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  1. Please, I'm ready to beg...
  2. Had been grinding for this one for months i'm so mad lmao,congrats though
  3. Team Name: LaughingCoffinTeam Tag: SakéRegistered Players: AlitoFernando,iimoburuu,TheBadGirl,Padarom,zeikooo,Calculatrize,CrimarTeam Captain: iimoburuu
  4. I was so saddened to hear about Juice WRLD passing away,he was such a talented musician and very young...Anyways allah y rahmo and remember don't do drugs...
  5. how come no one noticed how racist this title is ??? i feel very offended by it and i'm not even black..
  6. I wrote you a poem ^^ <3 :

                                                         Quand je vois tes deux

                                                         Seins durcit ma queue

                                                         J'appuie et t'aboies

                                                         Mais j'tai mis qu'un doigt


                                                         J'me contente de peu

                                                         T'es comme la Ligue 2

                                                         Rien d'ostentatoire

                                                         Pour ma bite de noire


    1. EmoDuck


      i wish i knew what it said.

    2. AlitoFernando


      It's french romance ^_^)

  7. Who is the strongest Pokemon in the game ?
  8. I agree Doom Patrol is great I watched the first ep it was so good,i recommend it too I agree,the next episodes are great too
  9. ptdrr y'a trop de meufs d'un coup

  10. Oh i forgot : Daenarys in season 7 episode 5:" I dont want to be queen of the ashes". Also Daenarys,in season 8 episode 5 :*Burns King's Landing to ashes.*
  11. Man,i don't know what to say,in fact i have a lot to say but i'll just say in the end that this season 8 is really disappointing and them showrunners should no longer write a story.
  12. 62 damn points thanks to Kanté,David Luiz and Hazard

  14. Diego Costa is such an underrated striker,many people are talking about Cavani,Suarez etc while Diego scored 4 goals in the world cup and led atletico to the extra time of the Super cup and they ended up winning it.Moreover,his seasons with Chelsea,the guy just dominated the PL for himself,such a shame from Conte to get rid of him that way.I didn't see that much from Verratti,i was talking with some PSG fans and most of them were pissed with his attitude,he chokes at many important games,he plays box to box but prefers to pass when he should shoot etc etc.. Well,Jorginho should
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