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  1. I might be wrong and we are willing to change the decision if enough proof is given to us. However, please don't forget that in PSL X (I think), we had doubles as manager choice, which led to every single one picking doubles not because they were good with it, but because the opposing side was awful in it. As a result, in that season we had a lot of awful double matches that I would not want to witness again(I experienced this first handed cause I was a manager then), not because I do not like doubles, but because PSL is supposed to be a competitive event. Same logic, of course, applies to showdown tiers. That was the reasoning behind the decision. Feel free to prove us otherwise, that's what this thread is for. PS: I might try to dig older comments of that PSL about the issue in case. Edit: To make it more clear, the issue is the amount of good players that play the format, not how many do. It is not straightly linear and other reasons may be behind more people playing doubles such as you not needing specific unevolved forms to actually enter tours, etc. Give us at least 16 consistent double players and we'll check if that is verified. If we indeed have a large enough playerpool to play this format, then I don't see the issue of giving doubles to a manager choice, otherwise it stays as it is.
  2. Yes, it will take a minimum of 2-3 months before we even start this. As ThinkNice(r) said, we can only start preparing rules and general thread only after we get a final decision of what structures we will follow. But since the salary system is a completely new idea, we believe it's better to give players time to understand it, and to ask questions, if needed.
  3. Yes there is, but unfortunately it caps at 3 questions :(
  4. PSL Community Input/Discussion (Where you can vote for next PSL format) ... Hello everyone, as some of you may know already, this time this PSL season is hosted by two players: ThinkNice, and pachima. This thread allows community to get their input on the layout of this PSL, by discussing the present ideas, and their execution. @pachima pachima here. I have played PSL since season 5, mostly as a player, and more recently as a manager. Having experienced both sides of the best unofficial community event, I decided it was time to host, working with ThinkNice. @ThinkNicer: Hey I’m ThinkNice(r). I felt like hosting another PSL, after a long hiatus. I am the original founder, and have hosted PSL I, II and III. This time I am working with Pachi to make the next season an excellent one. We decided that it was important to let the community give their input in the new project, and therefore we offer you a couple of ideas to choose from. Poll: Link for poll: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSet1FFDoIdU143f4b6qKHbBS7JgP07cltAOvVzaC1QJ00hUSA/viewform Now let us explain all those new changes we are offering to you. As an option, there is still the normal reward system, where the first three teams get the bulk of the prizes, as well as individual rewards in several categories. However, we came up with a new one that we are eager to share with you. In this new system, credits become salaries which are then used to “pay” players at the end of the season. Salaries therefore use Pokemmo currency that are taken out from the donation pool, which may reduce the prizes given to the first three teams, but offer a much more engaging season (Who doesnt want to get paid?). But how, you ask? Let us give you an example*: A manager gets ThinkTwice for 600k pokeyen (or the converted number into credits). That’s his salary, that’s how much ThinkTwice will receive at the end of the season, regardless of team placement. Note that only players who have won at least one game are paid their salary. (Unpaid salaries revert back to the rest of the donation pool) But that’s not all folks. With the salary system comes the need for a mid-season. That’s where stuff gets interesting. First, all managers receive an equal amount of extra credits to spend during this week window. Furthermore the managers can now: Sell players, renew their contract and go Buyout. Let’s go over them one by one. Renewing a contract: managers may offer their players an increased salary (Until week5’s deadline), in which the player can either accept or refuse. If they accept, their salary matches the new amount, and that player is no longer available for further transactions with other managers. If they refuse, their salary isn’t increased, but other managers can attempt to buy them out. Selling players: Managers may put players on the market, for a salary that can be adjusted, and other managers can then buy this player for the new salary value. In any case, the player will receive, at the end of the season, the value corresponding to the updated salary. (Common possible question: Why would managers want to sell the player for a lower salary? A: Because it increases the probability of having other managers buy that