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  1. 6 minutes ago, Torinnnnn said:

    The Brave Blazikens (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0)


    OU: Cogeid vs eloyriptor

    UU: Sebat vs Miguelez

    NU: aftershocker vs Lazaaro (300k)

    Doubles: Bilburt vs LordofAngmar

    DPP: Kimikozen vs XPLOZ

    SM: DarylDixonTWD vs Telf



  2. 1 minute ago, Parke said:

    The Gain Train (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0)


    OU: yosoyarca vs belieberboy

    UU:  Fabbrooo vs Axoa

    UU: ZDFire vs Kanzo

    NU: Parke vs Lazaaro 250K

    DPP: Rigamorty vs XPLOZ 250K


    50K on Bolds - unless stated otherwise


    PokeMMO Team: SaKé


    Experience: Firstly, I'm without any doubt one of the most active player in this game with a huge knowledge of our player base and many officials won. 
    When it comes to my PSL experience I joined PSL 5 and 6 where my team ended 2nd in both sadly, but I finally got that 1st place with The Human Caterpie in PSL 7 carried by the beautifull @Toast.


    Motivation: After being so close to win PSL 5 and 6 I was a bit salty and really wanted to win a PSL as a player, which I got as said above, and now I'd like to do the same as manager but with at least have that team spirit which is the most important thing in PSL to me. 
    Building his own team with credits, that already present need to help my players in every possible way and hopefully make them better if I'm picked, with many other aspect of the role of manager that makes it look really exciting.


    Fluff: Despite my english which isn't the best I really doubt that it disable what I intend to do if I'm picked and I understand it fairly well. 
    Other than that I may not be the first person to shitpost or argue with dumb people on forums but you can be sure that all that time will be used to keep me focused on my team.


    Thanks and super sorry for the late post

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