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  1. 5 minutes ago, MysteriousLegend said:

    I cannot add your numbers until you have paid and if someone els pays for those numbers first then they get them.

    if someone else choose my number before i paid, i will choose other number instead. just give me sometime around 2.5 hours from now cos im not at home right now. thanks

  2. 1 hour ago, NNharmonia said:


    Here you go life a simple art done by sujay me


    took me hrs to make it , because of render. ;-;


    Enjoy it bro.


    I'll do others sig tommorow I'm too lazy rn

    sorry King, i should provide you the render. btw thanks for the amazing artwork. :)

  3. Hi,


    Sorry if this a newbie question, but... how do you transfer pokes and items that you need to the alt run kanto account? You should transfer these to a friend and then your friend to your other character? Is that legal?


    I only have 2 weeks in this game so i don't know how it works, thanks

    Just go to PC 1st floor and send it by mail. and your alt must not be the same account as your main. 1k per mail is compulsory. 

  4. CONGRATS #6 DeliZenan! If you want to see Vid of me doing it just ask, ITS NOT A SCAM I promise you!

    My Jynx FINALLY end. Thanks brahh, you can email to me IGN DeliZenan or we can meet later today around 9 hours from now. Cheers  :lol:

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