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  1. Yes, NPCs buy cheaper most of the things
  2. Being timid will outspeed most scizor, metagross, tyranitar, hitmontop and other pelippers, also nobody expects timid peli
  3. Reminder that RAGE won't die ever!!!!
  4. IGN: Chjul Country: Mexico Preferred Tiers: Dubs/any Note: Tacos and Andrea Meza - #1
  5. Were you the Padgey guy?
  6. [Live] Little Veterans (1) Vs [läva] läva (1) Dubs: Chjul vs Retremos About to start
  7. SM-OU: Spaintakula vs Luwer About to start
  8. Team Name: Little Veterans Team Tag: Líve Registered Players: ZDFire, Mlhawk, lWiriketchup, zAnderson, Souu, RayUwU, CrissCy, Chjul, awaLLz, Mansterix, JereSteve, MrXehanort, CristianRobles, Cessy, Predakiller, zMauri, ZKuroko, sicklonerr, latiosrol Team Captain: lWiriketchup
  9. It shouldnt take that long. Send him another message or contact another staff member
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