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  1. Dear devs: There is a facility of yours that you have made way too easy. Its name is Battle factory, and is another prime example of why SRIF is the real truth (Shitty Rng In Factory). However, as a caring player, I think there is a way to make this actually challenging. This is why I am here to ask you to remove the healing between rounds, so this can finally prove us a challenge. From your caring player: pachima.
  2. Next time, ask us to find a shiny battle frontier sudowoodo. It is healthier than this. xd
  3. @gbwead I want explanations. You promised us the best of the best. Now the most unknown of the unknown. For this reason, I will fake my death. Enjoy. Psl 13 when?
  5. still funny tho. edit: and somehow I only noticed that now
  6. @MaatthewMLG Finally I could get my alomomola and finish dex.
  7. ign: pachima Timezone: BST Tiers: All mmo tiers (dubs ain´t a tier) Fluff: Pachi
  8. As much as I wanted to join, I will be somewhat busy for the next few months and I don´t feel like signing up for something without being able to fully commit for it. Either way, Good luck for everyone who wants to try their luck in this PSL as a manager. PS: I already got a really amazing great and undoubtedly best name of PSL 12. If you wanna use it, just hit me up.
  9. 300k naive rhyhorn 200k lonely trubbish
  10. Fear not. I was 16 months and 270k encounters.
  11. Too lazy and dumb to post pics. Names should be autosuggestive already. Suggestions: -Blastoise´s shell (Back slot - Possible name: Marine Husk) -Aerodactyl wings (Back slot - Possible name: Origin wings)
  12. sacred fire burning + calm mind + rest new strat.
  13. Go play Pokemon mystery dungeon 2 and tell me how many times you got rekted.
  14. change to matchmaking pvp then
  15. "Make sure you're not breaking any of the basic PokeMMO rules" Therefore you can post in any language, but you must provide an english translation of it.
  16. Even though MMO isnt smogon, same reason stands for why wobbuffet should still be banned from NU, and possibly from UU (Its quite handable in OU tho) Also, for those saying smogon =/= MMO, bear in mind smogon has an upgraded knock off, which heavily nerfs wobbuffet. tldr; MMO wobby> smogon wobby- Ban it plz
  17. Apparently it is not using Wobbuffet in higher tiers.
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