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  1. Team Name: LaughingCoffinTeam Tag: SakéRegistered Players: AlitoFernando,iimoburuu,TheBadGirl,Padarom,zeikooo,Calculatrize,CrimarTeam Captain: iimoburuu
  2. I was so saddened to hear about Juice WRLD passing away,he was such a talented musician and very young...Anyways allah y rahmo and remember don't do drugs...
  3. how come no one noticed how racist this title is ??? i feel very offended by it and i'm not even black..
  4. I wrote you a poem ^^ <3 :

                                                         Quand je vois tes deux

                                                         Seins durcit ma queue

                                                         J'appuie et t'aboies

                                                         Mais j'tai mis qu'un doigt


                                                         J'me contente de peu

                                                         T'es comme la Ligue 2

                                                         Rien d'ostentatoire

                                                         Pour ma bite de noire


    1. EmoDuck


      i wish i knew what it said.

    2. AlitoFernando


      It's french romance ^_^)

  5. Who is the strongest Pokemon in the game ?
  6. Are you still alive??

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AlitoFernando


      nice are you a girl now ?


    3. FinnTheMember


      Am I pretty enough for you?

    4. AlitoFernando


      you're perfect 

  7. I agree Doom Patrol is great I watched the first ep it was so good,i recommend it too I agree,the next episodes are great too
  8. ptdrr y'a trop de meufs d'un coup

  9. Oh i forgot : Daenarys in season 7 episode 5:" I dont want to be queen of the ashes". Also Daenarys,in season 8 episode 5 :*Burns King's Landing to ashes.*
  10. Man,i don't know what to say,in fact i have a lot to say but i'll just say in the end that this season 8 is really disappointing and them showrunners should no longer write a story.
  11. 62 damn points thanks to Kanté,David Luiz and Hazard
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