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  1. pachima

    WHAT about… 4th gen

    I hope for this as well. Gen 4 brought a lot of offensive items which would allow to break the omnipresent stall teams in this game.
  2. pachima

    Bug catch contest

    Hi, in Hearthgold//Soul Silver there is a bug contest where you go on a zone which there are only bug wild pokemons. It could be fun if we had access to one. To make it more appealing you could make so the pokemon obtained have at least 1x31. This could be made once per day, somewhere suitable for this, and, like in the handheld, you get to keep only one of the pokemons caught. What do you think?
  3. pachima

    Bug catch contest

    We could make it in kanto. We just need a couple of grasses extra somewhere where the contest takes part. And a new npc. OR We could use the second isle link stuff to do this.
  4. pachima

    Last players whispered

    Hello, I´m here to bring this with an idea. Is it possible to create an option in the whispers or community menu, to show the last players you whispered to? When the server crashed, or whatever happened, I was talking to someone, which I can´t recall the name. This would be great for situations like that.   Also if you logout or dc´s, this would be a cool tool. Thanks.
  5. pachima

    Last players whispered

    If not, then my point stands. This can be useful.
  6. pachima

    Last players whispered

    Can you do it even after a disconnect?
  7. Hi guys, I came up with one idea that probably had been mentioned somewhere. The idea is to have a specific npc, which comes up with a quest each day. The quest could be something of your liking, but it could be something like this:   npc asks for a jolly ponyta, within that day, you can show him the desired pokemon, then, the npcs sums the total iv of the pokemon and gives you a small reward based on that value. Cash is the easiest rewards cause it can be scaled easily by ranges of 10 ivs for example.   What do you think?   PS: The shown pokemon should be a wild catch, to avoid breeds. Also I would like you to bring up more ideas for quests like this.
  8. pachima

    [PokeMMO Guide] Hosting A Tournament

    Damn, I wanted to host in the room before the champion. 
  9. pachima

    Wild pokemon´s moves

    In gen6, some wild pokemons have special moves like egg moves or tutor moves. It would be cool if it was implemented a tiny chance of random wild pokemons here possessing such moves. You won´t know if the pokemon has one or not, unless you catch it or they use it in the battle.   Pros: Fun way to get tutor moves without using shards/items... (and since the chance should be small, this won´t affect their economy)          Make use of some crappy iv´d pokemon.     Cons: Some coding, I guess.   Tell me what you think.
  10. pachima

    Bid option on GTL.

    This could be great. Especially with dittos with high ivs which you are not sure about the price, this is really helpful. 
  11. pachima

    Pokedex options

    As requested, I´m starting this thread about pokedex rate encounters. My idea is to implement an option in the pokedex, which allowed us to order the encounter rate of a specific pokemon by its rarity  or even order it by level. The order would be made by internal percentages only known by the game. There are several places where a pokemon is common, but with a much better probability in one than another. This could fix the problem without giving us exact values.  Feel free to discuss.
  12. pachima

    Pokedex options

    Pretty much this.   And if many players in one place is a problem, you can sort it by ranges of 5/10%. For instance, a common with 35% would be sorted as equal to one of 30%, but separated of one of 25%. I´m sure there are a lot of places with similar rarities, meaning a lot of players would get to choose different places. I don´t know if I made myself clear, please reply.
  13. pachima

    Make Battle Points trade-able

    And once npcs get rng luck on their side, making you lose the win streak, you lose the will to keep on.
  14. pachima

    GTL non-fixed fee

    Hello, I know there are already a lot of topics about this, but I had an idea.   GTL is currently a great feature for medium price pokemons, however, when the prices rise a lot (shinies mostly) the fee becomes too high to be worth. To fix this, you could implement a non-fixed fee, where the higher the price of the pokemon, less the fee.   Example:   Pokemon x: 500k selling price (5% fee) Shiny pokemon y: 8m selling price (3%fee)   The amount of the scale is up to you, but this seems a good idea to me.  
  15. pachima

    Pokedex Locations - More specific encounter rates

    What if instead having the percentages visible, we get an option to order the encounter rate by the most common to the most rare ( or vice-versa), using the percentages known only by the game.
  16. pachima

    GTL non-fixed fee

    the 3% was an example. The values of course must be first discussed.
  17. pachima

    The Breeding Guide

    Luckily, egg moves in this game are much easier to pass than in the handhelds.
  18. pachima

    What is the deal with people and 31s

    Anyway, back to the topic. I was offering a 3x31 1x30 and 1x27 ( no atk) timid hidden power jolteon + some cash for a 5x31 bold blastoise, and the guy said his blastoise was much more worth cause my jolteon was a 3x31. Sadly, ppl only see 31s or nothing nowadays.
  19. pachima

    What is the deal with people and 31s

      Even though, I admit the difference is low, that´s a bad example. If ursaring has leftovers, the 28 sp atk has a more chance of 2hko. Also, 4hp ursaring is bad.

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