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  1. Wow. A record-breaking Introduction thread?
  2. Are they lost, or are they just different species of the same type? Channel 2 is a @ZeonBest worst nightmare, whereas Channel 1 seems to gun for more of a "why don't they like meeee".   Thanks again for all the welcomes! Enjoying my stay~
  3. Oh, the glory of hungry lines.
  4. Hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome!     I recognize it, so probably!   Pokemon's definitely vastly improved since Gen 1, but it's also entertaining to remember where it all began and see just how far it's come.
  5. Hey hey, seen you in chat!
  6. Hey hey. Near-brand spankin' new here. On a whim, I Googled "Pokemon MMO" and found it actually existed!   First Pokemon game was plain old Red, if that gives you any indications there. Even though I played Pearl, I'm still sitting here like, "WHOOooooOAAA VIRIDIAN [i]IN COLOR[/i]".   If you want to reminisce about rotary phones, old games (including the original Pokemon) and all that jazz - add me as a friend!
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