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  1. ign: pachima

    Title: Grieving Doll

    Number of words: 1498



    "Oh my! I did the best that I could..."

    pachima got £3264 for winning!


    I was happy back then. I had just logged on and defeated Lady Cindy, and it pleased me to watch my bank growing bigger. Soon after that I ventured myself into Petalburg woods. It was late night and the sky was pitched dark but I knew the low leveled pokemon lurking down there wouldn´t pose a problem to me. Oh how wrong I was!


    I had forgotten my repels so, to reach the second rich trainer, I went through the grass. Suddenly, a wild wurmple fell down of a tree. But it didn´t attack, instead it was fast asleep and thus I had no issue bringing the level 1 Abra that was leading the party for its synchronize effect. After throwing the pokéball, there it was, my timid abra, who stared hesitantly at the wild bug a couple of levels above it. I giggled back then, but I knew these pokémons would wake up instantly as soon as I moved so, to save time, I looked for an item in this huge bag of mine. Inside it, I found what I wanted. A Poké Doll!


    Swiftly then I threw it away and took my leave. Ahead, I turned back, finding the wild wurmple, which was now awoken, curious about this decoy. It was then that I felt my pokéball shivering, and I stopped to release it. From it Abra formed itself and I could notice how scared it was. I croached, reaching its height, and then I went to caress it, but as I approached, it recoiled.


    "I apologize Abra" I said, my voice soothingly filling the otherwise uncanny silence, only interrupted by taillows sporadically chirping or rare slakoths yawning "I know you fear bug types, but I promise you they won´t come any closer to you”


    I smiled, which was when I realized Abra wasn´t staring at me anymore. Following it, I found, behind me, the tiny wurmple unleashing its sting against the clefairy doll I had thrown away before. Closely, I noticed a thin veil of will-o-wisps surrounding the doll and it sure looked like it was glowing . Soon after, the little bug lost interest on it and I saw it crawling up the tree from where it fell down earlier.


    Suddenly I felt colder, and briefly, the random noise was gone. I turned all around, watching the green leaves that never even twitched, and the chirps restarted once again. Relieved, I shrugged, turning at Abra.


    "See? Wurmple is gone" I said, smiling.


    I retreated it into the pokéball and proceeded, running. But soon I thought it would be faster and wiser to use the bike instead, which I did, retrieving it from only god-knows-where inside my bag.


    Eventually I reached some fences, opening their way in the centre. Petalburg Woods ended there, and my npc target was just after that. But before I went through it, I found a trainer, whose steps I had been hearing louder and louder before then. For some seconds, I stared at her, as she ran around all too cheerfully, followed by her torchic, fainting the bugs they would encounter left and right. Her name was just above her head, but I had not heard of it before, so I assumed she was one of those new characters, and as I was reminded of my younger self, the nostalgia kicked in the back of my mind. It all seems meaningless now, though!


    From there it all changed, and soon I perceived another sound, this constant whistling I had never listened to before, thus my smile vanished away. Frightened, I reached for my party, and albeit it was dark, Abra wouldn´t use flash for some reason. I shook my head disappointed. Either way, the exit was just right there and I couldn´t wait to leave what seemed to me a different Petalburg Woods.


    However, I couldn´t move. Shortly after I sensed something behind me and my eyes went big, then I turned back. There, two balls ignited in red and a golden zip had just closed. I kept staring at it, but at some point it wasn´t there anymore.


    Is Halloween event coming soon?” I asked in global.


    Soon tm” was all I got. Still, I was amused at the idea of playing against giant pumpkings and unorthodox moves none of my Pokémon could learn, and all the money I would get from selling their bags into the Global Trade Link!


    But this wasn´t it. I wasn´t aware of any earthquakes kicking lately, and if it was something global, hordes of players would already be here running around with their bikes and jajajaing everywhere. Whatever it was, I knew deep inside it was evil because I couldn´t yet stop shivering.


    It was then that the wind burst against my face and the temperature dropped significantly. Thus I changed my angel wings and wore a scarf instead, but the cold still persisted.


    I turned around, and much for my surprise, I realized I could move there. I turned back again, but even though its wheels would rotate, the bike itself wouldn´t. All of a sudden, a will-o-wisp floated around my head, and I could feel it burning inside me. So I ran away, venturing once more into the deep woods. I thought it was a pokémon but I didn´t want to stop to find out. Also, there was this eerie whispering in the back of my mind that I am still hearing right now. It made me run faster, but it wasn´t enough.


    Avoiding the tall grass, I went right for the ledges, hopping over them. That was when I stopped, searching the bag and take out an ocarina out of it, to play it.


    You cannot do that now.”


    I jumped back startled as I heared this voice that I wasn´t expecting to hear thundering in my ears.


    You won´t run away” the voiceless whisper turned understandable for the first time, coming from behind. But of course I ignored it, and without looking back, I kept running. Funnily enough I never got tired, but that didn´t matter much when I saw the entrance, where Lady Cindy would be just where she is all the time. The light there was brighter too, and I regained my hopes.


