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  1. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    1/30k years confirmed.
  2. [PSL9] Playoffs Round One

    As someone who lost his right to keep in this competition for this season, I wish you all good luck for the upcoming matches.
  3. nikeboy's alt

  4. Yes, I get it. But my point is: Since only 2 people are getting the rewards, are people willing to "waste" 125k of their cash for a chance of nothing? Id suggest a poll for the amount of the buy-in. Of course the lower the buy-in, the lower the prize, but pretty sure people will be happy to get 3-4m quick money for their 32 "fast" tournaments. And since im awful at explaining my ideas, here goes an example put to an extreme. Let´s assume you are playing the lottery. Would you rather spend 10 dollars on it for the chance of receiving 50 millions, or 5 dollars for the chance of receiving 25 millions? In my opinion, the final reward is still huge, so no reason for them not to play. The drop in the buy-in means some more people will be able or willing to sign up, cuz its a slightly less risky thing to do. Also, I see no reason to not change the buy-ins every once in a while. Maybe making different officials with different rewards?
  5. Idk, If they keep the 6x30/31 nonshiny stuff for 32 People, I might start joining these afterall. (Who even has time for 64+?) For the shiny prize, as k9 said, 32 ppl are prolly not worth a shiny (Maybe some, but not all) Maybe drop a bit the entry fee for those?
  6. [PSL9] Week Seven

    Me and Life in 10 mins.
  7. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    I cant believe I didn´t believe that devs really believed when they believed that shiny rate was 1/30k. I still don´t believe tho.
  8. [PSL9] Week Seven

    Thought ubers were banned.
  9. [PSL9] Week Seven

    burn chance man. Also bold magmortar ofc. Ofc he stays.
  10. Can a program solve pokemon

    This is exactly my thoughts. Despite I not knowing the true extent of their potential, I am pretty sure chess is a bad way to compare it from. Mostly because chess have fixed rules and plays while pokemon has not.
  11. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Well, not the really the primary reason, but after using it, I found out it could be used to counter those.
  12. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Impish breloom.
  13. [PSL9] Week Six

    > signing up for psl and not playing.
  14. OU Team Recommendations

    Very well, you are right, that fighting weakness is nasty. Now the choice for the other 2 depends what style you prefer (Hyper offense, balanced, stall...) Offensive wise gengar can be used to ease a bit fighting spam, while not being outsped by lucario´s crunch which jelli is. Reuniclus can be used to counter conkeldurr, which ur team has problems against and doesnt really care about skarm, which kinda switches in easily on ur team. Defensive wise, bold mantine can be used to counter non stone edge mienshaos, and most lucarios (Conk still tpunches it... but air slash mantine op amirite? jk). Oh, it can also defog and acts as a hydreigon counter which u dont really have too. Well, at first thought, I think thats it. Will edit if misthought something.
  15. Can a program solve pokemon

    Haha, I guess I should have been more precise. When I said solve, I meant defeating opposing team more consistently than most humans. Basically, if its possible to create an AI that manages to climb, lets say showdown ladder, to the top (idk, 20?) spot. The problem I see with this, is that any limited data supplied to it simply isnt enough for the AI to make all the calculations needed. Teambuildingwise, thats a nice idea I wasnt thinking of and which I should look deeper into tho.

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