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  1. - Template2 Normal - Name: Mookynesis Team: - Render: Jiren Universe 11 (Dragon Ball Super) Color1: red Color2: black Donation: (My IGN is Bryen) 50k. 100k if the glitchy version :)
  2. I'm back baybay! 

  3. Choice of two colors: Red and grey Name: Mookynesis Team (Optional): - Render: Absol and Mega Alakazam
  4. No problem, i just dont wanna rush you. Btw thanks a lot @Startear. Gonna test it out once i get home later. Kudos to you! much love from me <3
  5. Thanks @KaynineXL for making this guide. Its really help me and other for sure. +100
  6. Are mine fixed yet? @Peristalsis. or this already been fix?
  7. Thanks @Raederz. See you in your next catching events.
  8. Are this sig fix? Cos i didn't see any change? Will pay after its fix. Can pay more if necessary. Thanks
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