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  1. until cloyster ice shards and rekts whimsicott.
  2. Neither it does in the original games.
  3. Increases dmg if enemy is of same gender AND decreases dmg if enemy is of opposite gender.
  4. It seems I was summoned, so I will answer the universal truth. Shiry Rate Is Fair!!!!
  5. pachima

    Player Titles

    Idk, I feel you are forgetting something fundamental.
  6. pachima

    Player Titles

    Unfortunately, human language is not able to create enough titles that Daryl deserves, and therefore it would eventually lead to unfair results, which we certainly do not want.
  7. Here I was thinking if I should bench you again.
  8. Now it feels clear to me why Neanderthals had a bigger cranial capacity than we do.
  9. Out of those, only dragonite is a counter, and even then not all dragonites so I really don´t understand what these mons are about.
  10. Just want to add that if donator status become untradable, tours(aka rp rewards) will therefore have some worth rewards for those that actually win in, which is not the case rn.
  11. I dont think you are following. Gengar subs can be played around with skill. Togekiss Subs cant unless you use magnezone/jolteon which are trapped by dugtrio or you risk the 60% flinch everytime. Togekiss isnt broken in the op sense of the word, but it removes a lot of a players´s control of the match over rng and thats uncompetitive. I hope I made myself clear.
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