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  1. NTMs Magic Powers

    lol I literally got out of bed to that XD. Got scared thinking it would be down all day
  2. NTMs Magic Powers

    Apparently I have a talent to wake up to updates that arent even posted lol
  3. Server down?

    people who don't read lol am i right?
  4. Server down?

    still no frog suits for me or motor drive for my electravire ;.;
  5. PokeMMO Nostalgia

    Remember when saffron sold berries
  6. Legendary dungeons

    So I was thinking about these things again. I'm assuming they'll be similar to last year's Christmas where you almost had to have ocarinas. My question is simple, would there be multiple for each region or will there be only one entrance to legendary dungeons and what you find changes like altering cave?
  7. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Probably be faster to tell you what doesn't work yet
  8. Hello friends

    As an Android user who is currently working in another state working, I'd prefer they work on Android
  9. bearminator :D i'm going to host a tourney this comming saturday and wanted to invite you personally :D

    1. Bearminator


      Oh nice, I will see if I will be Free but I will try to come

  10. Vanity Item Suggestions

    maybe some pirates hooks and hats
  11. Vanity Item Suggestions

    A Frog suit sorta like
  12. what about the rest of battle frontier?
  13. [Sig] [Art] AONSynth - Get YOUR Creative Signature!!

    loving the one you created for me
  14. Berry Farming guide.

    testing now will edit this post with an answer when i harvest them tonight
  15. Berry Farming guide.

    does anyone know if replacing a plain seed with a very seed increases yields? ex. leppas take 1 plain sweet bitter and a very sour but if i used very sweet very bitter and very sour would i get a better yield?

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