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    World Cup week #4

  2. pachima

    World Cup week #4

    Me vs Axellgor in 10
  3. pachima


    whats ur ign nvm, got it. Whisp me when u on
  4. pachima

    World Cup week #4

  5. No mixeds? Worthless shop.
  6. Transformers, Assemble! Manager: @pachima Captain: Players. Relevant links: soon Team sig:
  7. pachima

    Shiny Pokémon

    It has been answered already but since its a pretty important thing, let me say it again. SRIF.
  8. pachima

    About Harvesting Tool And Their Value

    In my humble opinion, I actually think we should get paid for buying harvesting tools. Afterall, we are making a service to the community by planting stuff which will provide us all with Oxygen.
  9. pachima

    World Cup week #3

    Close af. GG, thanks for being able to play.
  10. pachima

    Lunar Event Strategy

    Infernape can 1v2 arcanine vs Entei (Believe me, I and my partner did it twice) Also, 4th entei has sacred fire + Exspeed.
  11. pachima

    Bad calculations or what?

    This still doesn´t make sense. Why would charm grant bonus xp for one single golduck when it is fainting a horde of them? Note that the total sum of xp is indeed 3372 so, unless the message is misleading, if 3064 is the base xp for all golducks, 25% of that is what OP said, not 154.
  12. pachima

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Thats not how fair works I am afraid to say.
  13. pachima

    World Cup week #2

  14. pachima

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    idk. Gyro ball + trick room + heal block Bronzong while holding macho brace can deffinitely scare togekiss away.
  15. pachima

    World Cup week #2

    Me vs GiantPipe in around 30 mins.
  16. pachima

    World Cup week #2

    am I nobody now? I see how it is.
  17. pachima

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    I apologize but 252 hp 252 speed togekiss 2hkoes and outspeeds tyranitar, therefore ttar is not, by deffinition, a counter. Same can be said for Darmanitan, since darmanitan doesnt ohko 252 hp variants, which are actually common. Chansey/Blissey are indeed set up bait for heal bell togekisses, unless some weird set like light screen, which even then would rely on flinching. Now, its true those can counter SOME of togekiss´s sets, but countering isnt what that means. Countering means able to switch in against a foe and win 100% of the time(Not counting hax), assuming foe has some common set. Just to clarify :)
  18. pachima

    What is a true Pokémon Master?

    I embarris.
  19. pachima

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    dead with aura sphere.
  20. pachima

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    Good. Remove air slash from Togekiss then :)
  21. pachima

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    I pretty much agree with Forfiter. While Togekiss has countless flaws (Rocks, average speed, electric types in general, 4mss, etc. etc. ) it isn´t at all farfetched that, for one, teambuilding is severely pressured by this little bird in the tier (I myself have used jolt + magne solely for this thing) but also to say that once those pseudosemicounters are gone, a game with togekiss is left alone in the hands of SRIF . My bad, in the hands of RNG, and that is something I don´t like to see. I have seen a lot of games where opponent literally spams air slashes hoping to rng the hell out of the opponent and that is a mentality we should try to avoid, and togekiss makes it too easy. On the other hand, it might be the reason why stall isnt so commonly used, but I can´t guarantee this one, so I believe a test would confirm this and some other stuff around Togekiss.
  22. pachima

    World Cup Week #1


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