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  1. I know I don´t play this game, so I can´t tell I have faced this exact strategy and it works. So @crbox either a) You are not holding a crit-boosting item, or b) Latest update messed it up.
  2. what do you mean? Forum´s discussion best discussions, period.
  3. 1) Although im not a fan of it, there isnt much rain in UUI and metagross is kinda slow, so I can accept that. 2) New mons dont make it easier to be revenge killed. Agility p-z is a thing. And no, all snorlax does is getting one shotted by some sets. Also no, I dont mean physical sets for the snorlax argument. Dont drop it please. 3) Haxorus 1v1 all ice shard users. And without band, ice shards doesn´t rly massively hurt this particular dragon. Im for a ban on this one. 4) Porygon-z has better wallbreaking power and same speed. Although farfetch´d p-z mixed power is probs as good as lucario, belive it or not. I think that explains it. (Only thing luca outstands against p-z is on the priority) EDIT: To further elaborate the p-z opinion (I can´t decide on lucario) : Pros: 1- Access to nasty plot literally makes it beat every single UU wall, besides Gigalith who is NU for now. 2- Access to agility allows it to outspeed the whole tier (even scarved), and has enough power to ohko most offensive mons. 3- 85-70-75 defenses is actually a respectable bulk, and p-z is able to set up on most walls and non super effective or super strong stabbed moves on offensive enemies. 4- P-z only possess one weakness, with no common priority users as of now. Also all fighting pokes in the tier are outsped by it, ignoring items. Cons: 1- 90 base speed isnt stellar, therefore it might need either tailwind support(meh) or agility to break through more offensive teams. 2- Nasty plot + Agility often lead to several 4mss, so you should only pick one of those.
  4. storyline maybe, but in pvp, not so much. Giving away, for example, a guts machamp for free just cuz storyline shouldn´t happen. ...
  5. As long as you and Sylveon are in Pokemmo world, I think it is fine.
  6. Apparently met at offline I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did while writing it. ign: pachima words: 1495 On another note, I deeply thank Teddi, and all the other judges for coming up with such a great writing contest idea in this period of confinement.
  7. ikr. Getting Bleach anime was a dream, but getting Burn The Witch manga + anime serialization also is so damn good.
  8. FUCKING HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Anime is returning boys. https://twitter.com/WSJ_manga/status/1240185003964694528
  9. Nope. Starmie has plenty of more useful coverage/useful moves to choose from.
  10. I am with Lotus. First month usages are far less relevant than subsequent months because tier has not adapted yet. What (most likely happened) was diglett was banned, people assumed clamperl wouldn´t be as good, they stopped using it, they realized they were wrong, they restarted using it again. What I am saying is that diglett, while it affects clamperl, has not that much impact with that mon, and therefore, we should stray away of that topic and focus on the real debate here which is Arena Trap instead of pushing the conversation towards a ban of a pokémon you may/may not like. My input on the OP is pretty simple. Trapping abilities (besides magnet pull, cause much narrower range) are uncompetitive in the sense it removes a lot of control the enemy has, if not all. Therefore, in my opinion, it should be banned. However, since the issue comes from the ability itself rather the mons that possess it ( further proved by the fact Diglett and trapinch are 2 completely different mons, except by typing) if you are to ban it, then you would have to ban it everywhere.
  11. and mantyke. And deep sea scale clamperl. Finally, although at lesser extent, eviolite munchlax. By the way, we are throwing away the "Counters are a meanginless argument" when it suits, is it? Not saying Clamperl isnt banworthy, but by these arguments, there are plenty of other stuff that are in the same boat, and aren´t discussed/banned and I want consistency.
  12. brokeness/uncompetitiveness shouldnt have anything to do with usage. In fact, while its true tickle Wobby is broken af, its usage in OU is super low. The mechanic itself is uncompetitive and should be banned, period.
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