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  1. ahah, bang, t mort :D x)

  2. Creative midfielder,they bought Kessié from atlanta
  3. Please give more attention to your school life

    1. AlitoFernando


      That's what i'm doing since i can't log in

    2. FinnTheMember


      Do better lol, never even come to forums you little ! my french friend. Haha the only thing i noticed is, you can't think good while under school pressure. So better if u can come back after all education done :)

    3. AlitoFernando


      You're entirely correct dude,even without my laptop i can't get good marks although my last marks were pretty decent but it's not enough if i wanna join the school that i have in mind,I must work more harder but to be honest i think it's too late lmao

  4. @lilyek Go go go monaco !
  5. PC Sol Pika ?????
  6. You should blame yourself,it was a nice game,Monaco won 3-1 by the way,they move to the next tour.
  7. Hi,i think it's time to make things clear.For who that doesn't know,i haven't been online for a while,and i'll give reasons for my inactivity.To start off,i want to apologize to @Hotarubi,i was a jerk and a pleb,please accept my apology,it's for real this time.I want to apologize also to people that i trolled and ''hurt'' ( cuz cyberbullying isn't real m,amirite tor ).Now the important part,why am i writing this ? Well,i was thinking of finishing my PokeMMO's adventure due to the fact that game became less fun and so boring,also i had to pay attention to my school life,which requiers all my time,despite all if this,i couldn't stop playing,but something happened,my laptop has stopped running for like a month ago,so i have to take this opportunity and care about school life,i'll be back or not in game,maybe if pokemmo comes to mobile probably.Alright,that's what i wanted to say,please don't unfriend me ( It means so much for me @Xasam Can confirm) Special thanks to all my friends that i won't mention cuz im afraid to miss some,but a big hug to theses persons calcul,didi,crimar,jovi,galata,yubel,pauleee,diano,dolittle,startear,zeikoo,pyrolia,mike and axoa.


    1. Diano


      Hey Alito, I wasn't playing PokeMMO during more than one week but now I'm back.

      It's a pleasure to see your message.


      @ + l'ami :)

    2. Xasam


      Bonne continuation, peu importe ce que tu décides de faire.

  8. I was angry when chelsea looses against barcelona in 2009,specially at Drogba's red card,Piqué's hand (Seems like it hasn't changed,he got an handball this time too).But i've understood a thing with football,all the ways are ''''good'''' if you want to win,i mean,imagine if your favourite team looses 4-0 in the first match and then this happens,i'm more than sure you'll be glad even though they cheated,this scenario is a classic football,and it's one of the reason that this sport are either disliked and liked .To conclude,this is why football is all about,doing his best to win,not to mention that it happens many times for example with Maradona against England,Henry against Ireland,Eder Against France etc...
  9. I partietly disapprove,Draxler and Di Maria were close to kill the match (Cavani was too) But yea,not the same spirit as in Parc Des Princes
  10. Nice one xd
  11. Nah i was joking cuz life is an benfica fan,also i knew dortmund got it,but everything in football is possible *cough*barça*cough*
  12. Meanwhile,Dortmund has won against Benfica any thoughts @LifeStyle ?
  13. Ay bye bye arsenal lmao
  14. I don't get why most of players runs 20 cards deck,maybe cuz i'm just a newbie but i rather run 30 cards with at least 10 monsters lvl 4, 5 monsters with high lvl,and finally i manage to make room for traps and magic cards.