player, if you are unsure if the original price fits that player. Also you can only lower the salary of a player you put on market, so managers cannot purposely lower their manager salaries and have more resources) Buyout: grants a manager the ability to buy a player that is in another team and that is both not listed on the market and has not renewed their contract. The minimum bid is 130% of their initial salary. The player’s manager can then either accept the trade, receiving the credits while losing the player, or they can outbid that value, to keep the player, while losing the extra credits used. The player now earns the updated salary. (Which means that players who over perform have an higher chance of seeing their salary increased) Note that any manager can only attempt a buyout 5 times, and only once per player. An example of buyout: Manager A (has 400.000 credits), Manager B (has 1.000.000 credits). Manager A has player A with a salary of 600k. If manager B attempts to buyout this player, he must offer at least 30% of this value (at least 780k - rounded down to 750k). Manager A can then outbid this value if they want to keep the player, or they accept the credits in exchange for their player. Finally, let’s talk about the auction style. As posted in the poll, we selected three layouts: 1 - Standard snake format in a fast auction, that needs no further explanation. 2 - Fast auction in a normal turn format. Here managers can bid on three different players per turn, only getting them after it's their turn again and no one has outbid them. Example (with 3 managers): Manager 1: 200k on ThinkTwice, 400k on Pochi and 50k on DJ Manager 2: 500k on Pochi, 400k on Cash, 400k on Monie Manager 3: 300k on ThinkTwice, 500k on Monie, 200k on BadPlayer Now it’s manager first turn again, no one outbid him on DJ, so he gets DJ for 50k. Poor soul. Note: As comparison to other PSL credits system, 5m yen = 100 credits (Or, 1 credit = 50k yen) - This value may be lower depending on donation pool. Minimum outbid is 50k 3 - Third, a slow auction similar to seasons I and II. In here managers can bid on how many players they want and as many times as they want. Bid timers are 16 hours, meaning that if in 16 hours a player isn’t outbid, they go to the team that bid the highest. The advantage is that it enables a lot of strategic decision making and provides a lot of excitement for the week. Players can check in real time the names of the players, their current bid, and the corresponding manager in an excel sheet that is constantly updated by the managers themselves and the hosts. PSL Credit: the currency used to bid on players which also reflects player wage. Managers: 6mil PSL Credit, (5m+ 1m at midseason) x 8 managers = 48m) Competition end:(Teams) 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th: player bonus 0 / managers 0 4th: player bonus 250k / manager 500k 3rd: player bonus 500k / manager 1m 2nd: player bonus 750k / manager 1.5m 1st: player bonus 1m / manager 3m Based on 10 player per team total: Minimum donation required: 79m Values will vary according to the donation pool. If less than 79m is gathered, the lower will be the salary system. If more than 79m are gathered, any extra will be converted to the first 3 teams. Also, unpaid salaries will be also converted to this "extra". Which structure do you prefer and why? Feel free to discuss! And get hype. General thread with a more detailed view of this, and rules to be posted at a later date.
  5. Correct. On another note, I still respect you enough to start providing objectively claims towards why garchomp isn't broken, like Blue did.
  6. Thanks for the good objective post. Let me just add what I think to be more accurate. Either way, this is a good starting point to correctly discuss this mon. Thank you.
  7. 1 - Is this hackmons? Cause I'm pretty sure 252 hp 252 spdef 252 speed 252 atk conkeldurr is only allowed there. (Not even then we can get 2 different natures at once) 2 - How does conk beat hippowdon and yet garchomp is countered by p2????? 3 - What the fuck did I just read? 4 - Why we comparing infernape SD to garchomp SD? 5 - Why we comparing 102 base speed mon to 45 base speed mon? 6 - What the fuck did I just read? 7 - Why conkeldurr having a 0,4% to 2hko hippowdon makes conk able to beat it, but a scarf mence with 25% chance to ohko garchomp is an issue for chomp? (A SCARF MENCE!) 8 - I don't fucking care if conk is more annoying for you than chomp is @NikhilR. This game is about matchup and different people have different styles, leading to different issues. By the same logic, I can state I and other ppl have no issues against screens and therefore screens aren't banworthy. For god sake stop the bias, and start thinking ojectively. 9 - Obligatory what the fuck did I just read? EDIT: and before some guy claims that you don't know what set conk is running, difference is that Garchomp only needs 1 and only 1 set/spread to accomplish everything conk can with 563. That's the big difference.
