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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
  2. Its G-R-R-R-R Still my laptop is broken still not fix. G-R-R-R-R-R-R i cant play pokemmo games until now. ;_;


    ~waiting to fix my problem.

    1. Tackle


      i am so busy....so we almost same....


      cant play pokemmo.. ;-;

  3. I like to play but I'm stuck on using mobile for a few days -.- thug life ;(

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    2. icelly


      Yeah I miss our fun battle I hope I can top ur RNG hihihi 


    3. Hotarubi


      <3 I miss you 

      I hope you can fix all this one soon. Then we can play again magaling.

    4. Hotarubi


      haynaku, Miss KITA SOBRA BEB!

  4. HELLO WELCOME TO POKEMMO and always have fun ^_~
  5. As what i have read and understand..some people are worried about the booming shiny economy of pokemmo..i don't think people who found shiny are cheating and making new account to have a shiny. In fact, i can attest that its all about wondering around every corner of pokemmo even with or without a donator status that getting bump into a shiny is an unforseen situation. When i have found my first OT shiny, I was just looking for a breeder for my comp team (with no donator status). Then i was motivated and stay all night long for how many weeks with my donator status..hopping for a new OT shiny pokemon...then i almost surrender and found another..Now, I am still looking around trying new places to places looking for an odd color pokemon. While, some ppl are too lazy to grind or to wonder in different places. Well, i say its all about patience and luck.
  6. icelly


    good luck & have fun :)
  7. kuya gina gamit mo pa ba ang acount mo dito sa forum?

  8. unlucky day & alone in a meddle  of no where </3

  9. Inspired <3 <3

  10. feel hot cuz of the weather in my country...

    hmmm hot like this>> 



    yea boy... 

    boom. alright >:)

  11. I'm hungry need to find a food :<,

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    2. systematic


      shiny delicious food 

    3. icelly


      hahaha im am looking for a odd Pokemon friend right now at mt.ember

    4. systematic


      good finding him :)

      luck * xD

  12. owwww i love shakugan no shana hit man reborn one peace naruto death note special A attack on titan fairy tale toradora pokemon (the latest new pokemon) vampire night and many more!!!!!.......
  13. oh hey you found me... no your friend... and still looking for others >.> omg cute
  14. ^^ ill friend you... and follow you at least you have one in forum ^^
  15. why you dont have a friend? where is your team8 or friends in pokemmo game? same :<
  16. wako follow me back okay ^^

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