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  1. OK guys its been updated, Havent had much time to work on it tho, as soon as i get some more time, i will be working on it some more.
  2. Looks good, nice and clean. Great work @Echonight
  3. Also just in case, if it tells you the B/W rom isnt found after you select it, close the window and reopen the program, it happened to me after updating, but once i closed and reopen it worked.
  4. Nothing this time just an thread saying thanks for everything the devs and staff do for the game lol.
  5. i went the short route and just added Staff to the title lol
  6. lol, ok fine you win. if i edit the post tho i gonna need a list of which ones i need to remove to make it only devs.... your call. lol
  7. still, even the mods help make this place great dont lie. lol but seriously tho you guys deserve some thanks as well, you take time out of your days to help the devs and players, just wasnt sure what everyones names were so i just got the ones i could think of at the moment. And now that i think of it @XelaKebert, you've "Developed" some Gui's for the community as well so it counts lol.
  8. In the last two days i have seen a lot of you players just throwing all kinds of BS at the developers about the new update. Now i've been around on this game since almost the begining(started Aug 2012, join forums oct 2012) and even after most of the updates i still never seen this amount of people giving them shit about an update(it was still there but people were more understanding back then). So i would like to take this opportunity to give the community memebers that have enjoyed this game over the years the spot to give thanks to the devs and all the hard work they have done over the last 5-6 years. @Kyu @Desu @Shu @Squirtle @Noad @Kizhaz @Darkshade @XelaKebert and anyone else i forgot(those were the one i could remember), Thanks for all your hard work over the years, i've enjoyed watching all this content unfold and become one of the best games i have ever played, i look forward to the future of this game, and i dont know about anyone else but im not going anywhere, its gonna take the closing of the server to get me off this game. Cheers.
  9. ive been testing this all day, and you may have to rebattle them more than 4 times at the same lvl before they go up, so far ive only gotten 3 in. also dont forget one persons trash is anothers gold sometimes.....
  10. Will be updating this on my next day off (hopefully sunday). Im kind of excited to see what all i can do with the new GUI
  11. You dont have to change the OS but then again XP hasnt been suported for years, so if you use XP then yes you might have to update to a newer OS, the only thing you really need to change is the GPU if you run windows 7-10.
  12. yeah but then everyone would just take an OP team that they arlready have to Unova and just run throught it in no time at all, and if you would have read the changelog they have it in there that they made the change, and they even told us on ingame chat before the update. It only happens if you dont have the badges so idk why you would lvl up to a lvl you cant use without the proper badges, or think you could take sometime over powered to a new region without something going wrong. hell i actually perfer them kiling themselves instead of just not obeying and you have to waste a turn to switch out, Cause the old way is they use to just stay on screen but not listen to any command you gave.
  13. This would be cool, shit lets do it, everyone agree, well to bad do it anyways lol
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