    However, when I tried to leave the damn forest, I was rendered unmoving once more. I turned back, but I couldn´t move there too. I struggled to break free but the client didn´t respond. And as I yelled, all caps printed in the globat chat, the eerie aura approached and the whispering got louder and louder. I closed my eyes, but even there I would fall upon the deathly gaze. So I turned back, decided to face whatever was pursuiting me, only to have all my courage drained away after I realized I was under effects of Mean Look.


    Its gold teeth grinning widely as the Pokémon shortened distance, slowly, too slowly. I opened the Pokédex and scanned whatever that was, and I found it was a Banette.


    You shouldn´t be here” I stated, my hand readying itself in my pocket, to reach for a Pokéball.


    But the golden teeth only grew wider and wilder, and that was when I realized my hands wouldn´t move either.


    This is where I should be the most” it replied, coldly, closening distance.


    Suddenly, it burst into speed and I fell into panic. I tried to contact my teammates but none were online. The ideas were running out, but there was one still left.






    There was no respawn, though. Instead, Banette had gotten me in such a short timespan and I could feel its frozen touch reaching my soul. I sought for the air that was never enough and I am pretty sure I collapsed for the next thing I remember was staring the silverish moon glowing in this foggy dark sky. The burning eyes were there too, but it was all too fuzzy.


    Now I wake up, and only now that I remember all I did while in the woods, I recheck Banette´s entry and it finally makes sense.


    There is another presence near me, and I try to move my head, but oh god how painful it is. As I move it, I see Banette grinning and dancing around me. Now I see Abra, and it pains me to look at its sad stare.


    L-leave if you can” I stutter, the words struggling to sound.


    And obeying, it teleports away.


    How typical” Banette whispers, its grin wider than ever “Just like you threw me away to rot under a poison sting, even your Pokémon throws you away when you need them the most”


    It laughs. I cannot see it now, but it is unsettling. Even the freezing touch is gradually fading away. This might...


    pachima has blacked out.


    Banette grew to Lv.X!

  2. On 10/17/2019 at 5:54 PM, Goku said:

    There are a lot of choices tbh, but volca isn't any good because people run ttar and then volca is useless.


  3. Imo, adamant seems better if you are using mach punch. But as Orange stated, you gotta first check the tier and ask yourself some stuff.

    On top of my mind:

    - Do I want to outspeed non speedy nature  breloom? Or Dragonite? Or metagross? These 3 are probs the most important to consider. Other stuff in the speed range can be hurt by mach punch or is inaccessible no matter the nature (There is modest kingdra too but more often than not those will be under rain so I didnt list it there)


    Edit: For the second question, Im afraid I cant help much with haxorus, even tho I think jolly is preferred. For Hydreigon, I have used pretty much all possible variants and for an offensive one, you need to first know if you want hydra to wallbreak or to sweep. Both modest and timid are viable, but have different jobs.

  4. 1 hour ago, razimove said:

    around 60 to 80m.


    since well, there's no mixed male genderless currently, it wouldn't fetch even half of that if I had to take a wild guess. 

    braviary says hi

  5. Very well now that PSL is officially over, I would like to:


    1) Congratulate every other team for making this event a really hyped one till the end (especially the end)

    2) Thank every kecleon for all their effort

    3) Thank everyone outside kecleons who helped and supported us.

    4) Thank coolio (althought by not so much cause bad host (Who was a good host tbh?)), but who despite everything, sacced himself as an host.

    5) Thank LYLE for obvious reasons

    6) Blame myself for being bad

    7) Thank bilburt for his moneys


    I think that´s it. 

    NVM edit:

    8) Thank Munya for being an amazing cheerleader

    9) Brag about my amazing PSL names

  6. So, as a player who would enjoy fewer seated tournaments (Mostly because I cant really care about staying for so long for a single tour) I came up with some idea:


    Since shiny rewards are mostly seen are trophies, I think there should be some distinction between a shiny earned in a 64 player tour or another earn in a 128 player tour. Therefore, was there any con if rewards were something like that :

    32 spots - Non shiny comp

    64 spots - 2x31 3x25 shiny comp

    128 spots - 2x31 3x28+ shiny comp


    Iv values are completely random and could be adjusted if needed. 



    Clear distinction between different degrees of effort to receive the shiny.

    Ability to create different seated tournaments with the same shiny prize (Since different ivs means different trophies)

    Less discussion about rare shinies and what not. The boost to the ivs, I believe, would reduce the complaints for higher seated tournaments


    Also, not sure if this counts as same suggestion or not: Since playerbase has grown bigger and people complain about fewer seated tournaments shouldnt exist, but some players also dont or cant spend 3 or 4 hours straight for a single tournament,  I would also ike to see 32 and/or 64 man-tours with separated brackets (Like 64 join one tour and other 64 join the other), so both kind of players are satisfied.


    Thanks to everyone who read it.


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