  8. I was so waiting for you to say that, however, the only relevant stat Hariyama lacks comparing to machamp is those 10 attack which isn't that relevant unless on specific scenarios. The 5 base speed difference is irrelevant too since your set was 252 hp, and lastly, 128 defenses hariyama is actually bulkier than 252 hp machamp on both sides of the spectrum.
  9. I don't understand. Why is this machamp so op but hariyama isn't even used?
  10. What I gathered: 1 - Some random claimed Gyarados was able to sweep easier than Garchomp. Was that a joke too? 2 - Burn stops Garchomp (CLAP CLAP). Sadly No burning pokemons have reliable recovery and are therefore way too susceptible to be badly hurt in the process of switching in. (Oh, and chomp can sub too, but that's ok, our recover infiltrator wow mon in MMO deals with that easily) 3 - Imagine thinking cofa is used for solely conk, and forgetting its the best thing against mienshao (For conk? Meh). So this means that you lose one mon before you are able to revenge kill Garchomp, right? And before you claim that you can outplay, let's not forget the opponent "shouldn't" be Misty from Vermilion. 4- @gbwead don't even try to argue. This guy will simply refuse to read other ppl's opinions, and laugh himself off, albeit not sure what he is laughing at. Extra points for fun: You know what that useless ass mon named Umbreon that is used just for Garchomp can do? Let me explain, it can counter Gyarados even under rocks in their side, imagine countering a mon that sweeps easier than Garchomp. Extra points x2: But hey, not all is bad. You get a point. Garchomp, can't, in fact, set up for free, or switch for free, everytime it wants so, and this is probably why I' on the fence on this thing. However, you are also assuming Garchomp is chipped, and if I'm not mistaken, unless you happen to possess the correct wall in your team 100% of the time, the only way you can chip garchomp is by having a faster u-turn on the field BEFORE Garchomp switches in, anything else and this little draco is able to get a kill somewhere. TLDR; I don't mind you sharing your opinions, I'd actually like to see them, but you don't simply claim to play this, outright state Garchomp isn't sweeping easier than Gyarados (Albeit you are right with reuni, maybe), posting a completely random team (as well as VARIOUS forms of hazard stack) that aren't able to pressure rotom-w in any form, that doesn't have a volt blocker in any form, and that are all 1v1 by Garchomp (in any form). Tip: If you want to be successful here, focus in the part that I said you have a point (Garchomp can't do anything for free). But do not try to forget that Garchomp's user has a brain too, and is not forced to SD just because. You could also ignore me, like you always do, but that's up to you.
  11. Not saying you said, but none of the pokes you mentioned, apart of maybe p2 can effectively wall garchomp. Edit: As an extra note, against offense, chomp doesn't need SD at all, it simply outright whatever is before it. Again, I'm not saying it is or not banworthy, but I'd like to be serious about what people can or can't do against this thing
  12. I don't mean to spice things, and I won't go as far as claiming chomp is banworthy, but claiming there are counters for that thing, let alone "plenty" is just plain absurd lol.
  13. dirt is ground, granting chomp a stab on it. Too broken, ban!
  14. BRO THIS IS IT. This is pachi's event. Sethsen, you are now the best mod MMO has ever known. if I win, I'd be happiest player in this game.
  15. For real? Whether screen teams with electrode is banworthy For fun? That rotom-mow isnt a reliable azumarill counter because leaf storm fails.
