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  1. This is just wrong at so many levels. Even if there is no scouting involved, the sole fact scouting in this game is the easiest thing ever creates an unhealthy cteaming mentality restriction upon players upon their teambuilding. On another note, please implement some sort of blind/shuffle bracket.
  2. pachima

    NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    mfw someone claims charizard is broken and then says rocks are everywhere.
  3. pachima

    Togekiss with Nastly Pot

    Excuse me?
  4. pachima


    ign: pachima Country: Portugal Tiers: All but doubles.
  5. pachima

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Hell no. NO NO NO and NO. I´d rather see mamoswine than metagross any single day. Also, no. And SRIF ofc!
  6. pachima

    easy pokedex access in battle

    Not having 3 extra seconds of OU is a bless tho
  7. pachima

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Needs more mach punch hitmontop/hitmonchan
  8. pachima


    wdym more? It was fair, it has been fair and they are making it fair, that´s all.
  9. pachima

    Saw someone try to fool people.

    mfw you can watch the ivs without clicking on the Pokemon. My whole life has been a lie.
  10. pachima

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    xmas 2018 with xmas presents 2017 rewards hype.

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