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  1. Kouteshi

    Side-bar to see who has Mewtwo or Rayquaza

    rayquaza too
  2. Kouteshi

    SOLVED ~ Character delete requests

    This could be solved if you use the name once,and you delete your character,you cannot use it anymore.Or maybe like 2 weeks to use it
  3. Kouteshi

    [Sig] FuzzyRegirock's Free Signature Shop

    Name : Kouteshi. Team : LÚNÀ Pokemon/render : Alain(Pokemon) and mega charizard Donation (if you want) : Sorry man i can give u 10 k if u want but i don't play much now.I'l mail u Thanks ^^ gl to ur sig
  4. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    It's us that must thank you ^^ so thank you :)
  5. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Yeah sure wasn't talking to you so stfu
  6. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Just a reminder
  7. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Thanks.My theme will be gorgeous. :DD
  8. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Also can u make the Chat bubbles orange?
  9. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Orange is my favorite color ^^
  10. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Hello ^^ your theme u made for me is REALLY cool.but But the Menu for the pokemons is the same as pokemmo.Can u change it for orange color?And the box too pls. I'l donate something really soon,i promise ^^ Make me this favor pls.I love ur themes <3 #PAGEKING
  11. Kouteshi

    Recruit Chat(For team Recruit)

    Then ZoroarkH's idea is better
  12. Kouteshi

    Recruit Chat(For team Recruit)

    Basically the title.Easier for people trying to get new members ^^
  13. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Good night ^^
  14. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    wow thank you so much ^^ i'l pay you something when i make cash :D I'l mail you soon
  15. Kouteshi

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    • Theme About : Freestyle 2 Street Basketball • Your In Game Name : Kouteshi • Theme Login : static I don't have money atm but i can give you something when i island run ^^ you can add me in game some day i'l mail you when i get the urge of isl run

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