tunnel visioned on the whole counter teaming argument, but seem to not be talking about the rest of my points and also:

    • You can fix tournaments with a group of friends / team You can't
    • You can purposely dodge friends You can't
    • Meta games will be stale and boring, heavily centralized around balance and covering the most threats. They already were
    • Stall and HO become very hard to use Maybe, maybe not, too early to say
    • This is a duplicate form of a system we already have in place (matchmaking) ????


  4. 8 minutes ago, iJulian said:

    This isn’t achieved with the new system either, just like the previous system would sometimes make one side of the bracket giga stacked and the other half full of joes, the new one could keep randomly pairing joe with other joes and he somehow would make it into the finals. If you really wanted to get rid of this issue (and have higher quality matches in later rounds) what they need to implement is a seeding system using matchmaking me as reference (Kind of like big tournaments often work by having the higher seeds play the lower ones)

    Although at first glance that idea seems cool, its also sad to see better players eliminated first only cause they naturally have a more difficult bracket than worse players.

    For the new system, I wouldn't want to voice that much yet. I can agree it might not work, but I'd prefer to wait and see how things unfold.

  5. 3 minutes ago, iJulian said:

    No, I agree. I’m just saying the current system doesn’t help, in fact it might worsen the problem.

    Can't be worse than what it was, trust me. And as I said, we have yet to know if the current system does, in fact, help with the issue or not. Either way, we need to test new things. If this doesn't work, test something else. Just don't revert back to the old system, where I spectate finals and think: I should have spectated Pallet Town rival battles.

    EDIT: it has been 2 days. Complaining about a new change this soon makes no sense at all

  6. 1 minute ago, iJulian said:

    I mean... you can’t shuffle the finals anyways, it is and will always be the exact same as before, except now when you go to scout your opp you find he used a single team all the way through so feel even more incentivized to counterteam which as you said, could backfire horribly 

    The point of a shuffling system was to always filter better opponents in earlier rounds, and not see joeshinyhunter2 achieving semis or finals and playing storyline mons, or worse. No system helps with later rounds, and I don't think its possible without removing the hype involved in spectating, etc. so I don't see the issue here.

  7. 2 minutes ago, iJulian said:

    IMO the biggest thing is that tournaments are supposed to be of higher skill than matchmaking, and Luke said it perfectly, with full shuffling tournaments feel like nothing more than glorified matchmaking, if you want to make it easier for newer players to get a feel of the scene, they have matchmaking. Alternatively, shuffle rounds up to the one before semifinals (when rewards start being handed out)

    I don't know if you spectate the same tours I do, but I see no skill in tournaments at all, except in rare cases. The amount of times our team went full "wtf is this" while spectating semis and finals is way too big.

  8. We are yet to find if late game rounds this time are more competitive than before, so its early to say what update did in that regard.

    On the other hand, you will apologize me but I will never accept the fact that, with earlier system, most rounds, even semi and finals were completely garbage, maybe even rivaling with Brock pve skill. I have won tournaments in the past (Before I gave up completely) and I never found myself truly awarded cause I was facing almost literal bots everytime. I was always super active in the spectating aspect, and skill displayed in tours of this game has even dropped further ever since. 

    Maybe this isn't the change we are looking for, but something had to be done regarding past system. For god sake I want to spectate a final battle filled with tension and hype, and not seeing 2 potatoes clicking buttons, or just get obliterated cause the counter-teaming fishing aspect failed, and their matchup went terribly.

    To add on it, unless I'm mistaken, seats are shuffled, not players, so if the shuffling system pairs two friends against each other whenever they finish, they can't dodge at all.

    And to finish my points, I believe MMO has gotten way too used to the way past system became. People now fish for good matchups with counterteams and whatnot, which is the main reason I keep spectating obliterated teams in later rounds. Counterteaming is a skill, but actually playing the game is also a skill. (I have seen too many people giving up way too soon because bad matchup, when good outplays can actually give them the win)



  9. 3 minutes ago, Quinn010 said:

    but you guys offered me 2 counters thats viable i can offer you guys also 2 methods to stop wobbufet so i feel like 2 counters/methods isnt that much for a metagame 

    You don't understand. Wobbuffet wasn't banned for being broken. It was banned for being uncompetitive, which is truly different. Screens aren't uncompetitive, so why you comparing these 2 things?

  10. 1 hour ago, Quinn010 said:

    https://www.smogon.com/articles/hyper-offense-in-ou I recommend reading this what a hyper offensive team is a normal hyper offensive team doesn’t use support 

    Did you even read it all? It even says "One of the worst misconceptions that one can take away from this article is that these are the only Pokémon usable on hyper offense teams. This is completely untrue; hyper offense teams have many different options that can be put to use. "

    You should also read:; "Sweepers rely completely on setting up, and after they have done so, they are able to wreak havoc during a game."

    Now let me ask you: How do they set up easier? That's right, with a support mon on the back.

    edit: In that same link you offered, they share you a sample HO team, that by coincidence has a bold supporter celebi.

