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  1. Haven't talked about League in forums yet, was surprised to find this thread here to be honest. So let me just jump right in. League Name(s): Unichan Server(s): Europe Nordic&East Main Position(s): Support Favourite Champion(s): AP Miss Fortune, Veigar, Warwick (after rework) Division(s): Silver 1 (trying to get gold, but since I play support I don't have high hopes lol) Wood PC represent, 15 fps and still good, what's your excuse? :)
  2. Gather ALL Unown shapes - CHECK Find WILD Rayquaza - CHECK Find WILD Mewtwo - CHECK Complete FULL Pokedex - CHECK Can we all just agree that I am Pokemon Master ? :)
  3. (I like color light blue, but none of the provided are quite what I like so let's just go with green ^.^) In game name: Anonkun Join Date: Somewhere in 2015.. In a galaxy far far away.. Hours played: 500+ hours is what my Trainer Sheet says, but we all know 70% of that time is Vermillion AFK banter! :D Screenshot of your character: Picture of yourself [Optional]: (I know it's Umbreon with a 'M' but I drew it for player named 'un' so.. :P) Country where you live: Latvia The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: (Naive happiness mixin
  4. So.. I offered 50k $ to everyone who will count from 1 to 5 (1 number per person, no interuptions) and those crazy baboons on channel 2 actually did it.. GG Everyone 1-5 got paid. Anonkun never scams. :)
  5. I've done it boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. My first small loan of a million pokeyen. Funny story, Misty called immediately after and invited me to her gym for some "waterpulse n chill", what are the odds. :)
  6. Yellow morning in Vermillion with fellow regulars of Channel 2 masterrace. :)  
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