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  1. I am in total support of this!
  2. I only used comps AFTER the 8th gym and I just used my 31x1 or 31x2 breeders (they were not even that good) and everything was really easy for me. it just required a little bit of thinking, the game was actually exciting which wasn't the case earlier when I was sweeping hoen when it came out and that sucked and I think people just exaggerate the difficulty because people are used to ohko pokes while farming. I don't even enjoy PVE for the most part but this time it was fun as it required me to think and battle like I was fighting a real player and that is how it should be! and I had no problem except for skyla, 8th gym,cheren, ghetsis and N still I was able to beat them in my 2nd or 3rd trial while I am a complete noob to gen4+ and I would say there is no need to change this level cap system AT ALL! This was my first pokemon game and i had a tough time learning comp (like 2 years ago) and I think something like this might have helped, I am liking the whole idea of getting new players to make smart move and I am all up for those dungeons make sure to make them hard af!
  3. I face this problem as well! as I am not familiar with gen4-5!
  4. We already have a plenty of halloween ones, i would instead prefer more cool things such as swords and battle costumes or more anime-ish vanities
  5. check the changelog we have got some new outfits
  6. Thanks! Though I am about to change my avatar to another better one! ^-^
  7. Sorry the tournament is postponed for this week!
  8. Ounce a weekly tournament is over, Players can register for the next weekly tournament by posting their IGN here or Whispering me "I am In!" PS: If someone posts their IGN for my tournament then it will be only added in the tournament of that specific week and it will not be counted in for the next tournament and to join the next tournament you will have to re-post your IGN here or Whisper me
  9. I see your mom There!
  10. I have now. Thank you for the reminder its just i got busy into other things after that, I will also update the Brackets section :V
  11. I was on my alt farming. There's still some time left, I am there now and sorry for the Inconvenience
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