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  1. tourney is in an hour and a half cerulean city ch 6 hope everyone remembers lol
  2. all slots are filled wooo if your ready to bet messege me in anyway and i'll begin taking tallys
  3. Just an update i have 2 spots left you can begin gambling if you don't want to wait, AND if you haven't received your magikarp please let me know as soon as you can.
  4. used urban dictionary lol does my first line work better?
  5. i dunno what that is lol my apologize ahead of time i've never posted a tourney before but i've done a beta test with this version
  6. bearminator :D i'm going to host a tourney this comming saturday and wanted to invite you personally :D

    1. Bearminator


      Oh nice, I will see if I will be Free but I will try to come

  7. You can whisper me email me or post you want in on here i'll add the first 32 people to respond if you dont show up for the match your counted a loss and will also be shunned by betters 1.BrucePKMN 2.lazaro23 3.pkmnchampshanks 4. SodaNaranja 5.Chaolander 6.Twopeasandmypod 7.Hog 8.Hoondini 9.Secretdjinn 10.Elliasal 11.DeadGorilla 12 GodofKawaii 13.Ikole 14.pkmnbreederkipp 15.sylvre 16.aoishi 17. MKNS 18. Superderpaherp 19. LadyLily 20. GodZveph 21. Gametime 22. LogicNotUsed 23. TheChampionMike 24. xNisekoi 25. pelagoth 26. OrigamiSpider 27. ZaphodBreeblebox 28. Siguardsnakeineye 29. BugPoisonTrainer 30. duckehhhhh 31. Aimi 32. GabsPKMN
  8. Hello fellow PokeMMO players. I have been planning this for a long time and have finally come up with my (hopefully atleast on a monthly basis) *drum roll*... Great Magikarp Splash Struggle Battle! What am I even talking about? How will it work? You're lame. Go away please? "All" these questions will be answered. First of all: it's a tournement *shock* where I will give every person who registers a FREE random Magikarp!!! Currently the competition's start date is set for next Saturday (09/02/2017) at 7:00 pm EST, but registrations are OPEN NOW! Early registration??? Yes, because of how the betting system will work. Let me explain the RULES: Each player will have time to give their gifted Magikarp a nickname. Inbetween the time of Magikarp distribution and the beginning of the tournament, the betting tables will be open. Anyone can bet. This includes all competitors aswell. Since this might sound a little confusing, here are the restrictions and some examples to clarify the betting system: Max. limit of betting: 250k Pokeyen total. Max. amount of players to bet on simultaneously: Up to five players total. Example 1: You can bet 50k on player X and 200k on player Y. Example 2: You can bet 250k on player Z. Example 3: You can bet 50k on Player V, W, X, Y & Z. Final word of rules: EVERY single Magikarp will know ONLY Splash and they are all speed tied. No PP Max. or anything else allowed. Anyone caught cheating is disqualified and everyone who placed a bet on that player will lose their bets and shame the DQ'd person forever. Now to what everyone REALLY wants to know about: PRIZES!!! FIRST PLACE: 1,000,000 Pokeyen or a 1000 RP item of choice from the gift store (yeah because I am able do that sometimes) SECOND PLACE: A lucky egg that should get more people interested lol 3rd/4th: leftovers just like youuuuuuu All other competitors will be compensated with the magikarp they received...congrats The betting pool will be split into following dimensions: 90% of the total jackpot will be divided fairly* amongsts all players that placed their bets on the WINNING Magikarp. Fairly* means that if you placed 150k on the winning Magikarp, you will get a higher share of the Jackpot than someone who placed only 50k on that same Magikarp. The remaining 10% goes to those that helped me organize this event. This tournament will be hosted by none other than myself: notthemaster, chief editor and president of not being a master. P.S. If I'm not here during the day of the tournament begin (due to possibly unforseeable hurricane damage that forces me to travel to Texas for a few days), the bets will be distributed as soon as I return or alternatively I might put the player lotobby in charge.
  9. Shiny Hoothoot & Noctowl lottery

    54-63,70,71 money already sent
  10. Vanity Item Suggestions

    maybe some pirates hooks and hats
  11. Vanity Item Suggestions

    A Frog suit sorta like
  12. what about the rest of battle frontier?
  13. [Sig] [Art] AONSynth - Get YOUR Creative Signature!!

    loving the one you created for me

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