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  1. As a chelsea fan,I think Spurs deserves at least a draw due to their effort,they missed a lot of attempts,Harry Kane was many times close to the score but Christensen's cover was high class,I'm also impressed by Dembelé's performance knowing that he was close to go from Spurs but sadly he has lost the ball in the end of the Match and made Alonso scores the 2nd,I think that spurs fans should be happy after what their team has done today even under the pressure they've managed to score at least one goal even doe it was michy who scored lmfao
  2. @Zymogen gg bro,Tottenham played very well but Chelsea's still #1 :]
  3. Hazard isn't that cheap actually,as Dembelé's and Coutinho's cases almost sealed,no need to focus on him anymore.Moreover,he refused Real Madrid and PSG,he's willing to stay at Chelsea for the moment.
  4. André gomes is the only best selling Benfica did,i agree with the rest Oblak;Cancelo,David Luiz,Garay,Grimaldo;Matic,Ramires,Renato Sanches;Di Maria,Rodrigo,Bernardo Silva should be dope.Benfica has worst board than Barcelona and yet fans don't complain like barcelona's kek
  5. FC Barcelona's President
  6. #BartomeuDimiteYa
  7. Instead of buying Seri,barça buy this
  8. 3-0 at home,what a shame...
  9. I prefer when Gorillaz were in 2D not this 3D shit
  10. According to a leak in Twitter,Barcelona will announce a "big player" before the Gamper and it's most likely Coutinho,however they are still on dembelé
  11. Stranger Things and Gotham are good picks,i suggest you Narcos,Breaking Bad and Daredevil,trust me they are worth it
  12. ne ti
  13. Pain's gone,but the scar's still here...
  14. To be honest i don't know why or how,but he used struggle