  11. Just now, Quinn010 said:

    wobbufet also killed 1 or 2 mons so yeah 

    Why are you comparing trapping potential that removes everything enemy can do with screens?

    Trapping can only be stopped by shed shell that already nerfs the holder by a large margin. We are offering you plenty of ways to deal with screens without nerfing said mons.

    So if you want to discuss screens, please discuss screens and not wobbuffet that has nothing to do with it.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Quinn010 said:

    he can tho without rockz

    Ok, let's play your game. Let's assume no residual damage cause reasons, and let's assume azumarill survive tbolt/close combat, whatever. 

    Then what? You send a mon with priority and kill azumarill. 

    What happened? Opponent lost the supporter and a bdrummer (aka 2 mons), and you only lost 1 mon. 

    So how is this advantageous for the screen team?

  13. 1 minute ago, Quinn010 said:

    rocky helmet on ho user? 

    1-makes more sense than claiming azumarill to set up against a modest tbolt eel.

    2- I was listing examples


  14. In my game, belly drum removes half the user's hp. Sitrus only heals for 25%, and residual damage happens commonly via weather, rocks, rocky helmet, etc etc. If anything those calcs show at least azuma cant set up freely.

  15. I might be biased but i found 6 or 7 screen teams in my UU ranked WITH an offensive team, and I only lost once (and it was partly cuz I misplayed)

    EDIT: nvm

    TLDR; Don't misplay. If you are using an HO team, chances are some of your mons give no free set ups even with screens up. Play aggressively against their screen setter that most likely are unable to pressure your hard-hitting mon. 

    Edit 2: Based on your post, I believe you are reacting to a screen team instead of acting (Which for some reason most ppl do). Scarfs are a reactive play that comes in AFTER screens and set up come in play. Obviously a scarf mon can get in clutch, however, that is not how you should stop a screen team. Instead, get your hard-hitters in front of electrode (That for you seems to be the main issue) or whatever acts as a supporting mon for said teams. Act before /while enemy team sets up their game, dont react after they do.

    I hope I could make myself clear.


  16. 4 hours ago, iJulian said:

    You adapt against the players most preferred styles and cores not one single specific team. 

    If it was useless why scout and prep in unofficial tournaments like psl? That’s a skill too 

    Imo there is a clear difference between PSL matches and 10 min preparation, where you are only scouting specific teams (And no, you cant do more within those 10 minutes). In PSL you try to prepare for everything while being strong against their most favorite style. In tours, you have no time for such preparation and have a much lesser sample of the opponent's style to learn from. Hence why "adapting" in Tours makes no sense, unless you know your opponent from competitive accolades outside of said tournament, in which case this is irrelevant.

    TLDR; Its never useless to "adapt" but not the way the OP made it sound to be. (read what I quoted)

  17. 5 minutes ago, Paul said:

    I'm desperate for the hats to have some sort of value, and I fear shinyhunterjoe bringing sceptile to low ladder & eventually winning 250 games will hurt that

    Idk man shinyhunterjoe is a decent player.

  18. 16 minutes ago, iJulian said:


    I mean adapting to a player implies said player is unable to change any of their gamestyle, aka is a bot. Most often than not "adapting" a team against a competent player doesn't give you the edge  the other guy tried to make it do.

  19. 1 hour ago, Paul said:

    Not a fan of this imo


    I feel the goal should be to keep 'casual' players interested in PvP for as long as possible. It keeps matchmaking alive, and will make it so people normally not interested in PvP find themselves improving & actually enjoying the competitive side.


    I have friends who have zero interest in pvp already having 25+ wins. I guarantee they play for 2 weeks, get the vanity, and never play again. 

    Thing is there are more tiers. In fact, we have currently 3 tiers and a format that requires 500 wins each one for each vanity. Even those friends with 25+ wins (And who nolifed the game) will struggle to get all 4 vanities in 3 months. 

    Also thank you Kyu for halving the requirements.

    Finally. with today's resources, having 2x31 4x25 is more of a wasteslot than anything. I won't ask for 6x31, but 4x28 is already way  much better. 

    Thank you.

  20. 3 hours ago, redbluegreen said:

    However, this change could be seen as problematic especially for later stages of tournaments, for a few key reasons:

    Imagine you are in semis and out of your 3 possible opponents you have a team which you believe will crush 2 of them but isn't as good vs the other, you would be crazy not to take a 2/3 guaranteed victory. But as every pokemon player knows 33% chance things happen all the freaking time which could really fuck people over, making team building in the later stages especially weird and likely more luck than skill dependant.

    This was the exact problem. Past system made people rely way too much on matchup advantages than actually putting effort on skill into playing their game. Adapting to a specific person makes 0 sense whatsoever unless you are dealing against a bot. Any smart player would change their playstyle slightly so to mess up with whoever "adapted" to them.

    It may be just me but I like outplaying my opponents to earn my victory and not: "Oh I get a good matchup I win" or "Meh, bad matchup team cuz I can't build effectively. Forfeit"

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