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  1. pachima

    Let's do something fun.

    Nice games. Kinda wanted that burn not to happen so the game would be decided on 3x 50/50 hype rolls but was fun.
  2. pachima

    Let's do something fun.

    Im up for some NU. Clauses: Not really thinking of one right now, but I´m up for whatever you might come up with.
  3. pachima

    Christmas Tag-Team Tourney

    Prices> Prizes
  4. pachima

    PokeMMO NU League - Discussion thread

    Why doesnt staff help us with this?
  5. pachima


    go back to bench.
  6. Can we have a limit to the number of Pokemons a challenger can use through the whole thing? Sine gyms are limited to monotypes, I assume it becomes too easy with a specific cteam for each one. I also assume it doesnt really cripple the newer players cuz they most likely don´t have that wide pool of mons to choose from at the first place. Lastly, I will sign up soon.
  7. Been wanting to update OP for a while but damn forums dont let me smh. Thanks everyone for achieving what you did today. Champions + undefeated!!!!! TRANSFORMERS#1
  8. pachima


    Oh boy, this is over. First time managing, never thought I´d put so much effort into this, but it paid off. GJ Hazuu for making it this far and for proving with us that everyone was wrong in the beginning. Thanks to all my team that made this possible. Seriously, I am really proud of you. Sorry for VGC for the hax. And lastly, for all those who didn´t believe in me, a big bloody thank you for motivating me through the whole season. For the others, Ily!
  9. pachima

    Butlers wager thread II

    Luxuries rich ppl can do
  10. pachima

    Is PokeMMO a MOD, a Emulator or What?

    a life drainer
  11. pachima

    Lord of PU ~ LØRÐ Anniversary

    why is scyther allowed and banned at the same time?
  12. pachima

    PokeMMO Community Days

    the legendary number is 270k
  13. pachima



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