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  1. pachima

    Currently bugged moves

    If only people started using defensive rapidashes instead of pleb leads, this wouldn´t be an issue.
  2. pachima

    Currently bugged moves

    Doesnt create, just gives the message
  3. pachima


    Just you watch they add quests like this: 1- Beat a Gym Leader; They won´t drop any money while this quest is active - Reward: 11050 Yen.
  4. pachima

    Hidden Abilities

    You can get zen mode normally on the darmanitans statues in the desert (At least in handhelds)
  5. pachima

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    252 SpA Choice Specs Typhlosion Focus Blast vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Eviolite Ponyta: 57-68 (36.3 - 43.3%) -- guaranteed 3HKO +2 252+ Atk Bisharp Iron Head vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Eviolite Ponyta: 78-92 (49.6 - 58.5%) -- 98.4% chance to 2HKO Even ponyta stops typhlosion and as well it stops bisharp (unless night slash variants) @gbwead
  6. pachima

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    That fucking moment when ppl are more concerned about typleb and plebsharp and forgot sniper kingdra xdd.
  7. pachima

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    So, getting a shiny is no longer considered an achievement anymore (Or shouldn´t be). Therefore, I suggest we bring this thread down. Thanks.
  8. pachima

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    I do. Because F.A.I.R stands for Fonts All Identical Rate
  9. pachima

    [Doubles]Wreck'n SMASH!(Friday,10th August)

    When are you guys finally creating a Doubles Official with shiny durant as a reward?
  10. pachima

    OU Viability Thread

    More fair than B. Still I understand 4mss is a slight problem and its not by any means super meta defining mon, but I just felt B was too little :)
  11. pachima

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Division Finals

    Pretty sure he is not a timezone.
  12. pachima

    OU Viability Thread

    I believe mienshao deserves a bit higher ranking. 105 base speed is awesome (4th fastest pokemon in the tier, and jolteon isnt that used) Also, 125 base attack coupled with life orb high jump kick is just destructive. (Not even Full defense hippowdon dares to switch into it if hazards are on field) Stone edge helps nailing Gengar, which is probably the best offensive switch in for this thing, and to finish it all, hp ice deals with the things HJK can´t (Gyara, salamence, gliscor, etc etc ) Regenerator makes up for the life orb recoil, however, its stellar point is the fact mienshao can u-turn, gain momentum for the team, and even cure itself (It isn´t hard at all to pressure a switch with such a powerhouse) It also resists stealth rock and with regenerator chances are you will mostly see mienshao above 80% health (Or dead). (Even the strongest priority moves need a boosting item to take it down at such health, of those, scizor is the one that deals most damage, however it still needs life orb/choice band. Dragonite must have choice band if it wants to kill, and everything else fails to kill Mienshao at such health with priority). Also, Mienshao has its own type of priority, albeit kinda weak, in the form of Fake out. Lastly, the issue Mienshao´s counters dread of (Ghost types, mostly gengar) is that u-turn Mienshao can easily bring a pursuiter to take them down. Certainly it has flaws, but B rank seems kinda low. Just my opinion. Oh, btw, Protect also works against it, but with Regenerator + u-turn, Mienshao has no issue regaining back the lost hp.
  13. Petition to change the title for: PSL X - the tenth edition - Complaints thread
  14. pachima

    Black Elite 4

    All I see is 0 love for unfezant. Bunch of nonbelievers.

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