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  1. napn fora bit be back ina hour or 2

  2. still working on it, not that great but its fun
  3. not home atm, leave pm

  4. only spot i have noticed nerf was the bond bridge, everything else still pickups decently for me
  5. well said its a matter of people wanting perf pokes and quickly. vs spending 600 hours to get afew godlies breeding mechanic favor comp players vs farmers or rp's
  6. lmfao it has nothing to do with cassh. pickup is op cash maker n i will never complain, it has to do with end game mechanics,, and how pokemon are only bought for the 31's egg group :) vs's buyn a fukn pickachu dont need to scam ppl with 30s to drop 150k ona sig just for fun try it some time.
  7. highly disagree while i can see how it was infact annoying or time wasting, thats what preserved unique and rare pokes,+ added time consumption into value now its all based on 31 ivs as tools. tools to make u build more 31 iv
  8. same i ran around 300 kill pp used,, 0 scarfs, but i managaed to loot out like 30 leftover in the forest lol
  9. ill give 150k fora assajj ventress sig. pm me if intereested
  10. only when they had the extra cash to spend on getn confirmed 31's exaccctly... now ya 31 or go home.. im sure still some ppl who buy pokes with ivs not 31... ur not getting it. no one wants to buy a poke not 31 n spend extra time with breeding or take humiliation of it not being a 31 comp. in combination of multiple mechanics, i agree with you somewhat , ya pushed the market to buyers market where ya can spend 50k ona 2-3x31 basically comp poke.. combine with ur natured ditto ya got for 5-10k maybe even couple more breeds max 100k, ur still payin like 300-500k fora decently usefull comp. i just prefer it visa versa, a sellers market where ya cant just build comps from scrap easly an cut thru time spent by traders trainers breeders, personally stopped farming dittos nd breeding, jsut started famin cash n buying comps so much easier n cheaper and btw with uncomfirmed ivs it is easier to sell 20 iv pokes cuz ppl not only gamble! +3/-8 made it to where ya never knew for sure!!!! also making time spent actually worth smthn. and im sure im one of the minorities. but im also more about farming selling vs comping..
  11. playing since 2013 december

  12. 707 209 415 goml baaaaaaayyyyy arrreeeeeeeeaaaaaa

  13. confirmed ivs is the reason ppl cant sell 30 iv pokes lfmao,,,, if it was uncomfirmed o0 made so much money back then selln 20-31's back when game actually had smthn to do beside grind money n buy 31s also ya change breeding to passdown direct 31's rip any other iv. worthless when ya can pay 15k for that 31 ya need they catered to maken game easy for the comp players, when instead ya still need balance. people play this game not jsut to get 3x31 poke n duel..
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