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  1. sorry King, i should provide you the render. btw thanks for the amazing artwork. :)
  2. Character: Hitman Hit (Dragon Ball Super)Name: DeliZenan Team:
  3. We got rockstar for the eyes so wynaut leather jacket for outfit and guitar for backslot or
  4. Just go to PC 1st floor and send it by mail. and your alt must not be the same account as your main. 1k per mail is compulsory. 
  5. Im back uguues

    1. thevincent
    2. DeliZenan


      Thanks sexy <3 gonna meet yall online later this night <3

  6. Away to vacation till 29 Feb

  7. Away to vacation till 29 Feb

  8. Text: DeliZenan Specific font you want used?  Specific renders/images/pokemon: Absol or shiny Any other details: full moon darkness  Gif: (Optional) No
  9. Welcome to Pokemmo Community 
  10. That is dope !! thanks brahh. gonna email as soon im online later today. same IGN as forum name?
  11. Name: DeliZenan Team (optional): Background (optional): full moon darkness  Render (Pokemon/Character): Absol (or shiny absol?) Additional information (optional): [spoiler][/spoiler] Donation (optional): 30k
  12. Tentacool + Torchic = Tentachic ??    [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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