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  1. Looking for sheer force
  2. pachima

    WorldCupMMO Week #5

    Does it matter? Our lord and Savior coacher coaches both equally.
  3. pachima

    World Cup week #4

    Me vs Axellgor in 10
  4. pachima


    whats ur ign nvm, got it. Whisp me when u on
  5. pachima

    World Cup week #4

  6. No mixeds? Worthless shop.
  7. pachima

    Shiny Pokémon

    It has been answered already but since its a pretty important thing, let me say it again. SRIF.
  8. pachima

    About Harvesting Tool And Their Value

    In my humble opinion, I actually think we should get paid for buying harvesting tools. Afterall, we are making a service to the community by planting stuff which will provide us all with Oxygen.
  9. pachima

    World Cup week #3

    Close af. GG, thanks for being able to play.
  10. pachima

    Lunar Event Strategy

    Infernape can 1v2 arcanine vs Entei (Believe me, I and my partner did it twice) Also, 4th entei has sacred fire + Exspeed.
  11. pachima

    Bad calculations or what?

    This still doesn´t make sense. Why would charm grant bonus xp for one single golduck when it is fainting a horde of them? Note that the total sum of xp is indeed 3372 so, unless the message is misleading, if 3064 is the base xp for all golducks, 25% of that is what OP said, not 154.
  12. pachima

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Thats not how fair works I am afraid to say.

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