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  1. Hey I'm Ikkee i decided to start playing again after taking a break for a couple of months. But i cant seem to be able to log in since the game wont allow me to log in without a black/white rom. Been searching for the rom for a while and i couldnt find it. If someone can help me out with finding a way to download it so i can start playing that would be a great help hue. Help me out :/:/
  2. yo so if i do that my whole display gets messed up is there no other way to fix this ?
  3. LC tourney would be great me gud
  4. when tf are you gonna go on tho

  5. tfw 99 years old, ur older than oldy

    1. Champlooo


      ayo fuck off mang

    2. Ikkee


      <---- old af (not even a late response)

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