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  1. My apologies. I don't like forums :) Also fixed.
  2. Hello everyooone! Here I am presenting to you the OFFICIAL ... START ... OF ... THE ... SEASON (Cringe? Yeh, a bit. Whatever. Let's move to the good stuff) #WEEK1HYPE -- #Pokemmo(No)SleepLeague -- #DualHostftw -- #No2peatforLuke -- #7managersfightingfor2nd -- #hostpunshavetogo -- #AuctionSteals -- #RipShowdown -- #OverpayingSalaries -- #Badnames -- #Everhowislo. -- #Managerdecliningedition -- #NewsystemHYPE If you recorded a PSL duel, please post the replay directly in this thread. You can find your opponent forum name (soon tm) If you have any questions ask your manager or check: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jrFThqqVDoe_QRs3vzPJxfFzNg4n7EwlV1fVEk0Kkis/edit. Regular Season Round Robin: https://challonge.com/pt/psl13 Devil Bats (0) vs Vermilion Villains (0) OU1: ZeknShooter - Lkrenz OU2: Frags - Yosoyarca UU: tMoi - Zhiko NU: Mexidany - Aurumpegasus Dubs: Titoooo - Rendi LC: Urquidi - Baneadito M-OU: ZacMorales - Kiwikidd M-LC: KiiritoX - Busso Empoleon Bonapartists (0) vs The Trashtalking Taillows (0) OU1: MadaraSixSix - iMat OU2: Brianattackpro - Pablobacas UU: Getovaherez - QuinnW NU: Cristi - JuniorPT Dubs: Superman - IJulianFNT LC: Yeyoxd - PoseidonWrath M-OU: Schuchty - Bluebreath M-Dubs: Badbaarsito - iKillua Sailor Lunatones (0) vs Nincadas with attitudes (0) OU1: DoubleJ - Chuckunso OU2: THORRM - Abstractt UU: TohnR - Umbramol NU: Cogeid - Zymogen Dubs: Aldahirramirez - DocPBC LC: Inxss - GasaiYunoSan M-NU: SweetForU - Aerun M-Dubs: Artemiseta - EYL Just Blaziken it (0) vs The Ruthless Rotoms (0) OU1: Lunarck - Darker OU2: Zokuru - Wrathend UU: Mlhawk - Huargensy NU: Kriliin - xLuneth Dubs: Zigh - AkaruKokuyo LC: TheDH - Xondex M-UU: Icekob - Mkns M-NU: Tawla - Stelian Deadline: 29th Semptember 23h59 GMT +1 NOTE: ARENA TRAP IS NOT ALLOWED IN LC GET HYPE!!!
  3. Because I like to be assertive, I won't go arguing against people this time, and will stick to the facts. Regarding Quick claw, its effect is: The user has 20% chance to move first in the same priority bracket. First of all, its effect adds nothing to the competitive metagame. I simply adds a needless rng layer that more often than not can't be avoided by the opponent. Disregarding how common quick claw is right now (I already saw some, but cannot pinpoint specific usage yet), let's take a look at that number: 20% Quick claw users should be bulky slow pokes, that are able to take some hits if needed. This 20% within 2 turns in a row becomes 36% of triggering at least once, and 48,8% of triggering within 3 turns. These numbers are quite high when comparing with other rng items, which I won't discuss here, and in insight, they can be somewhat usable in some bulky slow af mons, which imo might get them increased usage over time. Quick claw isnt broken in the op sense of the word, but adds a super relevant (%wise) rng factor as pointed above that adds literally nothing, as stated, to the competitive environment. Therefore, should be banned. Thank you all for your time.
  4. PSL XIII auction will start within moments. If you want to take part of it, check discord, or the following doc. Also feel free to discuss it in here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Zs059q0OVGMwBE0TXvaUgz16cn6UPQ5SmhkgGY8zWQ/edit#gid=0
  5. Team names are out! For this PSL XIII -Bad names edition, team names are as it follows: Imabetheverybest - Nincadas with Attitude LeJovi - Just Blaziken it Lotus - Vermilion Villains RealDevilLegend - The ruthless rotoms Jaawax - Empoleon Bonapartists zDaryl - Sailor Lunatones Sebat - Devil bats Yettodie - The trashtalking Taillows
  6. PSL is finally coming to a start. (HYPE!). In this thread feel free to post your predictions about whatever it may be regarding the current PSL season. Discuss managers, discuss names, discuss the following auction. Predict who gets what spot, and why. Predict who reaches playoffs, and who dies midway. Predict who will reign as the champion, and who will reign as the walking meme. Get hype!
  7. - Auction starts tomorrow 2 pm GMT. - Auction will be done in the following doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Zs059q0OVGMwBE0TXvaUgz16cn6UPQ5SmhkgGY8zWQ/edit?usp=sharing The PSL discord invite is given below: https://discord.gg/RDS2v7 For all the players, please check if you are in the list, or if you incorrectly labeled tierwise. Get hype everyone!!! IT'S TIME.
  8. Sign ups are now closed. Please stay tuned for further updates. Auction is due to set tomorrow 2 pm gmt Get hype
  9. Sign ups close in almost 4 hours. Just a reminder.
  10. Luke has declined his manager contract due to last minute in-real-life conflicts, and is being replaced by Jaawax. @Jaawax, we apologize for the late warning. Please get a teamname, and appoint a comanager, if you need one. TLDR; #freejawax -> #freedjaawax @Bearminator @Meltdown you can lock this thread now, ty.
  11. What I use to deal with conk: - Bold Swalot with encore and rocky helmet - my most successful so far (although not well-seen by community, whatever)(Pretty safe unless conk eqs on the switch-in(which is super super rare). Facade on switch makes you low, but you can still beat it. Anything else is ez pz) - Physically defensive Metagross (rocky helmet too, although optional. And can rocks) -Cofagrigus is probably the best answer, but imo gives some easy switch-in on too threatening pokes. Other options are, like it was said, skarmory, hippowdon, togekiss, but beware all of them can succumb to the right move on switch. Defensive Salamence is also solid with rocky helmet and roost (and can defog). And if you are not afraid of using lower tiered pokemons, NU offers you Weezing (who is also able of toxic spiking), or spiritomb (that is also arguably the best mon against reuniclus) Enjoy.
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