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  1. Hydro Pump aggron. Gamefreak really knows what they are doing.
  2. Hello all and welcome to Week 5, the week before midseason mistakes (HYPE!) #MidseasonHype - #NoSalaryForFrags - #NoRematch - #NoSalaryForUmbralo. - #HydraStillOU - #Batties - #BadPunsForever - #CursedMkns - #BlazikenedVillains - #NoWaterlooYet - #SalaryChanges - #LateWeekThread - #Lazychima - #MienfooStillLC - #1hitpointShedinjas - #Scarfed Rotoms If you have any further questions ask your manager or check: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jrFThqqVDoe_QRs3vzPJxfFzNg4n7EwlV1fVEk0Kkis/edit. Regular Season Round Robin: https://challonge.com/pt/psl13 League Statistics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oRYdu7wUT5G1aK7yblDmHbSuq5MBxdycs5BSG-TC2oI/edit#gid=0 The Trashtalking Taillows (0)vs (1) Nincadas with Attitude OU1: Endiii vs Chuckunso OU2: Pablobacas vs DylanWoodz UU: xMikasaAckerman vs Umbramol NU: iMat vs Zymogen Dubs: iJulianFNT vs DocPBC LC: Azphiel vs Elcoolio M-Dubs: JamesFaul vs GasaiYunosan M-Dubs: iKillua vs Aerun The Ruthless Rotoms (0) vs (0) Vermilion Villains OU1: AwaXGoku vs Kiwikidd OU2: Darker vs Zhiko UU: Stelian vs Busso NU: Kanicula vs Aurum Dubs: AkaruKokuyo vs Rendi LC: Xondex vs Baneadito M-NU: Mkns vs Mendez M-Dubs: InuyashaL vs Lkrenz Devil Bats (0) vs (0) Sailor Lunatones OU1: CristhianArce vs DoubleJ OU2: ZacMorales vs Senjutsuka UU: Urquidi vs Pirlo NU: JasonSparrowX vs SweeTforU Dubs: DarkQuiler vs aldahirramirez LC: KiiritoX vs Inxss M-UU: t-Moi vs Ninamik M-NU: Frags vs kaarnaa Just Blaziken It (0) vs (0) Empoleon Bonapartists OU1: Lunarck vs Getovaherez OU2: Haazuu vs MadaraSixSix UU: Mlhawk vs YeyoXD NU: Kriliin vs Cristi Dubs: Zigh vs Superman LC: TheDH vs WarwitoX M-NU: Tawla vs Mamawally M-OU: Zokuru vs Schuchty NOTE: Arena Trap is banned from LC. Matches can be played from Wednesday October 21st 00:01 GMT+1 until Tuesday October 27th 23h59 GMT +1 Note 2: Contract renewals can be done until the end of this week.
  3. Title: How conk invalidates pure offense. Posts (argumentating a ban): - Ban guts cause burns (that spammed status in HO). - Sheer force orb Conk does almost same damage as guts. - B-but guts leftovers is op vs cofagrigus (Another common used mon in HO). *flees*
  4. It's ok. I could also have explained it better, my bad.
  5. I don't think Quinn is understanding the meaning of coaching. Coaching is, by definition, and as pointed out, any call that helps the player's decision making, and believe it or not, itemrevealing, setrevealing or naturerevealing all fall within that category, and aren't allowed, no matter in where they are revealed. With this in mind, pming the extra info instead of posting it publicly is even worse, and if anyone decides to do so, they are putting themselves and the respective player at risk with appropriate punishments. Now, ofc, it is incredibly hard to confirm coaching, but please keep in mind that, if we happen to find out, it won't be pretty. To answer @redbluegreen, I believe there are some levels of info reveal. And although rules are indeed quite vague and those levels are subjective, we probably wouldnt punish any call in normal chat stating: "Grass Knot infernape ez haha" because thats common and, as you said, the player should play assuming those kind of common variables in mind. However, that was not what happened. Revealing with confidence a nature that is not the most common can affect the outcome of the match and is not to be "assumed" beforehand. Either way, won't get into this convo again because I'd just be repeating myself. Thank you all. *flees*
  6. not quite. Calling out a nature is sometimes equivalent to telling the guy what he should do with the added information. Thats the deffinition of coaching. I apologize if its not clear crystal in rules, but feels like common knowledge, ty.
  7. So, because transparency is key, let me share hosts approach regarding this incident: - Given the revealed information, Crist didnt have a 100% guaranteed win, if they misplayed. (Hidden information is irrelevant cause there is no way to confirm) - Enforcing a rematch goes against our rules, unless in the specified instances. - Giving the win to Cristhian sets a not so hard to abuse precedent for the future (Example: Assuming some noob gets a 100% win with grass knot infernape that is not revealed in end game. They dont have grass knot so they can DC, claiming the win - Granted its not common to happen, but it can and it can be abused) - Therefore, and no matter how shitty the decision might sound in this specific situation, we decided to give the wins to Nincadas. Thank you all.
  8. Devil Baties vs The Trashtalking Tiellows?
  9. I hereby sign that Bats will win this week. Furthermore, any behavior that goes against this outcome won't be tolerated and will be severely punished. Wish you all a good day.
  10. So, for starters: Cradily: - Nature: Careful/Sassy: -Item: Leftovers - Moveset: Choose what you like between: Giga drain, rock slide, earthquake, recover, stealth rocks, toxic, etc. Druddigon: - Nature: Impish (Could be adamant but you lacking a phyiscal wall) - Item: leftovers /Rocky helmet -Moveset: Choose what you like between: stealth rock, dragon tail, glare, toxic, eartquake, fire punch (Dtail + stealth rocks are essential tho) Empoleon: - Nature: (Modest/Timid/Or any mixed nature) - Item: Life Orb, Choice specs or expert belt (depending on set) - Moveset: Surf/Hydro Pump ; Ice beam; Grass knot; Earthquake / Aqua jet if mixed; Agility if you want a late game cleaner Arcanine: - Nature: Jolly - Item: Choice band probably the best one (Orb is good too) - Moveset: Exspeed; Flare blitz; Close Comat; Wild Charge Alakazam: Good question. Go try around I guess. Nature is timid tho. Heracross. Nature: Jolly /Adamant (If scarf) Item: Flame orb or choice scarf Moveset: SD(NON-scarf) ; Megahorn; Facade; Close Combat; Night slash ; Stone edge(For Scarf). Choose 4 of them depending what you prefer. Have fun.
  11. So, starting from right to left. First pokemon is Bewear, whose 1st letter is B, which is different than a J. Second mon is Mimikyu, whose 1st letter is a M and not an O. Third Pokemon is Pikachu, which leads with a P that differs of an H. Then we have Drifloon with a D that is clearly not a T. Finally, we have Litten. Its first letter is an L and not an O. Tldr; Johto incoming.
  12. I'll hire you for signing up puns next season.
  13. 1- That -2 special attack comes at the cost of a dead mon. 2- Also, any attempt to nasty plot or swords dance against - 2 hydra results on a super crippled mon nevertheless. 3- Finally, the few mons that can take a draco meteor just die for superpower. Edit: To further explain my point. Dragonite is able to accomplish that focus energy draco meteor + superpower set. Does this mean Dragonite is broken? Does focus energy make dragonite broken? The answer is no. Dragonite with that same set you claim to be problematic on hydreigon is fine, which means the issue isnt the set or focus energy but Hydreigon as a whole.
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