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  1. You cannot have "fun" and "Evasion is allowed" in the same mode man.
  2. Ok boys (And ladies), allow me to input my personal view of Lucario. First of all, I too believe Lucario seems a bit too powerful for the tier. Its usage and Winrate has been superb until now and the calcs are super promising. Is it broken? At first glance so it seems. However, I am not here to vote under first glances neither to take rash assumptions based on whatever is claimed after 3-4 days of testing but instead I prefer doing my own testing as well as watching relevant matches. What did I find out? Lucario sadly isn't very consistent. Yes, it can sweep teams after set up and yes it is very hard to stop it once its set, however based on my experience as well as experience while watching tournaments, Lucario doesn't do it very consistently. Most of the time it either dies early or is saved for way too late, where it no longer does what it is supposed to do. In other words, most of the most common Pokemon don't give Lucario a proper free set up, unless under specific conditions like a locked Krookodile's crunch, which is actually the main gateway I see for an incoming Set up. Also, unfortunately Lucario without set up is pretty lacking and is pretty much a worse Heracross. Maybe I haven't played enough or spectated enough or maybe the battles I play or the ones I watch are unfortunate, but so far I haven't yet seen, in practice, Lucario being the monster people claim it to be. This of course doesn't mean I think Lucario is not broken. On the contrary, I still think it has the potential to be, but people are yet experimenting with nonoptimal sets, also other people are adapting against it with nonoptimal builds. However, from what I have experienced so far, it doesn't warrant for me, at least, a quick-ban. 2 more things I want to address, and this is as well my personal view of it: First if Lucario is able to maintain these numbers (Usage + winrate) for a week or two, I will vote to ban it, not because the Pokemon becomes Uber Offensive, but because those numbers alone are a really good indicator of a super centralizing Pokemon that just works too well. Second, in the eventual future where Porygon2 is banned, I believe it is worth to note that in such a meta Lucario will pretty much lose the most common gateway to set up, and thus it would be indirectly nerfed. Tldr; I think Lucario has the potential to be uber offensive. However, so far in practice, it is not warranting any quick-ban status and neither is it living to what people are claiming, so my decision is not yet decisive.
  3. Some people just want to watch the world burn. Others want to walk on it. - Heavy Duty Boots probably.
  4. First of all thank you for hosting this marvellous event. ign: pachima title: Icy Valley
  5. Can I get community to share their inputs (respectfully) about P2? I've been running ladder for the past few days, and across all tiers this Pokemon is probably the only one (Apart from Dugtrio) that may warrant a discussion. I don't want to elaborate much for now, but I'll just write a starting point: First it is a mon that is terribly hard to switch into with an offensive team thanks to its coverage options, an already solid special attack and access to download. Not only that but its gargantuan defenses allow it to pretty much switch against anything that doesn't pack a stabbed and powerful Fighting move. This by itself may not be considered banworthy but there is something I realized upon spectating plenty of late rounds tournaments in UU: A lot, and I mean a lot, of teams are actually awfully built and weak to a lot of common stuff, except P2 is there to fix all those flaws without any major drawback whatsoever and I don't believe that is a good thing. In sum, P2 is way way too good not to be used in bulkier teams, and even a really viable option to serve as a pivot in more offensive ones. Is it too good for UU? I am not so sure yet, although by experience I can state it is really really a pressuring point in any battle that shouldn't be considering its absurd bulk capabilities, as well as deciding games in its own commonly once the enemy runs out of their Fighting mons (Which isn't hard to do since the tier has plenty of options of those) or if they simply do not possess them. Feel free to add into this.
  6. ign: pachima preferred tiers: Whatever Competitive accolades: Irrelevant Fluff: Im bad Preferred/Least preferred managers: Idc
  7. Nah, anything is better than gen3 UU mmo.
  8. Imagine sharing 500 calcs of a Modest p2 with just 25% usage.
  9. Im losses. Good luck Peru and Chile for the rest of it.
  10. Pc is to be repaired so I have restricted time discussing this thing. (Sorry discord) Anyway, allow me to address the super average Pokemon that singlehandedly pushed most offensive stuff in NU down while pretty much shifting the whole tier to a more defensive and stagnant one, all by itself, or most of it anyway. As a comparison note, before dugtrio dropped, NU was known as a Yolo tier, where there were so many possible threatening matchups that lead to an incredible offensive tier. Now 7 out of the 10 most common pokes are defensive, and the few offensive that survived, or can survive, are either wallbreakers (because the meta shifted defensively) or Pokemon that simply care little about the trio of terror. Note I am not saying thatpre-dugtrio NU was a good tier, cause it was not, but goes to show just how relevant and ever-present in building this Pokemon is, screaming to me, at the very least, terribly centralizing. (For my beloved gbwead, Dugtrio should be problematic in every tier. But, as stated, since NU is generally much less bulky, as well as having less priority, simply makes Dugtrio slightly more problematic here than in the other tiers) Also thank you Madara for your input. Let me explain my point of view regarding it and why I believe it is not right. (No offense, I actually respect you being the only who dared to bring your opinions in the other side of the spectrum) Thank you all for my pep talk about Dugtrio. As I said before this mon is negatively restraining the tier, and usage of the most common Pokemon shows this very well. I'm not sure when I am able to discuss again, so I guess have fun.
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