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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I recently updated the app(like 10 mins ago) and got this as soon as it was done Installing
  2. No. You'll have to buy reward points with real life money Minimum is 500
  3. Could be wrong but years ago they would block ur 2nd pc if u used the same network. But they removed it due to ppl sharing the same house wanted to play the game at the same time. And since alts are allowed in this game there's no point to prevent ppl from doing that. In fact it's better for ppl like me who want to trade envolve comps and stuff like that Also how heavy will this game be for mobile? Can u make some sort of comparation with a modern mobile game? And will the app audio block other type of audios like music or popout apps like twitch? @admins
  4. U can already do that if you have 2 PCs. I don't see why that shouldn't be allowed
  5. if you donate now/in the folowing days will you still have access to the private beta? @Desu
  6. If you guys want me to update this please let me know
  7. Yeah... I once got banned using that app+ I want to play without having a PC
  8. I remember ages ago a developer was working on an android version of pokemmo. And was wondering how is working
  9. Monnyz

    miss me?

    so good to feel the fresh smell of my haters by the morning. So who became the biggest meme since I left?
  10. if u think ur the best add pm me over here in the forum ;) fell more then ready to rekt some Pokemmo players on my territorie ;) as long as I love the classic dash mkw is better <3
  11. I haven't played the game in ages. But after I confirm it I'll update the thread. Thank you
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