  16. And zangoose, weavile, kabutops, flygon, another scrafty, and probs more from NU.
  17. And why would I build 3 teams for someone else other than me, who to top it off, disbelieves of my ideas? And why in hell you can't build your own teams? I don't care if you say I'm full of shit. I won't do the whole effort of building you 3 teams just because you don't want to have effort at all.
  18. Why does a team have to only possess 6 mons ?
  19. what I gathered from all of this is that Nik has a hard time understanding "or" conditions. My last post, I swear.
  20. 1) People slept on wobbuffet for months (WAS NU), and I mean for months, before people with a brain decided to use it in (OU, note OU), to a point where it got banned. Ludicolo was the same. If you take your research, you will realize stuff like this keeps happening, so usage in this game, imo, means jack. THE VERY SET UP TEAM ITSELF, linoone and trode were NU for like a year(actually maybe more), and yet nothing relevant changed, except the part that metagross is actually good against them and was dropped. Want me to keep going? TLDR; Usage = meaningless. 2) I meant a OR condition, not and. Obvsly whimsi either psy or has switcheroo with macho. My bad if I sounded wrong. 4) After 1), if you still insist that usage in this game means anything, then our conversation ends here. We aren't talking about 1 month or two, we are talking about a year (for the set up team), and almost half a year (for the wobbuffet). Let me add on examples. Lanturn was NU for so long before got in UU. Nothing relevant changed again, and this was way before rotoms dreamt of appearing in MMO. Now, and even before rotoms appeared in MMO, ppl spamed it. Why? I ask, cuz they saw others doing the same. It was NU for a long time as well. I will also let you take ur research on druddigon, and see the curve it had with time, to take ur own conclusions. Gigalith and gligar took a lot to drop to NU. Gligar does the same job, but people simply stopped using it. Nothing changed, yet gligar was top UU used mon for ages. Gigalith raised cuz of p-z, and yet stayed in UU for so long, gradually dropping the less people used it. MMO has a terrible delay when stabilizing tiers. I gave you plenty of examples that prove my point. If you are to disprove them all at once with logical arguments, I will shut up. Finally, baton pass ban has literally nothing to do with pvp. it was banned cuz of E4.
  21. 1- Hitmonlee has 110 base spdef. A good speedtier, and good matchup vs most mons used in that team. (Also speaking of no defensive utility, I fail to see a good defensive core in the "broken team. Abuse that" 2- Whimsi has psychic. It can switcheroo some macho brace. it can tailwind for a sweeper to come in and be faster than veno. Come on. (Oh, it can also screens, what about that?) 3- Ok 4- Those are how predictions usually work 5- Kangaskhan? Ambipom? 6- Mental herb is a thing. If not mental then it has a sash on its belt which gives it enough time to severely cripple any sweeper that might come in. But then I agree with this point. One last note: Set up team is forced to set up to win. There is no plan B, no plan C, no safe option. They are forced to set up to win. Even if you can do it once, you are deying a lot of what that team provides. You can argue that its "skilless team, and that is not fully competitive, and I might agree with that. But a broken team shouldn't, imo, possess this many flaws, to be considered broken. If people are using teams that are swept by it, it's their problem. EDIT: to add on this, none of the above were what I originally considered "set up team counters. I legit took 30 minutes to do research and find further options than the ones I currently have under my belt (And there are quite a lot, and more effective than these), and that for obvious reasons, wont be here revealing them. I'm pretty sure there will be more exploits if people actually start finding for them, instead of waiting a team to fall from the heavens.
  22. Are you saying your opponent not only lets Electrode sets BOTH screens for free the first time, but they also let you repeat the process if at the first time it doesn't work? Last time I checked electrode has 0 recovery in that set. Last time I checked u need 3 turns to set up your game, in where I assume the opponent isn't afking and staring at nurse joy. But you expect a good opponent to give you those free turns for free not only once but repeated times? I don't know what people are doing, but I'm starting to miss the old days where durant hone claws a espeon that is in recharging turn via hyper beam, to be outsped the next turn and die.
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