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  1. - Template2 Normal - Name: Mookynesis Team: - Render: Jiren Universe 11 (Dragon Ball Super) Color1: red Color2: black Donation: (My IGN is Bryen) 50k. 100k if the glitchy version :)
  2. I'm back baybay! 

  3. Choice of two colors: Red and grey Name: Mookynesis Team (Optional): - Render: Absol and Mega Alakazam
  4. No problem, i just dont wanna rush you. Btw thanks a lot @Startear. Gonna test it out once i get home later. Kudos to you! much love from me <3
  5. Thanks @KaynineXL for making this guide. Its really help me and other for sure. +100
  6. Thanks @Startear, its look so nice. you a such talented person. You're real MVP here. Kudos! Edit: I've got small request cos its slightly bothering me. can you change this color font cos it to blend with the background. Thanks @Startear
  7. Hi @Startear, wanna order my 2nd and last order cos your theme dope! Theme About : Absol ( include shiny and mega ofcos) Style Theme : Tansparent Colour Theme : White and Red Text in Theme : Mookynesis Texture Theme : Up to you Animated Login Screen : Nahh My Login Screen Resolution : 1366 x 706 My Payment : Mail the scales. My Note : Im providing some image hope you are okay with it and hope you do some simple texture especially at HP bar other than that perfect. Thanks
  8. Hoenn starter GUI or maybe some tutorial how to make a GUI theme?
  9. Thank you. got some small request, did reply your pm. hope you dont mind.
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