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  1. I only used comps AFTER the 8th gym and I just used my 31x1 or 31x2 breeders (they were not even that good) and everything was really easy for me. it just required a little bit of thinking, the game was actually exciting which wasn't the case earlier when I was sweeping hoen when it came out and that sucked and I think people just exaggerate the difficulty because people are used to ohko pokes while farming. I don't even enjoy PVE for the most part but this time it was fun as it required me to think and battle like I was fighting a real player and that is how it should be! and I had no problem except for skyla, 8th gym,cheren, ghetsis and N still I was able to beat them in my 2nd or 3rd trial while I am a complete noob to gen4+ and I would say there is no need to change this level cap system AT ALL! This was my first pokemon game and i had a tough time learning comp (like 2 years ago) and I think something like this might have helped, I am liking the whole idea of getting new players to make smart move and I am all up for those dungeons make sure to make them hard af!
  2. I face this problem as well! as I am not familiar with gen4-5!
  3. We already have a plenty of halloween ones, i would instead prefer more cool things such as swords and battle costumes or more anime-ish vanities
  4. check the changelog we have got some new outfits
  5. Alexamor


  6. Sory i hardly use this forum's so dint really knew but also thank's.... ^-^
  7. Name Some! :D I just liked that one alot......... I know this is anime thread but that isn't exactly an anime opening or ending so.......wherever i would have posted it would be off-topic xD
  8. Hey Guys! I have a request here this GREAT SONG! Best japnese song ever xD It was great i have downloaded it and gonna keep listening it for enternity lel :P
  9. More like favorite bleach opening/ending xD Opening 1 colours ? Yea i included it in my 3 of opening's listed there too
  10. I have them ALL in list except plastic memories and those movies
  11. Yea just saw it...Thank's for making it though :D Anime fan's taking over pokeMMO forums xD you have been warned admins lol
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