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  1. This could be solved if you use the name once,and you delete your character,you cannot use it anymore.Or maybe like 2 weeks to use it
  2. Name : Kouteshi. Team : LÚNÀ Pokemon/render : Alain(Pokemon) and mega charizard Donation (if you want) : Sorry man i can give u 10 k if u want but i don't play much now.I'l mail u Thanks ^^ gl to ur sig
  3. It's us that must thank you ^^ so thank you :)
  4. Yeah sure wasn't talking to you so stfu
  5. Thanks.My theme will be gorgeous. :DD
  6. Also can u make the Chat bubbles orange?
  7. Hello ^^ your theme u made for me is REALLY cool.but But the Menu for the pokemons is the same as pokemmo.Can u change it for orange color?And the box too pls. I'l donate something really soon,i promise ^^ Make me this favor pls.I love ur themes <3 #PAGEKING
  8. Then ZoroarkH's idea is better
  9. Basically the title.Easier for people trying to get new members ^^
  10. wow thank you so much ^^ i'l pay you something when i make cash :D I'l mail you soon
  11. • Theme About : Freestyle 2 Street Basketball • Your In Game Name : Kouteshi • Theme Login : static I don't have money atm but i can give you something when i island run ^^ you can add me in game some day i'l mail you when i get the urge of isl run
  12. That's similar to pokemon Omicron or Insurgence isn't it.Also i agree with you much easier xD It would be easier to have tournaments and battles in secret bases
  13. Maybe his ideas will actually be implemented. Even if it's a lot of work doesn't mean it cannot be implemented.We cannot be stuck in these regions forever. Total support
  15. Not really.If all the team members of all teams are online...................................... I kinda like more of a guild island..for tournaments of guilds and stuff
  16. That's pretty bad :/ that blank space sounds so uggly in profiles. I just thought he could make something :/
  17. This is a nice idea,and they need to implement something like this really soon. I would kinda prefer a Guild Island where the teams will have tournaments(like a tournament place for the staff sometimes)
  18. Did i say it was facebook? And it is necessary why do you want that blank space? And i'm not your son.You are my son
  19. Ohayou PokeMMO community! Kou here,and today my idea is that we have the ability to put a cover in your profile! See that black space?Doesn't it remember your facebook profile? And what does facebook allow you to do? It allows you to put YOUR OWN COVER! And that's it.My idea is that this blank black space looks uggly af,and Desu needs to implement this to the forums :)
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