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  1. day 369: No shiny on sight. Edit: I wished I was exaggerating in the day.
  2. Tawla wins #ez dodge #gifsarebad #hastahgsarebetter
  3. GG wp I would have posted a gif, but > those.
  4. Me vs enchanteur in 10 mins.
  5. Problem isn tbeing confident on future decisions. Problem is that now he HAS to make the same decision everytime something like this happens, and that is clearly abusable.
  6. watchout coolio saying: All its confirmed is that you agreed on 4, but didnt specifiy whether it was pm or am, therefore, my decision stands
  7. Me vs enchanteur in around 4 hours
  8. 1) I stopped readin after: Week outcome doesnt change decisions. 2) Back in my day, people used to have Earthquakes and eat the L 3) Also back in my day, people used to play to win for honor instead of whatever ppl play for nowadays 4) After this decision, 100% ppl wont abuse this once again. 5) PSL XII when?
  9. Oh, thought it wasnt shown. It was a test to know what max size sigs could have.
  10. if fntcs doesnt show, plz plz call for activity win for the lolz.
  11. Why isnt Hydreigon S? Cofagrigus is B+ tops Conkeldurr is A, maybe remotely A+
  12. I must say that is a bold question.
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