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  1. Hi. Nice to meet you too. Thanks, I also made that in paint. It's simple but I like it :D Thanks, A lot of things have changed since I played so it's going to be a while. :D
  2. Hi, PokeMMO community! Let me start off with a few things about myself. ​My name is Matteiu, but you guys can call me Matt. I have been playing PokeMMO for quite a long time. (A few of my characters got wiped D:) I get on every day and try to learn as much as I can about anything new. On my free time I like to fuse pokemon sprites. My favorite so far is BulbaChamp. ​ I enjoy making these a lot, even though they're very simple, as well as other things you might be interested in. If you want me to make you something special, don't hesitate to ask! I started playing Pokemon Yellow Version when I was two years old. I eventually got the Red Version and years later I received Fire Red. I know the game like the back of my hand so I am a very good person to go to for advice on the story and what to do next if you can't seem to figure it out. I also know the Emerald version fairly well but not like the Kanto region. That'll be all for this little introduction. Hopefully I get to meet a lot of you and we can become good friends. - Matteiu
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