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  1. Ok time to stop being nicepachi You have been trashing me ever since for no reason, and now you claim my 2-0 on you was with rng. Yes, I had luck round2 with the crit on bat that could have mattered (And lets forget you had nothing for shark) But thats irrelevant. In round 1 there was no rng involved. Evire wasnt naive, and escavalier had some spdef, that would deny the ko. Actually you had one high roll surf and one average roll surf after that, so next time you cry, do it with reason please. Now keep trashing me if you may, I dont care.
  2. So. I have been doing a little matchmaking, and although Sinnoh came just a few days ago, I am already watching a set being abused. But I will get to it later. Now, I bet everyone was expecting such a thread to pop on eventually and, despite I said I wouldn´t get involved in any more of this, This case deserves special attention: As we can see, we got ourselves a stupid powerhouse, which gamefreak decided to give 102 base speed because yes, and to outspeed all other dragons in the tier. Ladies and gentlemans, what we are looking at is a mon that reaches 169 speed maxed, hits as hard as salamence or dragonite (Just irrelevantly tad weaker), with better stabs and a key resistance to stealth rocks, which the other 2 lack. But if you think garchomp just hits hard, you are in for a surprise. If you make easy maths and approximations, you will realize Garchomp possesses ~92% of Mandibuzz´s bulkiness (In both sides of the spectrum), which is supr terrifying for an offensive powerhouse like this one. Moving on, Garchomp posseses a single ability in the form of Sand Veil. In such a short timespan, I already saw people spamming sub lefties garchomp under sand to try and fish those juicy misses. This specific combo turns Garchomp into one uncompetitive beast that, with its amazing speed and typing, has little to lose by spamming substitute until opponent finally misses a move. If we remove Sand Veil out of equation (Which I would vote for a ban, complex ban, or whatever) Garchomp is still a force to be reckoned with. Not only this cutie thing is able to come in safely against a lot of stuff due to its holy defenses and typing, but also has virtually no good counters, with remarkable exceptions in the form of ice fang Gliscor, Bronzong , Skarmory and Mandibuzz (Note that even these can fall to some sets, but thats not relevant here). There are some revenge killers yes, although not in a great number. Unlike salamence or Hydreigon, Garchomp is much more sturdy against the likes of scarf darmanitan, and even lowly spatk invested HP ICE mienshao fails to get the kill, even when garchomps is subdued by rocks. Nevertheless, depending on the set, checks include ice beam starmie, scarf Hydreigon, Scarf Salamence, HP ICE jolteon, and virtually any common ice shard mon that possesses a boosting item. (Note that all these can fail if they face a sand veil garchomp in sand) Conclusion: Sand veil should, in my opinion, be banned under uncompetitive criteria (Or unhealthy? I always mix these). If we remove this ability out of the equation, it is still really problematic in the tier, but I believe its possible to find ways to stop it. I vote for (AT LEAST) A ban on sand veil. EDIT: Garchomp only has sand veil in MMO. DISCUSS!
  3. OP: Dont change competitive metagame (Which i agree) Comments: Rip my e4 grinding mons.
  4. MMO I just ask 1 thing. Gib me 1 shiny pachirisu. Plz.
  5. if I was manager, there would be 0 fishing for activity wins smh.
  6. There are two errors. One is an obvious one. The second is that with that calc, musharna needed no +1 to ohko sceptile, which makes the whole calm mind even worse.
  7. pachima

    Ditto Breeds

    So, as we all are aware, Ditto farming had been nerfed to the ground with the lower catch rate + genderless mons being able to breed with themselves. Male only mons are in so few number and in lower tiers that makes them irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Most dittos are actually being sold for the sole purpose of getting a rare shiny egg eventually. What I purpose is to upgrade Ditto breeding. Something similar, probably not exactly the same as shiny breeding. With my suggestion we would be able to get additional benefits of breeding with a ditto than if breeding to any other mons. Pros: - Promotes a market that has been buried under the ground for quite some time now. - Faster alternatives when breeding stuff, provided you have what you need. - Helps male-only Pokémon Cons: - I could say, and some will say "Will ruin the economy", but I feel it is not the case, since they can fix the "additional benefits" to their likings - I could say coding too, but we already have shiny breeding. -tldr; None. Discuss!
  8. Get the fuck outta here. You are not worthy of posting benches yet.
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