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  1. Download (Dropbox) my mods folder Here you can download older versions :) Progress 151/356 Moemons Done! With Done I mean: Backsprite Backsprite Shiny Frontsprite Frontsprite Shiny ToDo: Complete Kanto Moemons ✔ Complete Hoenn Moemons Boxsprites??? (never heared of them :D) I used this sprite pack of Moemon thx to the creator :) (need to edit it though ...) http://moemon.deviantart.com/art/Moemon-Sprites-1-386-198777310
  2. ive modded it myself :P is really easy if some did the work with the xml files xD but if you could add it anyway would be great ;) btw nice GUI :) i love it. Wish i could have a spheal ( ._.)
  3. How about adding to spheal in the menubar a sunglass :D?
  4. Added my first Mod B)

  5. Thanks!   Thank you :)   I'll think over that ^^ Ive never edited gif's :D But I google it now and then I see what I can do B)
  6. Thank you :)   need to add the box icon xD I forgot about that.
  7. Hello guys :) this is my little mod that added a glass to spheal and its shiny (front and back) Spheal: back normal front normal back Shiny front Shiny Box Animation 1 Box Animation 2 Download v1.5 (Normal) : Here (Dropbox) Download v1.0 (Moemon) : Here (Dropbox) Changelog (moemon): v1.0 Release Changelog (normal): v1.0 release [Spheal only] V1.5 added box icons [Spheal only]
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