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  1. OU Viability Thread

    it is (or should be) and it was used on showdown some years ago. All depends if you dont mind the lack of a better item, which is for some reason called "better" Nevertheless, its an option. EDIT: Lmao, forgot king´s rock is banned, lame af.
  2. OU Viability Thread

    252+ Atk Choice Band Skarmory Pursuit vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Dugtrio: 92-109 (87.6 - 103.8%) -- 25% chance to OHKO Ez af. On a more serious note: The problem with cloyster set ups is rocks. Cloyster only have some set up baits. Well, with possible sandstorm damage, and the 230% rocks on the field, chances are cloyster wont be able to set up more than once (Even less with life orb) Also, a lot of priority moves hurt him a lot (Looks at mach punch, while vacum wave outright murders it). At the end of the day, it can sweep unprepared teams, but I doubt we will see cloyster sweeps like that. Its great, but not that great. Lastly, Don´t underestimate wobbuffet like that, please. You would be surprised how much one can abuse with it.
  3. OU Viability Thread

    That underestimation on Wobbuffet, oh lord!
  4. [TV] Dragonball

    5 guys from U3. The 3 from U11, and us ofc.
  5. Disable Tourney Spectate

    The point here is not to disable scout, but to reduce it to a competitive extent, which is a fairly difference imo. Yes, there will always be scout in this game, but so far, the way officials are done almost encourage people to scout. I have played this game enough to understand how of a change this creates in one people´s teambuilding set, which is far from healthy. In one stance, where reducing scout had a lot of hinders for the game, I would understand, but I barely see any negatives to the shuffling option, besides maybe some coding, if any. You can argue that shuffling doesn´t fix late rounds, but at least the players you would see reaching there with such system are the ones that actually deserve to, and not the ones with a bigger active team, or the most resources. I can understand this is a mmo, and such differences should exist, but not to this extent. Actually, having more comps without any scout is already a big advantage compared to someone who is barely new to the competitive scene. We shouldn´t create a larger gap which unfortunately, is whats happening.
  6. NU group

    I´m in af. Even tho UU>
  7. [TV] Dragonball

    oh, they could have easily made piccolo charge their special beam cannon since the start of the fight, and at the last second, with Jiren standing and staring the remaining debris left from earlier battles. All hope is lost. Only 6 benches remain full, including the Uni 7 and 11 (The other 4 are the ones that didn´t enter). Everyone shakes their head, but they wonder why weren´t they eliminated yet? Whis starts counting, and shouts: "Hey, there are only 9 of us in here" Everyone goes "Woah, that´s true, who is left?" Suddenly, a bright spot, which has been increasing for quite some time now, doubled the power. Scene zooms at Piccolo, with a smile, and already targetting Jiren. "It´s my time to shine" he thinks "I have been gathering energy from 47 minutes 47 episodes, thats a total of 940 minutes powered charge beam" his mind goes back in time to when he lost vs Goku in the tournament, and then to when in trained Gohan, still as a kid, finally, he remembers how sweet was having Pan on his arms. He suddenly goes serious, and reveals itself, making some dust disappear. "Special beam cannon" Jiren turns around, to discover a massive beam roaring towards him. He widens his eyes, knowing he can´t dodge, so he tried to block it, and.... An explosion. Debris all over the place. No one can see a thing, Beerus stands up eagerly, staring the battlefield. Belmod does the same, except he also pulls his hair off. Zenos seem delighted and shout: "Neat, neat" The cloud starts dissipating, and there they are, the two remaining fighters, both drop to the ground exhausted. The tension reaches its climax, who will win? Beerus shouts at the battlefield. Then, suddenly, one of them arises, he is the winner.
  8. moving to a new ball

    We need a mystery ball just for you. On topic, I would give a +1 for this. New update meant new lit balls that we can´t have in our old comps cause they weren´t there
  9. [TV] Dragonball

  10. Natural gift power

    Does anyone knows which gen does Natural gift´s power follows?
  11. EXP. Share

    Dont give them ideas Please!!!
  12. I wonder if Gliscor could make use of thief + flinching item + acrobatics in case flying gem is not implemented.
  13. Third Regional Dock

    Replacing boat docks with mistralton´s city ultra plane station would make more sense actually,

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