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  1. Imagine not reading the whole thing and realizing tohnr mentioning Choice band before his calcs.
  2. @Inbetween Let me try to explain how usage works: A Pokemon is UU when it falls below a certain threshold in OU. By the same logic, A Pokemon drops to NU when it falls below a certain threshold in UU. Now it doesn't matter if a Pokemon has 10,20,30 or 100% in UU. For as long as that same Pokemon has not reached that threshold in OU, it still is considered, by definition, UU. Ofc you can argue that a Pokemon that would have 100% in UU is too broken for the tier. And yes I agree, but so far the general consensus is that although Rotom-H has 41% in UU: 1- By definition is still UU, cause
  3. pretty sure they mean a small amount of battle points given in the instance of a defeat, similar to how its handled in ranked games.
  4. I am here to state LC will be a playable tier in next PSL. Also here to confirm that ShinyRateIsFair
  5. Come on now gbwead. If this was true, then you wouldn't be against diglett in LC, that as a matter of fact, traps less things than dugtrio does in NU. That comparison also doesn't make sense, first because NU has more trappable mons than those, and second because most of those aren't even viably trapped, mostly because ark9, empoleon, bisharp and metagross have strong priority vs it, and rhyperior doesn't really die even against banded EQ. In NU, however, priority moves in the mons dugtrio can trap are much rarer(or weaker), and ignoring choice scarf users, Dugtrio effortlessly traps a lot of
  6. On the contrary, a lot of stuff has the same def and spdef, and since LC allows for extra investment on defensive stats, you can most of the time trigger a physical boost on an enemy's download. About Porygon having no switches: 1- Porygon getting +1 spatk isnt that easy, considering what I said above, unless ppl dont know how to ev. 2- If Porygon has no switches now at +1, then it also had no switches prior to mienfoo ban, simply because mienfoo doesn't switch at all. So it doesn't make sense to me that suddenly Porygon is broken by having no switches. Regarding Mienfoo: - Mie
  7. I'm not so sure about Electrode, although it has some nasty interactions, most notably that linoone that recently dropped. Dugtrio, on the other hand, I'm strongly against this thing in NU. It just traps way too many common things as well as having the most important stat in NU being speed.
  8. Porygon isnt a new problem. Mienfoo couldn't switch at all into the offensive version, and couldnt even revenge kill agility versions of it as well. If porygon is considered broken now, it should be considered broken in the past and Mienfoo has nothing to do with it, which is interesting cause offensive porygon had little usage in that same past.
  9. I dont understand how can people say machamp is broken with bulk up set when Hariyama isnt even remotely used .
  10. Congratulations Empoleons for the well deserved win. Congratulations Jaawax for proving I was a worse host than Thinknice by not picking you in. Congratulations Rotoms for reaching 2nd place despite all our bias. Thank you everyone for signing, playing and complaining. Sorry Villains for not giving you a free pass. I think that's all from me.
  11. Goddamn this is beautiful. @gbwead I know you like these stuff.
  12. Feel free to call me arrogant, if you think that helps you nonarguments. The issue is simple, people are just overcomplicating it for no reason. People don't pick lower tiers cause they can pick OU in the same timeframe, its as simple as that. How do you fix that? Create different timewindows for OU and lower tiers. See? Also simple. is it good? No. Is it simple? Yes. Does it make sense? Yes. All I see is people using this thread as an excuse to boost rewards, and as a result we derailed to the point of, for the 500th time, claiming tours have bad rewards. Why? Because people d
  13. Yes, 100% agree, now we are getting somewhere. But here is the thing. (Note I said "we would", meaning that its something that isnt happening, because of what I stated earlier) If they boost every reward in every tier, like plebs above are suggesting, then the same happens, full stop. If devs simply boost lower tiers rewards, then they would have to deal, not with 50 ppl that play lower tiers, but with 4000 that play OU and consider that boost unfair to them. That's something they shouldnt' do and won't do, for obvious purposes. Different timewindows is still the only fair way t
  14. As I said and will repeat, no matter if people believe in it or not, while we have OU + UU/NU MM ranked at the same time, the vast majority of players will queue to OU, period. Rewards are irrelevant, cause if they were not, we wouldn't have active lower tiers in the beginning in the first place, and we would have a more balanced flux of players in each tier cause every tier has similar rewards. So, the only surefire way to fix the low flux in lower tiers is creating timewindows separately, for OU and lower tiers, simple as that.
  15. Semi-finals has finally come! #top4plebs #Rotomsneedtogo #Villainsbetrayal #LunasSailingtothewin #Thinkbetterhost #1and2return #Nobias #Darylinverymad #Unfairadvantages #Riggedcointoss #Napoleonbonabat #Zigh'slastchance Any doubt contact your manager, or check discord links. The Ruthless Rotoms (5) vs (1) Sailor Lunatones OU1: Darker vs Senjutsuka OU2: Stelian vs DoubleJ UU: Zennen vs Tohnr NU: xLuneth vs Artemiseta Doubles: AkaruKokuyo vs Zigh LC: Xondex vs Aldahirramirez M-LC: Mkns vs SweeTforU Devil Bats
  16. I've been thinking about this a bit further. 1- Buffing prizes won't work. Prizes aren't relevant at all cause if they were, we'd see all tiers played equally, which we don't. (Unless we drastically buff, which won't happen, and is not healthy for the game) 2- UU- NU IS more restricted than OU. The big masses are mostly casuals who use their favorites and therefore have to play OU. It doesn't really matter if NU has more viable pokes or not, OU doesn't restrict, NU does, period. 3- With 1, and 2, I conclude that the reason why UU-NU are dead is because of OU itself. For as long
  17. It's simple. System works fine. People should play both tiers with equal motivation because their rewarding is similar. If they don't is because: a) UU and NU are much more restrictive than OU, in the sense you can use less mons there, which means plenty of players won't breed dedicated teams for those tiers. b) UU and NU are simply not interesting enough for the big masses. If you want to fix the issue, you try to make the tiers more interesting (Not exactly sure how). If you simply add bonus rewards for those tiers, all you are doing is delaying the issue. People would start play
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