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  1. So, as we all are aware, Ditto farming had been nerfed to the ground with the lower catch rate + genderless mons being able to breed with themselves.  Male only mons are in so few number and in lower tiers that makes them irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Most dittos are actually being sold for the sole purpose of getting a rare shiny egg eventually.

    What I purpose is to upgrade Ditto breeding. Something similar, probably not exactly the same as shiny breeding. With my suggestion we would be able to get additional benefits of breeding with a ditto than if breeding to any other mons.


    - Promotes a market that has been buried under the ground for quite some time now.

    - Faster alternatives when breeding stuff, provided you have what you need.

    - Helps male-only Pokémon


    - I could say, and some will say "Will ruin the economy", but I feel it is not the case, since they can fix the "additional benefits" to their likings

    - I could say coding too, but we already have shiny breeding.

    -tldr; None.





  2. 2 minutes ago, Bestfriends said:

    I understand the fact that you're coming at this from a compassionate position. However, we need to look at the bigger picture. PokeMMO has approximately +1 million players that enjoy this game (I heard about a stream that received about a million views). Out of PokeMMO's overall population, you may have about 500,000 players have this twin breeding aspect occur. Now, let's put yourself in the shoes of the breeder that worked hard just to breed something with 3x31 IVs and you just happen to get a twin breed and price it on GTL cheaper than it costs to make it yourself. Repeat this about 5 or 20 times and you have a breeder inflation problem on your hands.


    So let's do some simple math here:


    (for simplicity sake, we are going to round the player population to 1 million for simplicity)


    (and also for simplicity, we are going to adopt the current shiny rate 1/30k to our equation)


    1 million x (1/30k) = 




    1,000,000 x 0.00003333333 = 33.3333333333




    So about +~33.33% more breeders in the market which would not make for a healthy economy.

    wtf is this math?

  3. 7 hours ago, crbox said:

    That is absolutely on point. So far im switching to ferrothorn vs volt switxh jolteon, which isnt optimal.


    Magnezone is a nightmare.


    Any idea which mon I should swap out?

    I guess chandel. Salamence and chandel overlap resistance on some common used moves, and both share weakness rocks.

    So remove chandel.

  4. 1 hour ago, dIOXprooo said:

    The Knights of Corviknight (0) Vs The Pretentious Pachirisus (0)

    OUx2kiwikidd (0) vs zeknshooter (0)

    UUx2: moisessss (0) vs jasonsparrowx (0)

    NUx2: sweetforu (0) vs aurumpegasus (0)

    LC: yeyoxd vs pachima

    LC: yeyoxd vs Cali

    This is so funny at so many levels.

  5. On 12/4/2019 at 12:54 AM, RLotus said:

    2ndThe Squirtle Crew - solid, but they dont have a huge advantage over the rest

    3rdThe Pretentious Pachirisus - fear ahpool

    4thNo Shaymin Losing - well rounded team

    5thFrag Squad - should be easy if you manage to schedule while frags is asleep

    6thEternatus' Pain - luneth has to carry,

    7thThe Soaring Staraptors - astounding draft

    8thThe Knights of Corviknight - gl sweet

    Cool jokes.

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