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  1. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    http://prntscr.com/fw25b7 http://prntscr.com/fw25nf #2
  2. TV Series Hub

  3. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    Book > Series anyday So much more details in the book
  4. TV Series Hub

    Watched all of them too lol, also Riverdale is a good one
  5. PSL Season 8 General Thread

    That's what you get for not letting me breed your breeds like usuall.
  6. PSL Season 8 General Thread

    When do we know who picks who?
  7. [Sig] Nyas' Motion Text Sigs

    Damn, thanks!
  8. [Sig] Nyas' Motion Text Sigs

    White or light grey and blue(whatever fits the most) Guillian RNG( with the weird N ) Lugia
  9. PokeMMO World Cup Tournament - General Thread

    Ign: Guillian Country: Belgium
  10. The two seem to get along very well - Breeding

    It's alright, we're humans after all. I'll give it in a couple hours.
  11. The two seem to get along very well - Breeding

    You made a mistake on the breed. I asked you to make it male not female, i would like to get my money back or the right pokémon. Thanks
  12. The two seem to get along very well - Breeding

    I'm okay with that, ty :)

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