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  1. just wait until the auction house actually happens before making suggestions for it
  2. why was my post deleted? i said i support. i shouldnt have to explain the obvious of turning a crappy move like rock tomb into a move thats used much more in later gens w the buff.
  3. you used to be able to until kei/rei/other names ruined it for everyone. mods said its too hard to keep track of players this way which makes sense. Anyways I support i'd like to alter my username but if implemented there should be a limit(once, max twice) to avoid abuse.
  4. i would expect shadow pokemon to be added before this
  5. isnt the confusion damage based on the pokemon's attack stat? dont think it should be able to crit when the damage is high enough for some pokes
  6. bump now that the game is stale again i bet now you all wouldnt mind randomly having a mew follow you tomorrow
  7. 18 pages long did anyone at least post their pics or something?
  8. i suggested this before https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/41886-players-get-to-keep-mewtwo-longer-before-battle-challenge/?hl=mewtwo
  9. support seeding for bigger tournaments like jag's invite, masters, underdog etc. normal official tournaments should just stay randomized, especially since you never know which participants and reserves will actually show up it'd end up taking longer.
  10. i support this, would also be fun for players to find shinies in these unique areas
  11. I suggest players get to keep mewtwo for a longer amount of time before being forced to battle. A time like 10-30~ minutes would give the new owner more time to enjoy and play around with mewtwo. They would also get to leave cerulean cave and get a chance to hide with it. Pros: -more fun -able to take a step and leave the cave -show it off to friends etcs Cons: ?
  12. i used to have a screenshot of me, conquest, samueljw and a few other people at an "eevee party" which was years ago now. it was announced on global when global was actually slow moving, must've been before pokeMMO started saving screenshots into a folder.
  13. i'll forever be the original old school #1 https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/11364-unofficial-pokemmo-elo-rating/?fromsearch=1 get rekt
  14. the submission times for these contests is always way too long. everyone forgets all about it weeks before the deadline
  15. type: mask dont know if this has been suggested but scream mask. would stick out well
  16. they should just remove the limit entirely. you get more "why cant i post in the suggestion box" threads than you do duplicate threads in suggestion box forum
  17. bump i was gonna make a similar suggestion that pokeMMO should have something like this: a sort of news feed along the bottom of the screen(option to disable in settings). in this announcement/news feed it would have: -a link to this https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/39928-stuff-being-worked-on/ -a link to this https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/36-pokemmo-official-events/ -latest official and unofficial tournament winner -possible advertisements( players can purchase ad space ex: a million dollars to say whatever you want(pre screened by admins) -etc etc make a news ticker
  18. or the last friday of every month but it doesnt have to be every month it can be every 2 or 3 months etc i should've made this thread when everyone is bored with update drough and not april fools day and more ppl would like it
  19. but on april fools you can still get legendaries and NYI pokes
  20. I suggest that one day a month everyone is assigned the same follower sprite. It doesnt have to be a NYI pokemon it can be a bulbasaur, or a tyranitar etc for example. Perhaps there could be a contest where the winner decides the monthly follower. thoughts?
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