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  1. You don't understand the key difference between hax items and everything else. Yes, you don't know if enemy Torkoal is specs, scarf, charcoal, leftovers, mail pr even adamantium orb. It doesn't matter. The player who is using the Torkoal knows what its Torkoal can do, and play skillfully with it, gaining advantage for its surprise factor over the enemy. If you slap a goddamn Quick Claw on Torkoal, not even the enemy, not Gods, and hell not even you can predict when the item is going to trigger, therefore there is no possible skill involved in a play around it, from neither of battlers. In othe
  2. Yes, this is the exact problem. MMO community has been fed up with countless answers for every single Pokemon to a point where they don't just want any Pokemon to have counters but also demand so. I know I shouldn't really compare MMO with showdown but this mentality in showdown would lead to 70% of bans in every tier. Walbreaks are designed to have little to no counters, period. No counters is no longer an argument for a ban, ever since ice age. The real problem arises when a no-counter Pokemon is also able to reach the field with relatively ease, as well as being able to pressure
  3. I have a better idea. Turn MMO into a gacha Pokemon game, where only 6* Characters Pokemon can achieve 6x31. Similarly, 5* Pokemon can only possess 5x31, and so on.
  4. Sorry I should have expressed myself better. Indeed chances are higher, but in practice considering p-z actually doesn't have many tri attack blasts in a single game, from what I've been seeing, odds are still low, and although they are more relevant than conk's, they feel to me still pretty unworthy of considering. In other words I don't believe a 20% of a random proc that may or may not actually matter is, to me, a viable argument towards a ban of a Pokemon. What makes this low procrate apparently terrifying is the fact tri attack is super spammable and hurts a lot, however, that's a problem
  5. This is absolutely misleading. First of all outspeeding 2/3 of the tier makes no sense cause you are mixing offensive with defensive pokemon alike. So that number is pretty irrelevant. Second of all, out of those 12 pokemon, only 5 are unable to ohko Porygon-z, 2 of them having a really high chance to do it after rock damage. (And I'm already removing stuff like band crobat out of equation cause its not simply used) This is honestly the same as saying cofagrigus fails to stop conkeldurr reliably cause ice punch can freeze. Now regarding metashift some people are cl
  6. Added rain core. Experienced players with this sort of teams please let me know (dc/message/whispers) if there is anything worth changing.
  7. Please rnggods I havent asked you anything, provide me this beauty.
  8. Let me share my personal input into this controversial topic. First, allow me to separate the mentioned abilities/items into two: 1- Sand Veil /Snow Cloak. 2- King's rock /Quick claw. 1) They require specific conditions in the field to trigger (aka weather). They are also shared information both players possess (since its an ability). Therefore, the miss rate provided by these abilities is not much different than, let's say, a miss from Hydro Pump. In which case, it's up to the players to play in the way they maximize their victory chance. In sum, and in my op
  9. Thats the thing, pz doesnt singlehandedly lays down stall. Yes, its strong vs it, but in practice, even against stall, p-z is only taking down 1-2 things maximum, before being worn up to death, assuming there is no gigalith.
  10. The Tier Council has re-evaluated the Borderline 1 Pokemon and have decided to drop Porygon-Z and test it in the Underused tier. This will be a suspect test which will occur over an undecided period of time. Through a prolonged discussion and majority vote, we have decided that Haxorus and Lucario will not be tested at this time. Porygon-Z is a natural stallbreaker, which means it specializes in breaking stall. As such, its counters are very limited, and in UU they usually only take the form of Bronzong and, although in a lesser scale, Porygon2, Snorlax and/or Dusclops. Note, howe
  11. 1- Access to close combat on a lot of mons, including Haxorus (Both helps hax and hinders pz) 2- Access to empoleon and metagross (hinders pz) 3- Loss of Mandibuzz, aka best haxorus counter. edit: UU also gained access to Rotom-Heat, which only boosts Haxorus even further.
  12. The fun begins when 0 hp invested Sitrus berry Azumarill survives Giga drain bold Venusaur AFTER BELLY DRUM!!! The fun continues when Itemless Azuma 2hkoes bold venu with Ice punch WITHOUT BOOSTS! The fun proceeds when Sceptile has a high chance of dying to +6 aqua jet after rocks. And the fun ends to Golbat for as long rocks are in. You can then focus on mantine speedy haze, which then loses to CB azuma, and to everything else it was supposed to counter before, cause its defenses become paperlike. Oh, did I mention screens are a thing?
  13. ApriI fools is coming soon. Coincidence?
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