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  1. You from all the people would know lanturn > Rotom-W cuz scald.
  2. Id be really lucky to have a skill which allowed me to ignore these posts.
  3. Imo, adamant seems better if you are using mach punch. But as Orange stated, you gotta first check the tier and ask yourself some stuff. On top of my mind: - Do I want to outspeed non speedy nature breloom? Or Dragonite? Or metagross? These 3 are probs the most important to consider. Other stuff in the speed range can be hurt by mach punch or is inaccessible no matter the nature (There is modest kingdra too but more often than not those will be under rain so I didnt list it there) Edit: For the second question, Im afraid I cant help much with haxorus, even tho I think jolly is preferred. For Hydreigon, I have used pretty much all possible variants and for an offensive one, you need to first know if you want hydra to wallbreak or to sweep. Both modest and timid are viable, but have different jobs.
  4. Can we ban Wobbuffet from NU? It has access to tickle now, which makes it able to trap and future pursuit the target much easier.
  5. pachima

    Value Advice

    braviary says hi
  6. Very well now that PSL is officially over, I would like to: 1) Congratulate every other team for making this event a really hyped one till the end (especially the end) 2) Thank every kecleon for all their effort 3) Thank everyone outside kecleons who helped and supported us. 4) Thank coolio (althought by not so much cause bad host (Who was a good host tbh?)), but who despite everything, sacced himself as an host. 5) Thank LYLE for obvious reasons 6) Blame myself for being bad 7) Thank bilburt for his moneys I think that´s it. NVM edit: 8) Thank Munya for being an amazing cheerleader 9) Brag about my amazing PSL names
  8. between my : "recycle pp stall" and "smh" rendi said something along the lines of: only recycler is lax
  9. is rendi blocked? Cause i see no messages of him.
  10. So, as a player who would enjoy fewer seated tournaments (Mostly because I cant really care about staying for so long for a single tour) I came up with some idea: Since shiny rewards are mostly seen are trophies, I think there should be some distinction between a shiny earned in a 64 player tour or another earn in a 128 player tour. Therefore, was there any con if rewards were something like that : 32 spots - Non shiny comp 64 spots - 2x31 3x25 shiny comp 128 spots - 2x31 3x28+ shiny comp Iv values are completely random and could be adjusted if needed. Pros: Clear distinction between different degrees of effort to receive the shiny. Ability to create different seated tournaments with the same shiny prize (Since different ivs means different trophies) Less discussion about rare shinies and what not. The boost to the ivs, I believe, would reduce the complaints for higher seated tournaments Also, not sure if this counts as same suggestion or not: Since playerbase has grown bigger and people complain about fewer seated tournaments shouldnt exist, but some players also dont or cant spend 3 or 4 hours straight for a single tournament, I would also ike to see 32 and/or 64 man-tours with separated brackets (Like 64 join one tour and other 64 join the other), so both kind of players are satisfied. Thanks to everyone who read it. Discuss.
  11. Meanwhile at internet: Person A: Hello Person B: Stop crying you kid!
  12. So, before we reaching tiebreaks (Apologizing coolio for the extra work here): 1- GG to every other team. There will be more tiebreakers so the hype isnt dead yet 2- Although I too was somewhat mad at @urquidi decision in the final match, let´s not forget that was a high tensed match, and while there was plenty of reasons to blame whatever play, let me just defend him by saying pressure affects gameplay. 3- Nothing else really to be said. I just hope tiebreaks get the hype they deserve. Thank you all.
  13. Ok this shit was close. Im sweating.
  14. wrong Fair is getting 150k encounters for first shiny, 270k for second, and 100k+ for the third that has not yet been seen.
  15. You realize that in storyline, +25% of almost nothing is still nothing right? RIGHT? On the other hand, you just need to rematch and beat 8 gyms in a 1 hour window to get same profit that you had before with older amulets, giving you still plenty of time to do other stuff. Also, gym runs should be easier now cuz u dont have to carry an amulet all the time.
  16. how would they translate daryl tho?
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