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  1. On 4/1/2019 at 7:34 AM, Hythalius said:

    So those are the last shows I've watched:


    - 'Doom Patrol' is great but not for everyone

    - 'The Rookie' is awesome

    - 'Manifest' is great

    - 'What We Do In The Shadows' episode 1 was funny

    - 'Flack' was a waste of time

    - 'Miracle Workers' was good

    - 'I Am The Night' was meh

    - 'Legacies' is a disaster

    - 'God Friended Me' is not worth it

    - 'FBI' is ok but there are better things to use your time on

    - 'Whiskey Cavalier' is bad

    - 'Now Apocalypse' is a porn with better acting and storyline

    - 'The Fix' is the worst

    - 'Fam' is an unfunny sitcom


    If you want more details, just ask.

    I agree Doom Patrol is great


    7 hours ago, KaynineXL said:

    Chernobyl is great. Watched the first 3 eps and I recommend for sure.

    I watched the first ep it was so good,i recommend it too


    On 6/2/2019 at 1:43 AM, Hythalius said:

    Swamp Thing S01E01 was great.

    I agree,the next episodes are great too

  2. 17 hours ago, Kanzo said:

    I dont know what error u have in ur head to put Diego Costa in there xd. Verrati debatable, really like his peace and control of midfield early years in psg now i dont know. rest i aggree.

    Diego Costa is such an underrated striker,many people are talking about Cavani,Suarez etc while Diego scored 4 goals in the world cup and led atletico to the extra time of the Super cup and they ended up winning it.Moreover,his seasons with Chelsea,the guy just dominated the PL for himself,such a shame from Conte to get rid of him that way.I didn't see that much from Verratti,i was talking with some PSG fans and most of them were pissed with his attitude,he chokes at many important games,he plays box to box but prefers to pass when he should shoot etc etc..


    18 hours ago, londark said:

    I can agree on most Serie A players on that list, and Italians in general. 


    Can't say Jorginho is underrated tho cause last year he was one of the best of the entire league, iirc he had the highest amount of successful passes, and his keep in high regard here. 


    I also don't think Suso is that overrated, since he is considered a good player, but quite far from beeing a top, and he is also quite infamous for doing always the same play on the field. 


    The others that I know are pretty spot on, especially that Belotti

    Well,Jorginho should have the same hype as other italians had,for me Jorginho is more likely to be a futur Pirlo,as a Chelsea fan i've never had the chance to watch a regista play and my word he's phenomenal,i'm not suprised that even Guardiola wanted him,he really fits his style,i feel very lucky we have him.

    As for Suso meh,i guess it's pretty soon to call him overrated as he's still a youngster but i'd put him there anyways because i assume at 24 years old you should have at least 30 goals in your current career when you are in starting XI in Milan despite the fact that Milan is kinda struggling during this couple of years.

  3. I was thinking of this and wanted to share my thoughts,feel free to share yours :

    Most Overrated XI :

                                                  De Gea

    De Sciglio             Van Djik              Eric Bailly       Marcos Alonso



                                  Fred                             Xhaka

                     Suso                                                  Willian



    Most Underrated XI :


    Vrslajko         Christensen            Vida        Ben Davies



                             Kovacic                       Jorginho


                     Dembelé                               Martial

                                           Diego Costa

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