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  1. I have one - non change color, feel so lucky ^.^
  2. One more thing I want to say, when I spectate other people battle, it counts the pokemon appeare. When I meet horde like dewgong or any pokemon which can rest or do anything to refill their Hp, the counter counts. Sometime, just 1 pokemon uses rest 3 times, it counts 3 :D
  3. I understand how java works with the one pokemon, horde 3 and 5, but I don't understand how it count pokemon when we duel double battle with npc. It counts nice with the two pokemon when play double battle, really nice!!! Plz tell me that trick :D
  4. @Dukee yah I was planning it should be dark, however, cant move some files of the the dark-default to this theme, how noob i am :D @Lazaro23 sure, i love that quote too, so I put it there to remember the crazy doctor and it suitable with the content of pokemon battle :)
  5. Crazy watching other make themes (it's so cool), so i did one. I'm a fan of Tony Tony Chopper, so i create a them about that character. Share the theme, and share the love of Tony and Hiluluk :) It has more interesting things than what are spoiled here, so enjoy and tell me your feeling, what need to fix. Thanks. Link here
  6. So we have to pay the fee again and again and again if we don't cancel the item... Thank you!
  7. I have a question about GTL, please help! Does it cost money when the pkm or item reup after a week on GTL?
  8. Thanks XelaKebert. So when the time out, we just get the item back... Oh nooooo :(
  9. Hello, I have a question about The Global Trade Link When we "cancel" the item on Global Trade, we lost the fee. When the item is out of date on Global Trade, can we have the refund?
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