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  1. Its G-R-R-R-R Still my laptop is broken still not fix. G-R-R-R-R-R-R i cant play pokemmo games until now. ;_;


    ~waiting to fix my problem.

    1. Tackle


      i am so busy....so we almost same....


      cant play pokemmo.. ;-;

  2. I like to play but I'm stuck on using mobile for a few days -.- thug life ;(

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    2. icelly


      Yeah I miss our fun battle I hope I can top ur RNG hihihi 


    3. Hotarubi


      <3 I miss you 

      I hope you can fix all this one soon. Then we can play again magaling.

    4. Hotarubi


      haynaku, Miss KITA SOBRA BEB!

  3. kuya gina gamit mo pa ba ang acount mo dito sa forum?

  4. unlucky day & alone in a meddle  of no where </3

  5. Inspired <3 <3

  6. feel hot cuz of the weather in my country...

    hmmm hot like this>> 



    yea boy... 

    boom. alright >:)

  7. I'm hungry need to find a food :<,

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    2. systematic


      shiny delicious food 

    3. icelly


      hahaha im am looking for a odd Pokemon friend right now at mt.ember

    4. systematic


      good finding him :)

      luck * xD

  8. wako follow me back okay ^^

  9. bunny follow me back..

  10. hey finn i saw a new player name Finntheplayer is that you?


    1. FinnTheMember


      Nope, another fake Finn xD btw creating an alt with similar name , not my style too 

    2. icelly


      oh ok ok ^.^


  11. hello hannah ^^/ okay im going to find the others ^^

  12. hey master ^^/

  13. im a kinda new of this new forum update... ?_?

  14. I'm tired but still ^,..,^ happy, playing your favorite games is the best medicine of boredom. ^,..,^V

  15. Farming is really hard.... >_<.. i can do it aja :>

    1. PrinceShawn


      Yes you can! ^-^

    2. icelly


      thank you shawn :-) okay ill do my best ^^

  16. Being mature is not about our level,it's simply about on how we understood complicated things in a simple way.

  17. Greatness is POWER, Power is LUCK!!!

  18. if there is a beginning there is ending.. if there is ending their new beginning..

  19. back to school again.. -_- huu..

  20. i'm tired now -_-

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    2. icelly


      my sig is till shana >_<

    3. FinnTheMember


      Not red hair. this one black. I cant remember that shana :/

    4. icelly


      hehehe well now you know ;)

  21. I'm busy in my personal life :( pokemmo i miss you..

    1. Furtifman


      Hope you'll get back soon ^^'

  22. i can't play pokemmo always.. :(

    1. FinnTheMember


      yeah, u are not alone

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