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  1. This is just wrong at so many levels. Even if there is no scouting involved, the sole fact scouting in this game is the easiest thing ever creates an unhealthy cteaming mentality restriction upon players upon their teambuilding. On another note, please implement some sort of blind/shuffle bracket.
  2. pachima

    NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    mfw someone claims charizard is broken and then says rocks are everywhere.
  3. pachima

    Togekiss with Nastly Pot

    Excuse me?
  4. pachima


    ign: pachima Country: Portugal Tiers: All but doubles.
  5. pachima

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Hell no. NO NO NO and NO. I´d rather see mamoswine than metagross any single day. Also, no. And SRIF ofc!
  6. pachima

    easy pokedex access in battle

    Not having 3 extra seconds of OU is a bless tho
  7. pachima

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Needs more mach punch hitmontop/hitmonchan
  8. pachima


    wdym more? It was fair, it has been fair and they are making it fair, that´s all.
  9. pachima

    Saw someone try to fool people.

    mfw you can watch the ivs without clicking on the Pokemon. My whole life has been a lie.
  10. pachima

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    xmas 2018 with xmas presents 2017 rewards hype.
  11. 120 BP wouldn´t fix current OU issues, but I see no harm in making Outrage the power it supposedly should have. People in the past said 120 BP would be too broken in our meta, but I, like you did, don´t quite follow that logic. On the other hand, 90 BP outrage is worthless lol.
  12. pachima

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Thats just because Shiny rate Is Fair.
  13. pachima

    Let's do something fun.

    Nice games. Kinda wanted that burn not to happen so the game would be decided on 3x 50/50 hype rolls but was fun.
  14. pachima

    Let's do something fun.

    Im up for some NU. Clauses: Not really thinking of one right now, but I´m up for whatever you might come up with.
  15. pachima

    Christmas Tag-Team Tourney

    Prices> Prizes
  16. pachima

    PokeMMO NU League - Discussion thread

    Why doesnt staff help us with this?
  17. Can we have a limit to the number of Pokemons a challenger can use through the whole thing? Sine gyms are limited to monotypes, I assume it becomes too easy with a specific cteam for each one. I also assume it doesnt really cripple the newer players cuz they most likely don´t have that wide pool of mons to choose from at the first place. Lastly, I will sign up soon.
  18. Transformers, Assemble! Manager: @pachima Captain: Players. Relevant links: soon Team sig:
  19. Been wanting to update OP for a while but damn forums dont let me smh. Thanks everyone for achieving what you did today. Champions + undefeated!!!!! TRANSFORMERS#1

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