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  1. Petition to make chat not automatically turn specific words into "uguu"
  2. I thought this would be a poem, or a song. Now im disappointed.
  3. Beat them before they even have a chance to timestall you, ez pz. Munya, you can now close this topic ty.
  4. Should I remind you that your win literally gave us the title "undefeated" ? Quality >Quantity hehe.
  5. It isnt like that if player pool is small. And no, we don t have many good players wandering around in the game.
  6. Ofc some changes could be made to this. What I thought would be just a basis.
  7. He said accomplishments tho. Btw, mine was the usual 1k rapidashes kill.
  8. Gotta please everyone r-right? Edit: I think I prefer the other way around, just noticed. Cause I think snake is just less fair in the first rounds, then is ok
  9. So, one thing that everyone has already noticed for too long already is that tournaments are more of a scoutfest and counter teams than anything else really. This creates an unhealthy mentality upon teambuilding for a round, which right now has more impact than the actual skill of both players (Unless skill gap is too big). Several suggestions have been made such as blind brackets or shuffle brackets, that remove part of that unhealthy mentality and a lot of counterteaming. However, for some reason, and I am not here discussing why and how, they don´t, or they can´t implement such features. What I suggest here is something a bit different with the same purpose. - Make everyone create their teams for every round before the tournament actually starts. (Meaning you´d have some boxparty like in handhelds for round1, round2, etc etc.) Pros: - Reduces a lot counterteaming, since teams are fixed beforehand, thus reducing this unhealthy mentality/pressure players have upon teambuilding. - Lowers the advantage one player possess over another if the first has a much bigger comp pool to choose from (Note that the first player still has advantage over the second since he has more comps, and therefore more varied teams to use) - People would more actively spectate matches just for the fun of it instead of scouting alone. - Players would have to actually insert some thoughts on their teams in order to make them competitively viable all around in the tier, instead of making changes that aren´t good at all overall, but are good specifically for a specific teams they have seen in earlier rounds. - Last point also means spectators will have better matches to watch, because right now, some of those are decided before the game actually begins. (I and several other people have stopped spectating some of matches, cause there is literally no hype around it. TLDR; better teams built all around = more close matches = more hype) -Finally, you dont need to have tons of comps for this because you can just insert the same team in all rounds if you so wish, since they cant be counterteamed either way. (Note that scouting is still a thing, and therefore sets would be known) Cons: - Not sure, since it was a thing in handhelds, although a bit different, notably in black and white, but it might be not so easy to code. - Takes some time to insert all those teams. However, as I said before, you can simply use the same team for all rounds, which take much less than the 15 minutes one has. (Also, we know of tours several days before they start so one has a lot of time to prepare them beforehand) - ... (Nothing that I can think of right now besides people simply not wanting it just for the sake of it) Please discuss.
  10. or maybe he just wanted to be placed high enough for a reward.
  11. Also, when I was manager last season, one of the most recordable moments in the whole thing were those few hours drafting players. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way.
  12. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  13. Petition to rename this thread as: "Fairness rate thread" instead.,
  14. They wont cuz it would be too awesome if they did.
  15. Hydreigon not S, hehe ever how is lo.
  16. Shiny Rate Is Fair. I am without shiny for 10 months straight, so I wish you luck
  17. He meant fair instead of fun.
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