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  1. why was my post deleted? i said i support. i shouldnt have to explain the obvious of turning a crappy move like rock tomb into a move thats used much more in later gens w the buff.
  2. i would expect shadow pokemon to be added before this
  3. 18 pages long did anyone at least post their pics or something?  
  4. i suggested this before  https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/41886-players-get-to-keep-mewtwo-longer-before-battle-challenge/?hl=mewtwo
  5.   i support this, would also be fun for players to find shinies in these unique areas
  6. type: mask dont know if this has been suggested but scream mask. would stick out well
  7. bump    i was gonna make a similar suggestion that pokeMMO should have something like this:     a sort of news feed along the bottom of the screen(option to disable in settings). in this announcement/news feed it would have:   -a link to this https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/39928-stuff-being-worked-on/ -a link to this https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/36-pokemmo-official-events/ -latest official and unofficial tournament winner -possible advertisements( players can purchase ad space ex: a million dollars to say whatever you want(pre screened by admins) -etc etc make a news ticker 
  8. I suggest as a better incentive for players to participate in offical events that the most recent official event winner's name be displayed at the top of the screen until theres a new event winner. winners of tournaments/events dont get enough recognition in game imo. this will also help promote events as more and more people wanna have their IGN there for everyone to see. thoughts? 
  9. how about just copy everything pokemon showdown does including the little "latest news" tab i
  10. -1 dont support, find something to farm or find something to care about instead of going afk
  11.   the karp fishing one where you had to match your newly caught carp as best as possible to the one the official had and you win a shiny karp   also the safari contest i forget the specifics of how it was run with points or whatever
  12. are you hitting on me right now?

    1. Mariah


      Uhhh, no? LOL

  13.   or it could be based on levels although people might abuse that by sticking caterpies in the daycare to troll people   either way i support this suggestion if you can figure out a way to disallow people sticking lvl 2 rattatas in(do people do this in the cartridge games?)
  14. do mine   also jwong's 8.5/10 for animation and badass lion
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