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  1. Yeah... I once got banned using that app+ I want to play without having a PC
  2. I remember ages ago a developer was working on an android version of pokemmo. And was wondering how is working
  3. back in the days when I isle run I give an exp share to a dratini to lvl him up to dragonite and sell it by 80k+. I don't know if ppl buy it now. U should grind Pokemon while isle running. I'm sure a Lot of ppl buy lvl100 mons. Gl
  4. still breathing kappa
  5. if u think ur the best add pm me over here in the forum ;) fell more then ready to rekt some Pokemmo players on my territorie ;) as long as I love the classic dash mkw is better <3
  6. I haven't played the game in ages. But after I confirm it I'll update the thread. Thank you
  7. will give it a try when I can. thx
  8. i agree with you they made the bikes to op. But is more fun to use bikes then kart. And about small charecters. It's true they use more big ones but u can win with small ones. I frontrun with baby daisy very often
  9. u can play Mkwii online. They made a custom server called wiimmfi. Very easy to install. U'll need homebrew channel though. And I definitely agree with u with the item balance. That's why mario kart wii us still alive after 8 years
  10. many ppl say that mkw is better for competitive then mk8. Haven't seen by my self yet hut I hope not
  11. taking a break of grinding in this game to do some stressful races on mario kart wii after a long time. Would u like to join me on this epic rage xD here's my friend code right now I'm clanless and looking for a good competitive clan. I mostly play worldwide but when I get ro good on it I'll play some custom tracks xD And what u think of wiimmfi? Are u excited for the new tournament support? Wanna 1v1 me brah? Comment here ur fc and we'll race. and about mk8. I haven't got it yet but will get it soon on my bday. Will edit the thread when I get the game
  12. I agree with flare. It would make the u know it pointless. If ur worried about ur OT u seriously only need to catch the Pokemon u want to breed. If is female. U goof to go. If is male. Breed with a ditto that are sooooo cheap. And then turn it female and finish ur breed. Ik it can be time consuming. I took 5h to catch a stupid tauros. But is the only thing u can do. And about the feebas. I feel ur pain. But what u can do is breed one (with the unknown OT. Ev train it. Set up moves. Boa bla bla. And when they implement the beauty contest. Or any way to evolve feebas they will obviously implement it on the wild. So sell that ugly unknown OT u have caus I'm 420% sure the price of a comp milotic will be expensive as fuck when it gets implemented and with the money u'll make. U'll be able to breed 2 3 or even 4 ots feebas.
  13. #unbangalivanmaxi #jajajaja #vendo 5k #algum br