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  1. There should be a rule about who sends the duel request. It gives the receiver a chance to counter team
  2. Come on, when willl we have a doubles tournament on weekend?
  3. Hola, contesto esto para que no se borre el club. Bienvenido Translate: Hi
  4. IGN: Chjul Reason: Win PSL Preferred Tiers: Dubs Competitive accolades: 2nd place on the only tournament I have played since I came back(thanks staff for not putting dubs on weekends) Discord contact (optional): Chjul19#0834
  5. I have a dream A dream were doubles tournaments are played on weekends A dream with shiny prices A dream with 128 seats I have a dream
  6. El mejor momento que me ha dado este juego, como olvidar el ultimo duelo en UU con lVENEZUELAl walleando a un alakazam para la victoria Campeones
  7. La llave, muy buenos duelos hubo ese dia (si no mal recuerdo, mis rivales fueron urquidi, aurum, y en la final Blue, no recuerdo a uno)
  8. Inscripcion editada apenas antes de comenzar el TT (recuerdo que Aurum me recordo anotar jugadores, por poco y olvidaba el TT)
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