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  1. I know there are 560 possible to be caught pokemon (Including Mewtwo and Rayquaza). I am missing only alomomola, so i can help you with that if you want . @MaatthewMLG
  2. Some LC mons can be used in NU, so the fix for this shouldnt be that linear.
  3. You from all the people would know lanturn > Rotom-W cuz scald.
  4. Id be really lucky to have a skill which allowed me to ignore these posts.
  5. Imo, adamant seems better if you are using mach punch. But as Orange stated, you gotta first check the tier and ask yourself some stuff. On top of my mind: - Do I want to outspeed non speedy nature breloom? Or Dragonite? Or metagross? These 3 are probs the most important to consider. Other stuff in the speed range can be hurt by mach punch or is inaccessible no matter the nature (There is modest kingdra too but more often than not those will be under rain so I didnt list it there) Edit: For the second question, Im afraid I cant help much with haxorus, even tho I think jolly is preferred. For Hydreigon, I have used pretty much all possible variants and for an offensive one, you need to first know if you want hydra to wallbreak or to sweep. Both modest and timid are viable, but have different jobs.
  6. pachima

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    braviary says hi
  7. Very well now that PSL is officially over, I would like to: 1) Congratulate every other team for making this event a really hyped one till the end (especially the end) 2) Thank every kecleon for all their effort 3) Thank everyone outside kecleons who helped and supported us. 4) Thank coolio (althought by not so much cause bad host (Who was a good host tbh?)), but who despite everything, sacced himself as an host. 5) Thank LYLE for obvious reasons 6) Blame myself for being bad 7) Thank bilburt for his moneys I think that´s it. NVM edit: 8) Thank Munya for being an amazing cheerleader 9) Brag about my amazing PSL names
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