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  1. IGN: Chjul Reason: Win PSL Preferred Tiers: Dubs Competitive accolades: 2nd place on the only tournament I have played since I came back(thanks staff for not putting dubs on weekends) Discord contact (optional): Chjul19#0834
  2. I have a dream A dream were doubles tournaments are played on weekends A dream with shiny prices A dream with 128 seats I have a dream
  3. IGN: Chjul Country: Mexico Tiers: Dubs, OU
  4. El mejor momento que me ha dado este juego, como olvidar el ultimo duelo en UU con lVENEZUELAl walleando a un alakazam para la victoria Campeones
  5. La llave, muy buenos duelos hubo ese dia (si no mal recuerdo, mis rivales fueron urquidi, aurum, y en la final Blue, no recuerdo a uno)
  6. Inscripcion editada apenas antes de comenzar el TT (recuerdo que Aurum me recordo anotar jugadores, por poco y olvidaba el TT)
  7. You dont really need comps to finish E4 but is not worth it, the amount of revives, super potion and other stuff you need makes you spend almost the same you win.
  8. There is one monthly official tournament per month, most of the time with unviable price and sometimes not even shiny. If it happens to be in a good time for you and get in, that should be more than enough for practice(and by practice I mean lose to rng on 1st round and wait another month)
  9. Doubles: iJulianFNT vs Lluvvia 500k @Lluvvia OU: PoseidonWrath vs Titoooo 100k UU: Urquidi vs Aerun 100k @hannahtaylor NU: DylanWoodz vs Frags 500k Doubles: AlejandroGB vs Kepzal 100k Spared No Expense (0) Vs Dynamic Monkeys (0) OU: Drayyton vs yeyoxD 200k @Zymogen UU: Schuchty vs xLuneth 200k NU: AurumPegasus vs LifeStyle 200k LC: MaatthewMLG vs yosoyarca 200k Doubles: Parke vs Rendi 200k SMOU: Zokuru vs DeadGorilla 200k NU: Titinn vs enchanteur 200k @xStarr NU: Lotus vs darkquiler 200k @Zymogen 2m on Monkeys @drdray @Suneet you still owe me 100k from week 2 or 3, dont remember. If you pay Id gladly take your bets
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